Ethan Page’s Impact Wrestling contract runs out on January 1st. He has huge battle set against Karate Man which will determine the future of his online store. All of this could result in the perfect storm for a big career move. Ethan Page is loving it.

One fan tweeted out a photo of Ethan Page in a McDonald’s uniform. All Ego saw this fine Photoshop work, and he had to comment. He also joked around about this being a glimpse at his own future.

Spoiler: This is where I’m working in 2021.

Whether Ethan Page is asking “do you want fries with that” or he’s wrestling in the squared circle, at least he had a great 2020 full of an impressive transformation. Page reportedly spoke to other pro wrestling companies about his next career move. We’ll have to see which company earns his services.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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