Jim Ross is a WWE Hall of Famer for his contributions to commentary, but he had an influential backstage role in the company for years. He believes that Triple H will be remembered more for his contributions behind the scenes as well.

During Grilling JR, Ross brought up Triple H and the legacy that he is likely to leave behind. Ross admitted that “matches come and go” over the long haul. Triple H’s work in establishing NXT as a legit third brand for WWE and all of the people he helped along the way will likely be what he’s remembered most for.

“I think over the long haul, because matches come and go, his legacy may be a bit like mine, I’d rather my legacy be for the talent that I signed and the roster I helped build more than my announcing,” Ross said. “I think Triple H’s best work at the end of the day will be building NXT as a third brand in a very crowded space within WWE.”

Triple H is already a WWE Hall of Famer with DX. He will likely receive his own individual induction eventually. As the years go on, Triple H’s time crafting NXT and all of the Superstars in the black and gold brand could outrank his time in the ring, but the contributions The Game made while he was a full-time competitor will not be lost either.


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H Jenkins

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