Candice LeRae suffered an arm injury during WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames. It was first thought that her arm was broken, but it turns out that there is good news to report in that situation.

LeRae will be a part of A Very Gargano Christmas tonight on WWE NXT. Click here for our full preview.

While speaking to PW Insider, Candice LeRae squashed the story that she broke her arm. She suffered an injury to her deep tissue, but the bone is not broken. Her arm is in a sling, but it’s not as bad as first thought. That was great news for her, because she doesn’t have time to sit out of action.

“It was a deep tissue…all the cartilage and stuff just got mushed, and I mean, for days after I went up to people like, ‘It’s not broken’ and medical staff were like that’s so crazy because everybody was convinced that it was broken. I’m trying not to cry when they’re telling me it’s broken because I’m like, ‘I want kids, I don’t have time to take any time off right now, we gotta keep this show going,’ and there was still a part of me going, ‘Maybe it’s not broken,’ because my body has endured a lot of things in my almost 18 years of doing this, maybe it’s not broken, but it wasn’t (laughs).”


WWE doesn’t generally let their Superstars around the ring if they are legitimately injured. It’s great news that Candice LeRae’s injury isn’t a broken arm, but it also calls into question exactly how long she will be out of the ring.

It is also interesting that Candice LeRae said that she wants kids, so she doesn’t have time to sit out of action for an extended period of time. It makes us wonder how much time she intends on wrestling before Mr. & Mrs. Wrestling add to the Gargano Family.

H Jenkins

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