Brandi Rhodes is AEW’s Chief Brandi Officer, and she has a role on television. She plays many parts in the company, but Jim Cornette is not a fan of when she involves herself in Cody Rhodes’ storylines.

Brandi and Cody Rhodes are expecting their first child in a few months. This caused them to switch around an angle they had with Shaq.

During Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the famous wrestling manager was discussing Cody Rhodes push in AEW. He then brought up Brandi Rhodes and blamed her for a majority of the heat that Cody has with fans.

“Brandi I assume would have turned [heel] — anyone who doesn’t like Cody; 75% of it has got to be because he’s aligned with Brandi, and she’s been completely insufferable on the entire run of that program [AEW Dynamite]. So, most of the people who don’t like Cody, I’m sure it’s because of Brandi. They say well, if we get rid of Cody then we don’t have to look at Brandi anymore.”

“She got a lot of heat on it for being on his sh*t, if she’s over somewhere else away from it, then she’s okay. When she was in his sh*t she was getting heat on him.”

Co-host Brian Last disagreed, and others might also not align their opinion with Jim Cornette’s on this issue. Some fans love Brandi’s work in AEW, but Jim Cornette was quite firm on his stance.

Brandi Rhodes is still around AEW, and she will be a judge during a Walk Off during AEW Dark. Jim Cornette would probably be okay with that because Brandi is not getting involved with her husband’s angle.

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