Parler is getting a lot of attention as the controversial social media website was pulled from so many services. Some people have gone the extra mile to impersonate pro wrestlers.

Someone started up a fake Flip Gordon account on Parler. Ian Riccaboni wanted to make sure that fans knew that Flip Gordon is not on Parler. He tweeted out a response that made this point very clear.

Hello! I’m as frustrated with everything going on as everyone else. Been in communication with folks that have spoken to Flip Gordon.

Flip has not used ANY social media since 12/31/2020. Accounts w/ postings after that date are not Flip. Please use caution when communicating.

What I can tell, if you register you are verified & then you can pretty much change your display name & keep it, not like Twitter/IG where un/display changes take your status away. This also goes beyond Parler: if you think you’re talking to Flip, I’ve been told you’re not.

Parler has a few flaws in their security system. Apparently, one of those flaws gives someone the ability to impersonate anyone they like as long as the account is verified first.

Hopefully, this clears up the situation about Flip Gordon. We have also seen fans post that someone is claiming to be Cody Rhodes on Parler as well. That account was created in July, and we have not been able to confirm if it is legitimately Rhodes.

On the other hand, Kane really is on Parler and he invited fans to follow him on there.

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