Welcome everyone to Ringside News’ live results and recap of WWE NXT New Year’s Evil!

This is a landmark show for the NXT brand, which will see the NXT Champion Finn Balor defend his title against The Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly for the second time. These two met at TakeOver 31 and had an awesome, brutal match that will be hard to top tonight but expectations are high. Can O’Reilly become the new NXT Champion or will Balor move on to face a new threat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

In what should also be a hard-hitting affair, the former NXT North American Champion, Damian Priest, meets the former NXT Champion, Karrio Kross, in the opening match of the show. Kross was unfortunately sidelined right after beating Keith Lee for the NXT Championship a few months ago but he’s back on NXT and looking to make a statement tonight.

Rhea Ripley has had a tumultous 2021 since losing to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania back in April. However she looks to put her long-running feud with Raquel Gonzalez to bed tonight when the two go at it once more in a Last Woman Standing match. To my knowledge, this is only the second last woman standing match in NXT, with the first having been Asuka Vs. Nikki Cross three years ago. Regardless, this could be the one to watch.


We have one other known match scheduled for tonight’s pseudo-PPV, and that will see Gran Metalik challenge Santos Escobar for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Metalik has only just arrived in NXT, so a title win seems rather unlikely but this should be a barn-burned bell-to-bell. And beyond that we know that Xia Li and Boa are set to return to the black and gold brand after being kidnapped and made to undergo arduous training by two mysterious figures. What will they have in store?

That’s the preview for NXT New Year’s Evil. As always we want to know what you’re thinking ahead of the show, like will any titles change hand and where do the storylines go from here. Let us know in the comments and strap in for a great night of wrestling. Enjoy!


New Year’s Evil opens with the host, Dexter Lumis standing in a dark CWC, staring at the NXT ring. He walks up steps to a platform and turns the lights on and suddenly he’s wearing a red suit.

Damian Priest Vs. Karrion Kross W/Scarlett

The bell rings and they go to a stiff lock-up right away. The tie-up leads to them both falling out of the ring but still holding on and slamming each other into the barricade. They get back inside and Priest looks to kick Kross but he checks the kicks and swings a punch but Priest ducks. Priest punches Kross over and over but a kick gets caught and Kross lifts him up for a slam.

Kross hits a running kick in the corner, followed by punches. Kross whips Priest to the corner and follows-up with a splash, then an overhead throw. Kross clotheslines Priest over the ropes to the floor, then goes out after him and lifts the steel steps but Priest knocks them out of his hands and goes back inside. Kross continues the assault and pulls Priest by the hair but Damian smiles at him. Angered, Kross beats Priest from pillar to post.

Priest dodges a punch and elbows Kross, knocking him into the corner. Priest connects with a huge lariat, then lands a falcon arrow for a two-count. Priest swings a kick but Kross ducks it and looks for a shoulder tackle but nobody’s home and he hits the turnbuckle with his repaired-shoulder. Priest tries to take advantage but Kross takes him down and delivers repeated elbows to the ribs.

Priest rallies and hits a springboard senton, then hits the ropes but Kross intercepts him with a lariat. Karrion lifts Priest and hangs him in the tree of woe, then hits a running knee. Kross lifts Priest onto the top rope and looks to hit a back superplex but Damian elbows himself free and slides down. Priest lifts Kross into the Razor’s Edge position and lands it but he’s too hurt to make the pinfall.

Priest knocks Kross out of the ring and hits a springboard senton to him on the floor! Damien gets him back inside and goes up top for a flying heel kick. Priest lifts Kross and hits South of Heaven for a near-fall and he looks shocked. Priest looks to hit the Reckoning but Kross counters with a fisherman suplex. Kross hits a running clothesline in the corner, followed by a release powerbomb for a near-fall. The action spills from the ring again and Kross gets Priest on his shoulder and rams him into the lighting rig by the announce desk, then powerslams him into the steel steps!

Back inside the ring, Kross slows things down, seemingly smelling blood in the water. Priest gets to his feet and taunts Kross, who in turns hits him with a headkick and a quick Saito Suplex. Kross goes to the corner and runs for a forearm to the back of the head and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Karrion Kross

*Commerical Break*

Adam Cole and Roderick Strong get interviewed backstage and Cole starts off by listing their accolades and how 2021 is going to be their year. Strong says next week they’ll be taking on Breezango and their entrance belies their talent, you have to take them seriously. But before that, tonight Kyle O’Reilly will become the Undisputed NXT Champion.

WWE Crusierweight Championship

(C) Santos Escobar W/Joaquin Wilde & rAUL mENDOZA Vs. Gran Metalik W/Lince Dorado

The match gets underway and they lock-up, with Metalik forcing Escobar to the ropes. They lock-up again and Metalik drops down to hit a headscissors, then sweeps Escobar off his feet a few times and hits another headscissors. Escobar leaves the ring to regroup and Metalik feigns a dive to the outside before posing. Escobar gets back in the ring but Metalik continues the fast-paced assault and knocks him right back out. Metalik attempts a hurricanrana over the ropes to Escobar on the apron but they stumble and Escobar falls down. However Escobar recovers and holds onto Gran, before whipping him into the barricade.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Escobar has Metalik on the top rope and he drops him off his shoulders onto the buckles. Santos applies a surfboard stretch to Metalik and tries to make him submit. Metalik counters with a pin attempt for a near-fall. Metalik hits a sunset flip for a near-fall. Metalik hits a reverse slingblade and sends Santos to the floor, then dives over the ropes onto him!

They get back inside but Santos rallies and tosses Metalik out, then dives onto him. Escobar gets Metalik back inside and backs him into the corner. Escobar shoves Metalik off the top rope onto the apron. Metalik hits Escobar back, then dives onto Esocbar’s goons at ringside. Metalik jumps back on the top rope but Escobar pulls him down and hits the Fantam Driver for the win!

Winner: Santos Escobar

We see Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez warming-up separately backstage. Their last woman standing match is happening soon.

*Commercial Break*

We get a video of Mercedes Martinez, showing her attack on Io Shirai and she says she’s coming for the title.

Xia Li and Boa make their return to NXT, standing either side of a very creepy person in a mask on a throne. They walk down the ramp and Xia is going to be in action.

Xia Li W/Boa Vs. Katrina Cortez

The masked Cortez takes the back of Li but gets shot off. Cortez ducks a kick but Li hits a double forearm to the chest and kicks her. Li turns and nods at the person on the throne, then grabs Cortez and knees her a few times. Xia knocks Cortez down with a sidekick to the gut, then sends her into the ropes and hits an incredible kick to the head for the win.

Winner: Xia Li

Xia Li and Boa walk back up the ramp and stand either side of the creepy figure on the throne while smoke billows around them.

Last Woman Standing

Rhea Ripley Vs. Raquel Gonzalez

The match gets underway and the two women tackle each other and roll around swinging punche son the mat. Gonzalez lifts and throws Rhea over her head, then does it again. Ripley fights back and knocks Gonzalez down with a kick to the back of the leg. Raquel rolls outside and Ripley goes after her and gets a Kendo stick. Ripley hits her in the back a few times but Gonzalez blocks one and hits her back. Rhea runs up the steel steps and jumps for a dropkick but Gonzalez hits her with a chair in mid-air.

Gonzalez runs Ripley into the barricade, then grabs a pair of handcuffs. Ripley fires back and slams Gonzalez into the plexi-glass, then grabs the handcuffs and ties her to the chainlink around the barricade. Ripley chops the chest of Gonzalez over and over but Raquel breaks the handcuff and hits Ripley with them. Ripley stumbles to the timekeeper’s area and grabs the hammer to ring the bell but Gonzalez slams her head-first into the bell!

Rhea starts punching back when she gets to her feet, then runs at Gonzalez but gets hit with a backdrop and lands very badly on the edge of the announce table! Gonzalez then uses the remnants of the table to bury Ripley and try to win the match. The referee counts but Ripley gets to the apron and pulls herself up as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live as Gonzalez is beating Ripley up the ramp. Raquel kicks Ripley square in the chest and she falls down a staircase. Gonzalez beats Ripley backstage but Ripley tackles her through a glass door! They both get back up and Ripley drags Gonzalez back over the glass and sets her onto a table with condiments. Ripley climbs high above Gonzalez onto some lockers and does a “suck it” before hitting a rolling senton through the table!

The referee starts counting as Ripley gets back to get feet but Dakota Kai comes running over with a Kendo stick and beats Ripley with it. Kai then helps Raquel up but Rhea attacks them both. Ripley beats Kai down, then opens a locker door and shoves Kai inside. Gonzalez has disappeared and Ripley goes back to the stage to look for her but Raquel attacks her. Ripley knocks Gonzalez down and applies the Prism Trap. Ripley grabs a chair and wraps it around Gonzalez’s face while in the submission!

Gonzalez turns over and kicks Ripley back into the stage. Both women slowly get up and Gonzalez slams Ripley into the X on the stage and it glitches. The referee counts but again they get back up Ripley grabs steel steps, then looks to hit the Riptide onto it but instead Gonzalez lifts her and hits a pumphandle slam through the stage! Both women are down and out and the referee starts counting. As the referee nears the ten count, Raquel Gonzalez re-emerges from the hole and she wins!

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

The camera cuts outside and we see The Way making their way to the CWC with a police escort.

*Commercial Break*

The Way come to the arena in a flashy car, then make their way to the ring where a black veil hangs over a picture. Gargano makes fun of a fan before saying he has reversed the curse of not being able to defend the title. He compliments his own dance moves and Candace says he might be the most powerful man alive. Candace then hands him a plaque with the date he broke the curse. Austin Theory says Johnny is like a superhero, and he deserves something in return. They unveil an art piece of the four of them as superheroes. Gargano announces that he and Theory will be entering the Dust Classic.

Shotzi Blackheart interrupts The Way, driving her tank. Theory gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp, telling Shotzi she can’t interrupt their celebration. Shotzi shoots the cannon of her tank and hits Theory in the groin! Gargano goes out to check on Theory, allowing Shotzi to storm the ring and knock Candace down. Gargano gets on the apron and shouts at Shotzi but Kushida appears and pulls him off the apron. Suddenly Dexter Lumis reappears and rings the bell, before pointing to a drawing of a mixed tag match.

Johnny Gargano & Candace LeRae Vs. Kushida & Shotzi Blackheart

The match gets underway and Candace attacks Shotzi right away but Blackheart kicks her back and drops Candace with a dropkick. Shotzi covers for two and Candace rolls out of the ring to regroup.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Candace is hanging on Shotzi’s back, choking her but Blackheart jumps for a jawbreaker. Both women make tags and Kushida comes in hot with a hip toss and a dropkick. Kushida runs at Johnny in the corner but gets rolled up and Gargano swings a kick but Kushida ducks it. They trade fast-paced reversals until Shida hits a hip-toss into an armbar. Gargano struggles and manages to get his feet on the bottom rope.

Gargano grabs the ropes but Kushida grabs him gets out of a German Suplex, but Kushida takes him down with an arm breaker. Gargano tries to fight back, but Kushida hits him with a shot to the jaw. Kushida runs at him in the corner but LeRae stands in his way. Gargano then runs but nearly hits LeRae when Kushida moves. Blackheart runs in and hits LeRae with Sliced Bread, then her and Kushida hit stereo arm breakers and kicks to the face on LeRae and Gargano.

Kushida hits a cartwheel kick that knocks Gargano to the floor. Blackheart then connects with a nasty suicide dive to LeRae! Kushida goes to the top rope, but Theory knocks him to the canvas. The referee spotted the illegal move and argues with Theory but Kushida pulls Theory into the ring and gives Gargano a drop-toe-hold into Theory’s groin. Kushida rolls Gargano up for the win.

Winners: Kushida & Shotzi Blackheart

*Commercial Break*

William Regal is interviewed backstage and he says 2021 is going to be the greatest year in NXT history. And he’s really excited to announce that this year will have the first ever Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic!

NXT Championship

(C) Finn Balor Vs. Kyle O’Reilly

The bell rings and O’Reilly takes the back of Balor and they struggle for control until Balor breaks free. They lock-up again and this time Balor tips O’Reilly over and takes a headlock. O’Reilly transitions to a headscissors and holds Finn down. Balor pushes himself up to escape but O’Reilly grabs the wrist instead. Balor kips-up but O’Reilly snaps his arm over his shoulder, then delivers a knee to the gut.

Balor manages to get an abdominal stretch on Kyle but O’Reilly hits a hip toss into an armbar. Balor holds his hands and keeps it from being fully extended, then manages to get up and go back to the abdominal stretch. O’Reilly tries to get to the ropes but Balor stops him, so Kyle bends down and bites the rope. Finn releases the hold and kicks the rope! O’Reilly holds his jaw and goes to the corner where an official checks on him.

O’Reilly hits the ropes and slams Finn down arm-first, then ties the arm behind the back and kicks it. Balor turns around and goes to work on the jaw, raking his forearm back and forth across it. O’Reilly catches Balor with a kitchen sink knee but Balor fires back with a forearm. O’Reilly hits the ropes and kicks Balor in the face/chest but the momentum sees him fall right out of the ring and land hard on the floor.

O’Reilly twists Balor’s arm around and applies a guillotine but Balor breaks away, only to switch to a triangle. Balor again escapes but O’Reilly applies a Figure Four. Balor swings a punch to the jaw and O’Reilly rolls away holding it. Balor drops a few big forearms to the face of Kyle, then lifts him for 1916. Rather than pin, Balor applies a crossface but O’Reilly breaks the hold by hitting the injured shoulder. O’Reilly rallies but Finn drops him and hits a double stomp.

Balor hits a shotgun dropkick and goes up top but O’Reilly catches him and hits a superplex. O’Reilly hits a brainbuster for a near-fall, then goes right to an armbar. Balor writhes and gets to the bottom rope. Balor moves to the corner and O’Reilly goes after him but Balor attacks the jaw again. Balor grabs hold of O’Reilly with a crucifix submission and pulls on the head, forcing O’Reilly to tap!

Winner: Finn Balor

Finn Balor is busted open and he grabs his title as we see replays after the match. The Undisputed Era come down to check on O’Reilly and Balor walks over to give him a nod of respect. The Prince reigns supreme over NXT.

That’s it for NXT New Year’s Evil. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to go check out our results for this week’s AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe!

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