The Young Bucks won the AEW World Tag Team Titles from FTR at AEW Full Gear. The build was criticized by some fans because they didn’t have a lot of time to let it ride. In the end, it’s all about the match for the Young Bucks.

While speaking with The Walkway to Fight Club, The Young Bucks addressed fans who were critical of their program with FTR. Fans had waited for that match for over five years at that point, and it was finally happening. The end result is what they will remember in the end as Matt Jackson explained.

“You know, the build maybe could have gone a little bit longer [as] people said it was a little rushed. But again, I don’t think at the end of the day, nobody’s even gonna think about that. They’re just gonna think about the match.”

“Nick made a great point. Nobody thinks about when Hogan and Rock wrestled [at Wrestlemania 18], nobody thinks about the fact there was a diesel involved, and someone got killed. Nobody thinks about that. They think about the match they had. I’m not comparing our match to that match. I’m just saying two different matches, but nobody thinks about the delivery of the match. I think we stuck the landing.”

AEW signed long contracts with AEW and odds are they will tangle with The Young Bucks many more times to come. We’ll have to see how soon that can happen, but fans will likely get additional chances to see what kind of stories AEW can build around future FTR and Young Bucks angles.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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