It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and
results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any
reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Ryan Nemeth vs. PAC
  • World Title Eliminator Tournament First Round Match: Thunder Rosa vs. Leyla Hirsch
  • Tony Schiavone to interview Sting
  • Chris Jericho and MJF vs. The Acclaimed
  • Hangman Page will speak
  • Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson vs. Cezar Bononi and Peter Avalon
  • TNT Champion Darby Allin defends against Joey Janela
  • AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and KENTA vs. Jon Moxley and Lance Archer in a “Falls Count Anywhere, Anything Goes” match

Joey Janela makes his entrance to open the show. A video package of KENTA attacking Moxley plays as the commentators run down tonight’s card. Darby Allin’s music plays to bring out the TNT Champion.

Darby Allin vs Joey Janela – TNT Championship

Lock up to start. They wrestle to the corner, Darby gets in Janela’s face as Janela does the Scott Hall fake scared motion. Pace quickens as Darby gets the upper hand and dropkicks Janela to the apron. Janela does a reverse suplex on the apron and then an elbow suicide dive to the outside, he brings in Dabry and gets a two count. Janela with some stiff shots in the corner, brutal uppercuts, Dabry fights back momentarily but Janela uses strength advantage to get the upper hand.

Janela with the body scissor in the middle of the ring, fish hooking Darby’s mouth. Janela climbs to the top corner and hits a double axe handle. Janela goes to the top again but Darby pulls him down onto the ropes hitting Joeys arm. Darby hits a dropkick in the corner, Darby works the injured arm and Joey falls to the outside and Darby hits a suicide dive. Joey ets thrown back into the ring for a two count. Darby locks in an armbar, Joeys drags them to the ropes. Darby kicks the rope into Joeys face, Joey gains the upper hand by hitting a german suplex and thena thrust kick. Two count.

Darby goes back to the arm. Back and froth punches, Joeys gets hit with a stunner but he kicks out. Darby wrenches the arm and hits a roll out, Janela hits a piledriver for a near fall. Darby hits a avalanche code red from the top rope for a two count. very evenly matched. Darby hits the coffin drop for a 3 count.

Darby Allin wins.

Darby celebrates while the commentators talk about KENTA saying he kicked down the “forbidden door”.

Moxley says KENTA has been calling him out for months, says he wasn’t surprised by what happened. Moxley says KENTA wants the IWGP US Championship. Says February 26 is a sanctioned match but tonight is just for fun.

Inner circle backstage, rooms gets cleared until only MJF and Sammy are left. Sammy says he saw last week, he knows what MJF is doing. Sammy says he knows MJF is trying to take over the Inner Circle. MJF says he thought Sammy was jealous of him, but then he realised it was Sammy hates Jericho and he hate he has to play second fiddle to Jericho, says Sammy is upset because he wants to take over the Inner Circle. MJF has been recording the conversation, Sammy smashes the phone and floors MJF.

Commercial Break

Bononi and Avalon are in the ring. Nightmare Family makes their entrance. Cody shakes hands with Arn Anderson’s son at ringside.

Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson vs. Cezar Bononi and Peter Avalon

Cody and Avalon start. Cody has an early flurry, stomps in the corner. Tag to Johnson, Avalon gets the headlock. Blind tag from Bononi to get the upper hand on Johnson. Avalon tags back in, Johnson uses speed to hits dropkick on Avalon, Avalon runs scared to the corner to tag in Bononi. Johnson tags in Cody, after three attempts Cody finally knocks down the big man. Bononi quickly regains advantage.

Picture in picture. Avalon and Bononi dominate Cody. Quick tags and both attack Cody’s ribs. Low dropkick from Avalon. Headlock from Avalon. Cody is favouring the shoulder after a big slam from Bononi, Cody tags in Johnson, Johnson runs wild, throws Bononi to the outside and hits a corkscrew to the outside. Johnson runs wild on Avalon and hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Bononi tosses Cody to the outside. Lee Johns gets a rollup victory on Avalon for his first AEW vicotry.

Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson Wins.

Nightmare family celebrate in the ring, Johnson is emotional at first victory. Tony interviews Lee Johnson. Johnson says he wishes he had a world of words for him but he doesn’t. He thanks the Nightmare Family and says hard work always pays off and says all the Nightmare family did this for him.

Young Bucks and Good Brothers are interviewed backstage. Bucks say Good Brothers distracted them. Good Brothers say they would have picked the Bucks if they had won. Matt says he doesn’t want to wait to defend the titles, says they should do it next week. Santana and Ortiz vs Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Titles next week.

Commercial Break.

Dasha is with Hangman Page. Page says he will not be in a tag team with Matt Hardy. Hardy says they should celebrate and that he will pay for an open bar. Hangman leaves and walks into the Dark Order. Its awkward as Hangman walks past them.

Pac makes his entrance with Fenix. Nemeth is already in the ring.

Ryan Nemeth vs. PAC

Pac looks disgusted at Nemeth. They lock up and Pac kicks to the stomach. Snap suplex from Pac. Running elbow in the corner. Pac climbs to the top and hits a shotgun dropkick. Pac is dominating. Pac shouts in Nemeth’s face. Nemeth fights back momentarily but Pac hits vicious kicks to knock Nemeth back down. Nemeth hits a big dropkick and then a Ziggler style DDT. Pac rolls to the outside and gains the upper hand by throwing Nemeth into the barricade. Back in the ring, Pac stomps Nemeth in the corner. Nemeth can’t get out of the gates. Crowd chant finish him to Pac. Pac climbs to the top and hits a black arrow and a brutalizer.

Pac Wins

Replay of last week’s wedding. Miro blames Orange Cassidy for last weeks monstrosity. Miro says nobody messes with the best man. Chuck says Orange was obviously going to pop out of a wedding cake.

Dasha is with the Inner Circle. MJF interrupts and says Sammy sucker punched him in the ribs. Jericho says they have a match and will deal with this later. Inner Circle make their entrance. The Acclaimed rap on their way to the ring.

Chris Jericho and MJF vs. The Acclaimed

MJF and Castor start. MJF rolls to the outside favouring his ribs, JR says that’s a good excuse if they lose. Jericho tags in but Castor gets the advantage. Tag to Bowen, elbow drop over the top rope from Bowen. Jericho hits a boot and tags in MJF. Bowen attacks the ribs and gets a two count. Acclaimed kick the ribs. MJF brings Castor into their corner and tags in Jericho. Double stomps in the corner. Double flapjack. Inner Circle celebrate.

Picture in picture. Inner Circle take control. MJF gets a headlock. MJF goes for a double axe handle but gets hit in the ribs. MJF tags in Jericho and Jericho gains the advantage. Castor gets thrown outside and the Inner Circle attack and throw him back in the ring. Castor blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Jericho tags in MJF and MJF shouts in Castor’s face. Abdominal stretch from MJF. Castor reverse into his own abdominal stretch. Castor hits a big hip toss. Both get the tags and Bowen runs wild.

big dropkick on Jericho. Bowen hits a huge slam on MJF. Bowens hits Ortiz on the apron. Jericho goes for a lionsault but gets hit with a boombox. Near fall from the Acclaimed. They goes for their tag team finished but Bowen gets attacked by the Inner Circle and Castor gets hit swith a Judas Effect eblow.

Inner Circle Win.

Sammy comes out with a microphone. Jericho asks what his problem is. Sammy says he said if one more thing happened with MJF he was done. So Sammy says he is done and he quits the Inner Circle. Jericho looks upset.

Commercial Break.

Sammy is leaving the building, says he need time away from this place. Matt Hardy and Hangman Page are in the bar. Matt fakes drinking shots. Matt says he knows Hangman doesn’t want to be a tag team guy but he can make him millions for just a 30% fee. Page agrees but signs a different contract while Matt’s back is turned. Matt leaves thinking he got the win.

Tony interviews Sting. They fistbump and Tony asks about the Street Fight. Tazz interrupts before Sting can say anything. Tazz says they are on a road trip and reveal they have attacked Darby and put him in a body back tied to the back for their car. They drive off and Sting goes after them to the parking lot.

Commercial Break.

Marvez is with Omega on a golf course. Omega says not while he is golfing. After a put he says he can ask him now. Marvez says shouldn’t he be prepping for his match rather than playing golf. Omega says he is the best so he doesn’t need to prepare in the regular way. Says he has forgotten how to lose, says he wont lose and he wont miss. Ends with Goodbye and goodnight. Marvez asks for a ride but they laugh at him.

Hirsch makes her entrance followed by Thunder Rosa. Thunder says she has three peices of business, win the AEW title, win back the NWA title and then fight Britt Baker.

World Title Eliminator Tournament First Round Match: Thunder Rosa vs. Leyla Hirsch

Rosa facewashes Hirsch, back and forth submissions. Hips tosses from Rosa, body slam, senton for a two count. Hirsch amateur wrestle Rosa to the ground, then hits a big huricanarana to Rosa, Rosa rolls outside but Hirsch hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Hirsch gets a submission but Rosa gets out. Rosa hits a neckbreaker over the rope.

Picture in picture. Rosa keeps the pressure on Hirsch. Two count from Rosa. Back and forth punches but Rosa hits a snapmare and leg scissors. Chops in the corner from Thunder. Another near fall from Rosa. Hirsch reverses turning the tables. Hirsch attacks the left arm but Rosa reverse into a final cut. Rosa hits dropkicks in the corner for another 2 count. German suplex from Hirsch and another one, Rosa blocks a third. Hirsch hits a splash from the second ropefor a two count. Hirsch goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault but Rosa gets the knee up, another 2 count. Hirsc hits a big knee and another one.

Hirsch drags Rosa to the corner, goes for a moonsault but misses. Rosa hits a kick but Hirsch kicks out. Hirsch gets a cross armbreaker but Rosa powers out. Rosa gets a three count from a huge sideslam.

Thunder Rosa Wins.

Tony is with Jungle Boy backstage. Jungle Boy says he wants to talk to FTR. He says he and Dax had a match people still talk about. Says he came out of this match a different man. Says when they meet in the ring again, he will make them his bitch.

KENTA makes entrance with his briefcase for a shot at Moxley’s US title. Kenny Omega enters next.

Commercial Break.

Lance Archer enters with Jake the Snake Roberts. Don Callis is on commentary. Jon Moxley’s music hits and Moxley enters through the crowd with the IWGP US championship.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and KENTA vs. Jon Moxley and Lance Archer in a “Falls Count Anywhere, Anything Goes” match

KENTA hits Moxley with the briefcase as the bell rings. The hits Archer in the back with hit to no effect. Omega takes out Archers knees. Moxley turns the tables on KENTA but Omega gets the advantage on him. Omega and KENTA argue over who attacks Moxley. They are not on the same page. They hit knees in the corner but Archer takes KENTA out of his boots with a big clothesline. Archer and Moxley work together to get the upper hand.

Archer goes for a powerbomb but Omega reverse into a huricanrana. Moxley knocks Omega out of the rings. KENTA and Moxley go back and forth, KENTA goes for the GTS, Moxley goes for a Paradigm Shift, Omega attacks Moxley with a trashcan before he can hit it. Omega hits a moonsault with the trashcan on Moxley. Running dropkick into the trashcan from KENTA. Two count. Archer has a ladder and runs over KENTA with it. He sets it up in the corner, Moxley hits a suicide dive on KENTA and Archer slams Omega into the ladder.

Picture in picture. Omega and Archer fight on the outside. Omega slammed into the barricade. they brawl into the crowd. Omega throw into the chair. Moxley has an STF in the ring. KENTA bites him to get out of it. Moxley gets a chair. Carnage in the crowd from Archer and Omega. KENTA hits a running knee strike on Moxley on the chair. Archer and Omega rake each others eyes.

KENTA joins them on the outside. Archer punches KENTA and Omega. KENTA gets the upper hand. KENTA hits GTS on Avalon. Archer chokeslams Omega through a table. KENTA breaks up the pin fall. Moxley throws KENTA into the barricade. Hard kick to KENTA for a two count. Moxley and KENTA brawl into the stands. They fight to the back and Archer follows. They are brawling back stage. KENTA gets a two count.

Moxleys fight back and slams him into kitchen equipment. They fight on a steel table. Moxley goes for a powerbomb but KENTA fights out and hits a DDT. KENTA locks in a crossface. Archer breaks it up. Omega and Archer throw weapons at each other. Moxley hits KENTA with potatoes. Replay for the match so far.

They are heading back into the arena. Moxley and Omega are back at ringside, Moxley hits Omega with a chair, back and forth punches. Moxley gets a kendo stick and hits Omega in the midsection and back. Kendo stick to the head on Omega but hit hits a V Trigger when Moxley goes for another Kendo stick shot.

KENTA and Archer are back on the ramp. Another V Trigger from Omega. Archer and KENTA are at the commentary table. Arche goes for a powerbomb through the table. KENTA dives on Moxley through the table. Archer shouts at Omega. they go back into the ring. Omega has a kendo stick but Archer blocks it and snaps it over his knee. Archer hits a chokeslam. Archer hits old school moonsault for a two count. Archer goes for Blackout but Good Brother attack. KENTA hits a spinning back fist but Archer big boots him. Anderson hits a gun stun, Jake the Snake gets taken down after hitting a clothesline. Omega goes for a V Trigger on Jake but Moxley hits him with a barbed wire baseball bat. KENTA hits GTS on Moxley.

Good Brothers hit Magic Killer on Archer, then a V Trigger from Omega. omega hits the one winged angel with help from the Good Brother. Three count.

Kenny Omega and KENTA Win.

Omega celebrates with the Good Brother to end the show.

Martin Dickinson

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