Kyle O’Reilly and Finn Balor battled in the main event of New Year’s Evil, and it was a brutal contest. Both Balor and O’Reilly were checked out after the match. There is some concern about the status of the NXT Champion’s arm.

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Kyle O’Reilly’s jaw was checked out and Finn Balor was feared to have suffered an arm injury. After the match was over, Balor resisted having his hand raised a bit. This was not lost on O’Reilly. He also knows that Balor did what he set out to accomplish. O’Reilly still took a piece of the NXT Champion with him.

Well Finn, you did what you said you were going to do. You made me suffer and you beat me. But you didn’t BREAK me. At least not like I broke you. #NXTNYE


We will continue monitoring this story. Hopefully, he won’t have to miss any more time from the ring. The last time O’Reilly and Balor wrestled, Finn took time off thanks to two breaks in his jaw. This time around his arm is possibly injured.

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