Stephanie McMahon is a heel on television, and she receives boos during her appearances. That is the response she wants, and she encourages it.

Some fans might boo Stephanie McMahon for reasons that have nothing to do with her television character. Either way, she is generating the response she desired.

While speaking to The Playbook podcast, Stephanie McMahon said that she enjoys the boos from fans as they give her heat on television. This is something she encourages as she continued praising the product.

“Well, from a business standpoint, you know, I portray a heel or a villain as a character. And I encourage the boos, and all the haters. And quite frankly, from a storytelling perspective I find the antagonist a million times more interesting than the protagonist. But when you consider that basic format, right? Whether it’s a book or a movie, an opera, ballet, it is protagonist vs. antagonist with conflict resolution. It’s the most basic form of storytelling that there is. In WWE, our conflicts are settled inside the ring, right? With some of the greatest live action that you can see in sports or entertainment, in my opinion. But of course you want to encourage the haters I guess, in that aspect, because you want them to root for the good guy,” said Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie McMahon was getting heat for her television character long before fans realized how much influence she had backstage. McMahon is no longer calling the shots behind the scenes, but she is certainly able to get that heat whenever she appears on television. Hopefully, live fans will be able to boo her out of the building again very soon.

Felix Upton

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