Due to Drew McIntyre testing positive for COVID-19, WWE had to make several last-minute changes for this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. Perhaps the biggest surprise for many was Drew McIntyre acknowledging he had COVID-19 during the show. It was the first time the company ever directly mentioned the virus. This certainly shocked former WWE writer Vince Russo.

While speaking on the latest edition of Legion Of RAW, Vince Russo could not believe WWE had Drew McIntyre acknowledge that he had tested positive for COVID-19. On top of that, McIntyre also told fans to take proper precautions to not get infected. Russo said that Vince McMahon finally ‘tapped out’ to COVID-19.

“I can’t believe they had Drew acknowledge that he tested positive. Where I was surprised was, listen, when you know Vince like I know Vince. There is no sick. Sick is not an option. Vince is immortal, and for Drew to say, ‘Wear your mask and social distance’ on a Vince McMahon show. I was like, ‘holy c***; I cannot believe Vince is tapping out to COVID. It took a year. It took a year, but he is still tapping out to it.”

The company was forced to acknowledge COVID-19 and the effect it had on their top Superstar.


“That is a big moment when his Champion is basically putting COVID over. That is so, unless today was the end of the line, because either this was really shoddy booking or a lot of people had COVID.”

McIntyre is currently self-quarantining himself. He also accepted Goldberg’s challenge for the Royal Rumble, where his WWE Championship will be on the line.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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