Ryback is not happy about the current stimulus check situation in the United States. In an effort to assist Americans during the pandemic, the government is cutting $600 checks. Ryback is not a fan.

The Big Guy tweeted out calling the stimulus checks “a joke.” This was followed by a suggestion to “just reopen and let people actually work.” He then said that the people in power are “playing with fire” as they continue to fail.

Rather than paying people 600 bucks to go get a couple weeks worth of groceries at best and hangout at Wal Mart let’s just reopen and let people actually work. This is an absolute joke what we are doing. Those in key positions are playing with fire and failing miserably.

Ryback is never one to hold back from sharing his opinion. This is one of the reasons why he makes such a good podcast host.


The pandemic is still raging. A vaccine is coming, but it’s far from being distributed enough to cause any effective difference right now. $600 stimulus checks will help a lot of people, but if you ask Ryback, and a lot of others, much more could be done to help those in need.

H Jenkins

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