Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are married in real life, but they were in a storyline on television prior to that. The genesis of that idea came from an unlikely source.

While speaking to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Kevin Kelly revealed that it was his creative idea that brought Triple H and Stephanie McMahon together on WWE television. That big swerve in the middle of Test and Stephanie McMahon’s wedding was designed thanks to Kelly and his wife watching too many soap operas.

“I’m responsible for the relationship between Triple H and Stephanie. That’s what I’m responsible for, because I came up with the idea along with my wife. My wife is partly responsible. We’re both big soap opera fans and so the idea of Triple H bamboozling Test [Andrew Martin] and marrying Stephanie to screw over Test and also to piss off his future father-in-law is soap opera 101 and again, the similarities between the two with their hair down would be easy to do so I wrote this whole big thing up and sent it in.”

“Vince [McMahon] copied everybody like I’m supposed to and Vince was the first one to write back all in caps, ‘That’s great sh*t.’”


“It’s like wow and then Shane McMahon came down the hall and poked his head in my door and said, ‘Dude, that idea is crazy. I love it’ and then end up changing it how they needed to and that’s what it was so it was pretty cool to see. It’s cool when you see an idea that you have come to life. I of course wrote the end where Stephanie winds up leaving Triple H but also leaving her father and becoming this strong, standalone woman. They wound up falling in love and have children and have been married ever since so, they didn’t follow the script as it were. They wrote their own ending, a happy ending I’m sure.”

That wedding angle stands as one of the the most memorable that WWE ever produced. They even concluded 2019 with a wedding angle complete with an interrupting lesbian lover. Triple H drugging Stephanie McMahon still stands as one of the most famous. Thanks to Kevin Kelly and his wife’s love of soap operas, it became history.

Thanks to Post Wrestling for the quote

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