The 2021 Royal Rumble event could see some big returns. Should fans expect Ronda Rousey?

Dave Meltzer broke down Ronda Rousey’s current WWE status during Wrestling Observer Radio. He was “kinda told” that Rousey isn’t working WrestleMania 37, but that could also be the kind of plan that WWE is keeping incredibly close to the vest.

The next two years’ worth of WrestleMania locations do seem like better situations for her Mania return. Rousey’s expiring contract is also an issue as it is up in April.

“I was kinda told that she’s not doing [The Royal Rumble] this year. If it was in Los Angeles I think she would have done it for almost he same reason, but it’s not now. You could do it, but it does make more sense for her to be in Dallas for next year’s WrestleMania or Los Angeles the year after because this year it’ll still be a scaled down event.”

Becky Lynch’s status was also discussed and how she gave birth only a few weeks ago. That likely means she won’t be 100% ready to get involved in the Royal Rumble match, but you also never know when you’re talking about The Man.

Ronda Rousey’s status is a bit more interesting. If she shows up to compete at the Royal Rumble, then she might win the match. This could also present a political problem backstage because she hasn’t been around.

“Ronda was training though, I do know that. She still may be at WrestleMania. So with Ronda, here’s the negative. Ronda can come into the Royal Rumble and be a surprise but unless she’s gonna win, I would say no way. Now if she’s going to win, yes, yes. then do it. She can still work WrestleMania and shoot an angle with somebody without winning the Royal Rumble; because people will resent her for winning the Royal Rumble because she’s not been there.”

We’ll have to see if WWE has any surprises in store for fans at the Royal Rumble. The WWE Universe waits for this night every year, and it is some fans’ favorite pay-per-view event. The possibility of big surprises on the road to WrestleMania certainly adds a new level of excitement to the mix.

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