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On this St. Patrick’s Day edition of NXT we will see the beginning of the main event feud between Finn Balor and Karrion Kross. These two stars are unlikely to have their massive match until TakeOver before WrestleMania, however we expect lots of promos and attacks between now and then. Maybe tonight William Regal will make it official?

Tonight is set to be an exciting episode of NXT, with the motor-mouth LA Knight making his in-ring debut, Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin returning to confront Santos Escobar, and Austin Theory stepping-up to face Dexter Lumis. Of course we can expect more from The Undisputed Era, Xia Li, Pete Dunne, and the new NXT Women’s Tag Chapions Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. We want to know what you’re excited about below, and enjoy the show!



This week’s NXT opens with The Prince, the NXT Champion, Finn Balor in the ring and looking very serious. Balor says it’s St. Patrick’s Day 2021 and he’s still NXT Champion. Balor rhymes off his conquests: Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole and only one man is left. Balor says he’s been waiting for Karrion Kross and at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, his time is up.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett make their way down to the ring. Kross says this thing was never going to happen until they both settled their individual business. Now they can do it, one-on-one, and people want to know who the real Champion is. Kross says everybody deserves to know but Balor says everybody thinks they’re a Champion until the actual Champ steps in the ring. He says he wants to tell Kross something nobody else has the balls to; he walks and talks like a Champion, but Finn Balor is the only Champion and he can’t hang with him.  

Kross says at TakeOver he’s going to choke Balor out, but Finn says he’ll know what it feels like to main event a TakeOver and choke. They coem face-to-face and Scarlett gets on the mircrophone. She says she’s seen this before, two Champions draped in gold, the whole universe watching. Everything happens for a reason. Out comes Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. They say Balor and Kross are just rambling on but saying nothing of worth. Lorcan says Balor should be facing the best technical wrestler on the planet, Pete Dunne. They know Dunne can beat Balor, and sure as hell he can beat Kross.  

Lorcan says Scarlett likes to talk about time, well it’s only a matter of time until Pete Dunne is the NXT Champion. Scarlett says this is an opportunity, Lorcan and Burch are both confident, impressive men, and they wouldn’t want to be known as cowards. So how about they put their titles on the line against Kross and Balor. Burch gets worked-up and he agrees to put the titles on the line tonight. The Champions leave and Scarlett tells Balor it’s obvious that everything happens for a reason and he can’t change fate. 

Dexter Lumis makes his way to the ring. We see Austin Theory backstage with a tablet in hand and he’s face-timing the Gargano’s. He asks where they are and Johnny says this is the final part of Austin’s therapy, he has to do this alone and he has full faith in him.

Dexter Lumis Vs. Austin Theory

The match gets underway and Theory takes the fight to Lumis with punches followed by forearms to the back. Theory tosses Lumis out of the ring and goes after him as we head to the break. 

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Back live and Theory whips Lumis into the buckles, then hits a fallaway slam for a two-count and Dexter’s kick-out goes right into The Silence. Theory gets to the bottom rope to get free and immediately grabs Lumis for a body slam. Theory talks trash to Lumis, then hits a leaping knee. Theory’s getting cocky and shoving Dexter around but the stalker counters him and hits a big spinebuster. Dexter whips Theory into the corner and hits a knee followed by a bulldog. Lumis lands a back suplex and a jumping leg-drop for a two-count. Austin rolls-up Theory for a two-count, then Lumis catches him with a pop-up uppercut. 

Lumis with a rope-assisted suplex, then goes to the top rope and jumps but Theory rolls out of the way. Lumis crawls toward Theory but he doesn’t get freaked out, instead he grabs him and hits Ushigoroshi for a near-fall. Theory wants to hit a powerbomb but Lumis breaks away and hits him with a big lariat. Lumis gets up and extends a hand to Theory, who takes it and says he knew he should have trusted him. Lumis then grabs him with The Silence but Theory escapes and lifts him up for the ATL. Lumis slides off and hits a half-nelson slam and applies The Silence, causing Theory to pass out. 

Winner: Dexter Lumis

McKenzie Mitchell is outside NXT General Manager William Regal’s office for a comment on the NXT Tag Team Championship match tonight but he’s not inside. Tommaso Ciampa walks up to her and tells her she should be looking for Imperium. They won’t be able to find Alexander Wolfe. When the bell rings tonight, only one of them will be standing.

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Adam Cole is in the ring and he’s hot. Cole says last week Kyle O’Reilly made the biggest mistake of his life. He cost him the NXT Championship. Cole looks at the camera and talks to Kyle, calling him a jealous little punk and says he will never be as good as he is. Cole says he doesn’t care if O’Reilly is cleared to compete, he wants him down here right now. William Regal comes out and he isn’t happy. Regal says O’Reilly won’t be here tonight because he’s already injured and last week only made it worse. 

O’Reilly appears on the big screen and he says he found it very satisfying to see Cole lose last week, but the look of fear in his eyes when he saw him was much better. O’Reilly is amazed that Cole tried to end his career. He knows where Cole lives, he knows where he hangs out and where he shops and he isn’t sure yet what he’s going to do, but he will do something. He needs revenge and will end Adam Cole. O’Reilly disappears and Cole gets into Regal’s face and says he intends to find Kyle first. 

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart backstage. They say it hasn’t sunk in yet that they’re Women’s Tag Team Champions. Robert Stone appears alongside Aaliyah and Jessi Kamea. They say the new Champions surely need challengers and Shotzi tells them they’re on. 

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Legado Del Fantasma Vs. Breezango

The match begins with Fandango and Raul Mendoza. The latter runs across the ring but Fandango sidesteps and sweeps his feet from under him. Fandango hits a flapjack and in comes Wilde but he eats an elbow. Fandango lifts and drops Mendoza on the top rope, then tags Breeze so they can hit stereo kicks to the head and Mendoza falls off the ropes. Breeze hits a sunset flip but Mendoza rolls through and connects with a big knee to the face. Wilde tags in and punches Breeze down, delivers a knee to the back, then hits a running crossbody. Wilde whips Breeze to the corner and runs inot a bot.

Tyler looks to drag Wilde under the ropes but gets kicked off. Breeze tags Fandango and they hit an Irish whip into a dropkick for a two. Wilde hits a jawbreaker to create some distance, then clubs the back of Fandango and talks some trash. Joaquin takes a front facelock and holds Dango down for a while, then tags Mendoza. Fandango rallies and whips Mendoza hard into the buckles, then climbs up top but Raul meets him there. Fandango lifts and drops Mendoza to the bat and looks to jump but Wilde distracts him from the apron, allowing Raul to hit a cartwheel enziguiri and Dango drops off the ropes to the floor as we head to the break. 

*Commercial Break* 

We return to find Mendoza talking trash to Fandango on the floor, but Dango quickly grabs and tosses him over the barricade. Wilde drags Mendoza back to the apron and tags himself in at the same time Tyler gets a tag. Breeze comes in hot with flying forearms knocks Mendoza off the apron. Breeze hits a dropkick to Wilde, then throws an incoming Mendoza over the ropes. Breeze with an enziguiri, then goes to a single leg Boston crab on Wilde.

Slowly, Joaquin turns over but Breeze grabs his legs and catapults him over the ropes to the floor. On the other side, Mendoza pulls Dango off the apron and into the barricade. Breeze catches Wilde with a superkick and covers but Raul breaks the pin attempt. Breeze wants to hit an Unprettier but Wilde runs him to the ropes where Mendoza tags himself in and pulls his neck down on the top rope. Fantasma then combine to hit a running heel kick and a sweep for the win.

Winners: Legado Del Fantasma

After the match Santos Escobar grabs a microphone and tells the announcers that Fantasma are the best team in WWE. He then says he keeps hearing about this Jordan Devlin guy but he doesn’t see him around, and suddenly out comes Devlin. Jordan gets into the ring and says Santos has been running around for a year saying he’s all that but he’s looking at the real Champion. He didn’t jump Escobar from behind, he told the whole world he would be coming here and he didn’t need stooges to protect him either. Escobar gets into the ring and tells Wilde and Mendoza he’s got it. Devlin says Santos has been telling everyone he’s the king but the Ace is back in town. He can go ahead and throw his belt in the trash because the real Champ is back.  

Escobar laughs and says he has redefined what it means to be a cruiserweight and Devlin is welcome. He’s made history ad Cruiserweight Champion and proven himself time and again. He says the only reason Devlin still has the title is because nobody remembered him. Escobar tells Devlin to go home to the UK and finish whatever business he has, then come back and they can settle this once and for all at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Devlin headutts Santos and hits a pop-up German suplex before leaving the ring to avoid Mendoza and Wilde. 

McKenzie catches up with Adam Cole backstage and asks if he’s concerned about what Kyle O’Reilly said tonight. Cole says he isn’t concerned, he’s going home and he doesn’t care if O’Reilly appears there, in the parking lot, or anywhere, he meant what he said; he will end him. 

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We see a video package of one of the latest NXT signing from Japan. Her name is Sarray and she will be debuting soon. 

Cameron Grimes was supposed to be on the show tonight but he Tweeted that he is on vacation with some hilariously bad photoshop of him swimming with dolphins. 

Zoey Stark Vs. Dakota Kai W/Raquel Gonzalez

The match gets underway and they lock-up with Stark immediately forcing Kai back to the corner. They struggle out of the corner, still locked-up, and Kai takes Stark down. They roll around, still holding onto the collar and elbow, then back to their feet and Kai takes a wristlock. Kai wrenches the arm but Stark flips out and takes a wristlock of her own and bends Kai backwards. Dakota flips up and Zoey takes a headlock. Kai shoots her off but Stark catches her with two arm-drags and goes back to the wristlock. 

Stark bends Kai’s arm around her leg and drops a knee on it. Kai fights up and they both hit the ropes but Stark connects with a big clothesline. Kai counters Stark and scores a two-count, then gets into full mount and punches her a few times. Kai slams Stark face-first into the bottom turnbuckle, then gets her in a bodyscissors. Stark rolls back to attempt a pin but Kai kicks out. Zoey whips Kai into the buckles and hits a running elbow. She runs again but Kai avoids it and goes to the floor, then Stark leaps over with a crossbody. Gonzalez comes around to stare at Zoey as we head to the break. 

*Commercial Break* 

Back live and Kai slams Stark down by the back of the head and punches her over and over for a two-count. Both women hit stereo clotheslines and go down. They slowly get up in opposite corners and run at each other and this time Stark hits a lariat, then another. Stark lands a few shots and a running knee for a near-fall. Stark runs but Kai drop-toe-holds her onto the middle rope. Kai goes outside and spins Stark around under the bottom rope to kick her in the head. Kai gets on the apron but Stark superkicks her and looks for a German suplex to no avail. Dakota runs but Stark lifts and throws her into the ring.  

Stark this a springboard but Kai catches her with a superkick in mid-air. Stark stumbles back to the corner and Kai hits a running kick to the face for a near-fall. Kai is getting frustrated and she looks for a roll-up but Stark kicks out and goes to a pin of her own for two. Stark hits a knee to the face, then a rolling fireman’s carry and goes up top but Kai kicks her in the head. Kai drags her off the top rope and throws her up for a kick to the face and the win. 

Winner: Dakota Kai

The NXT Women’s Champion, Io Shirai, comes to the ring with a contract in hand. Kai gets in her face but Io ghosts her and steps to Raquel. Io says she wants the match and slams the contract in Gonzalez’s chest. Io leaves and takes Stark with her. 

McKenzie has finally caught WIlliam Regal and asks about Escobar and Devlin but before he can answer an official runs up and says something has happened to Adam Cole and Regal rushes off. 

*Commercial Break* 

Grizzled Young Veterans cut a promo aimed at MSK. They say the stunt MSK pulled last week will be the biggest mistake of their careers. They say maybe they were just simping for Fandango but they broke Gibson’s hand and they won’t like where things are going. 

Imperium come to the ring but as Aichner is on the apron, Tommaso Ciampa appears and this him with a chair in the back. Ciampa tosses him over the barricade and gets into the ring to face Barthel. 

Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Marcel Barthel W/Fabian Aichner

The bell rings and Ciampa takes the fight to Barthel and beats him into the corner. Barthel hits a side headlock takeover and holds Ciampa down for quite a while. Ciampa eventually fights up but Barthel transitions to a rear chinlock and drops elbows on his forehead. Ciampa forces him back and forearms him but Barthel does the same in return and hits a butterfly suplex. Barthel jumps off the top rope but Ciampa catches him with a knee, then clotheslines him over the ropes to the apron.  

Ciampa wants to hit the rope-hung DDT but Barthel returns and grabs Barthels legs. Ciampa let’s go and leans through the ropes to talk trash. Barthel kicks Ciampa in the face and hangs him over the ropes before hitting a dropkick. Barthel grounds Ciampa and takes a minute to pose, which allows Ciampa to rally and hit some flying forearms, then knee Aichner off the apron. Ciampa knocks Barthel to the apron and hits the rope-hung DDT for the win! 

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

As soon as the match ends the lights go out and Imperium’s music hits. Walter is here! The NXT UK Champion walks down the aisle and takes his jacket off and gets on the apron. Ciampa stands in his face but Ciampa gets attacked by Aichner and Barthel from behind. Walter gets in and chops Ciampa in the chest. Barthel lifts him and gives him to Walter for a massive powerbomb. Imperium stand over Ciampa and pose. 

William Regal is outside and running up to a few police cars. Kyle O’Reilly is being forced into the backseat of a cop car and Regal finds Adam Cole handcuffed and shouting that Cole tried to run him off the road. Cole and O’Reilly shout at each other and apparently swear because it’s bleeped out. 

LA Knight is in the locker room and he says eveyrbody is talking about what’s about to go down. He walks towards the ring and we see Bronson Reed in the background sneak into the locker room behind him. Knight says what’s about to happen will be history and they used to call him a megastar and for a damn good reason. Knight’s debut is next. 

*Commercial Break* 

LA Knight Vs. August Grey

The bell rings and Knight lands a right hand, then whips Grey to the ropes and connects with a back elbow. Knight chokes August over the middle rope, then hits him with a running knee. Knight slingshots himself over the top rope with a shoulder tackle. Knight lifts Grey but he slides down the back and shoves him into the ropes. Knight catches him with a snap powerslam and taunts. Knight is about to end proceedings but Bronson Reed appears on the stage holding his blue leather jacket.  

Knight watches on in horror as Bronson Reed puts the jacket on and flexes, ripping it to bits. Knight is furious and gets rolled-up but kicks out. Grey lands some right hands, then hits a jawbreaker and a neckbreaker. August goes to the top rope and looks for a springboard crossbody but Knight dodges it and goes to some ground and pound. Knight hits a knee to the face, then a head slam for the win. 

Winner: LA Knight

Raquel Gonzalez is backstage with McKenzie and she says Io made a mistake giving her the contract because now her title reign has an expiration date. Kai walks up and congratulates her, then says they need to settle their business so next week they’re facing Io and Stark. Raquel screws her face up and says she doesn’t see the point when she can beat Io whenever she wants. Kai says they need to show people they’re still the best team in NXT and Raquel agrees. 

*Commercial Break* 

William Regal is coming through the parking lot and he’s stopped for an interview. He says things are completely out of control. Regal hopes the police drop the charges for both men and they can come to the CWC because he has a proposition for them that should bring an end to the chaos. 

WWE Tag Team Championships

(C) Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan Vs. Finn Balor & Karrion Kross W/Scarlett

This huge title match gets underway with Kross and Lorcan and Oney takes a headlock. Kross shoots him off and hits a shoulder tackle, then lands a snap back suplex. Lorcan looks afraid and he tags Danny Burch who comes in apprehensive. They lock-up and Kross slams Burch down by the face. Kross hits a shoulder tackle and backs him into the corner. Burch kicks Kross but the big man connects with a clothesline before posing and staring at Finn who claps sarcastically. 

Kross applies a bear hug in the middle of the ring and tries to make Burch tap. Danny tries to break his grip to no avail, then punches him over and over but Kross squeezes tighter. Burch punches again and Kross drops him, but immediately lifts and slams Burch. Kross stares down Lorcan, then grabs Burch for a suplex but Lorcan rushes in an hits him from behind as he’s going over in what appeared to be a mistake. Kross then looks to hit both men with suplexes but Burch landed horribly and the referee halts the action until we head to the break. 

*Commercial Break*

We’re back (Burch isn’t on the apron) and Oney Lorcan has Balor in a submission but The Prince fights up. Lorcan hits a sunset flip and Balor rolls through to hit a dropkick to the face. Balor applies an arm submission to ground Lorcan, but he fights up and slams Finn int the buckles and connects with some European uppercuts and a back elbow. Lorcan backs Balor into his corner and stomps him down but Danny Burch isn’t there to tag. Lorcan hits a suplex for a two-count, then applies a modified chicken wing. 

We see Danny Burch getting treatment on the floor and the doctor is working on his shoulder. Lorcan kicks Balor in the face and taunts Karrion on the apron. Lorcan lands a European uppercut, then another and taunts. Balor connects with a jawbreaker, then a Pele kick and both men are down. Finn wants to tag Kross but Lorcan knocks him off the apron. Balor whips Lorcan to the corner and follows-up with a running chop, then does it again and again. Balor tips Lorcan over and hits a double stomp, then clotheslines him to the floor.  

Balor goes out and hits a slingblade on the floor, then a running shotgun dropkick that sends Lorcan crashing into Scarlett. Balor didn’t mean it and he looks shocked. He moves to check on Scarlett and takes a second to send Lorcan back into the ring. Kross grabs Balor by the head and runs him into the barricade. Kross slams Balor’s head into the plexi-glass over and over, then puts him in the ring. Lorcan quickly hits a running European uppercut for the win! 

Winners: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan

As soon as the bell rings, Kross rushes in and hits Lorcan with two Doomsday Saito suplexes and kicks him from the ring. Kross hits Balor with the Doomsday suplex, then applies the rear naked choke. Scarlett comes in and stops it, then helps Balor to his feet. Finn looks shocked but Scarlett snears and Kross levels him with a forearm to the back of the head. Scarlett places the NXT Championship on Finn’s chest and tells him “everything happens for a reason”. Kross and Scarlett pose over Balor to end the show. 

That’s it for this week’s NXT! Let us know what you thought of that eventful show and your feelings on the upcoming TakeOver card. Be sure to check out our results for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe! 

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