Chelsea Green Explains Why She 'Likes' Haters' Tweets

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Chelsea Green has a lot of fans in her mentions. Some of them have great things to say about her, but you’re always going to have negativity when you’re dealing with social media. Green has a way of dealing with that.

Some fans saw that she was “liking” tweets on Twitter that were throwing shade at women’s wrestling. She explained that she likes those tweets, not because she actually approves of them, but because it is a defense mechanism for her.

People out here trying to twist me ‘liking’ those tweets, as if I’m against another women? Absolutely not.

Me liking those tweets is a defense mechanism. A way to show people I SEE what they tweet. Their tweets are in my notifications, tearing me and other women down.

I try not to give into this “cancel culture” because I find it absolutely ridiculous.

But today, you all set me off.

Do better.

Not every person on twitter is evil.

Not every person on twitter is trying to tear another female down.

End of rant… I think… for now

Chelsea Green’s Twitter notifications might go through the roof again soon enough. She is currently getting cleared for a return to action. The fact that this is happening right before the Royal Rumble could also be great timing for her.

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