Mickie James racked up plenty of accolades and moments throughout her WWE career, but she’s not a legend if you ask her. James is still an active Superstar, but she’s out of action. That doesn’t mean she’s willing to accept that label just yet.

WWE is having a bunch of Superstars back for their upcoming Legends Night. Click here for our exclusive on why Vince McMahon is booking that event. Mickie James isn’t invited, but she’s okay with that.

While speaking to her official website, Mickie James addressed the idea of being labeled as a legend. She doesn’t think that it’s time for her to accept such a role in WWE yet.

“Honestly I hadn’t even considered the label ‘Legend’ for myself. I feel like that’s a whole different level of respect that I have for people that I consider Legends. I’m grateful to be a part of the WWE family and I’m excited for Legends night. Call me legend, call me Superstar, call me whatever you want. Just know that I am far from done making history, and ready to get back to all the things that I do best – gettin’ the W’s.”


Mickie James’ veteran ability is valuable, but greatly underutilized. Perhaps 2021 won’t include another long hiatus for James. She seems ready to compete instead of only appearing for special occasions whenever WWE wants to pop a rating.

Felix Upton

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