Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW. Tonight is the go-home show from TLC and there’s plenty on tap.

Lana will take on one half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax, looking to prove that she has what it takes to overcome her bully. Bray Wyatt will also take us on a field trip with the FireFly Funhouse puppets and AJ Styles hosts a “Nightmare before TLC” segment with The Miz and John Morrison.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!

Tonight’s show starts with The Dirt Sheet, where The Miz is hosting a “Nightmare before TLC.” which is essentially him reading a kid’s book of the same title.


Miz’s story begins with AJ Styles, who’s introduced in the ring. Drew McIntyre is then introduced. Instead of McIntyre however, it’s John Morrison dressed in Scottish garb. Miz then continues with the story, as Styles pretends to beat down the fake McIntyre.

Miz goes on with his rhymes, bringing himself into the story to steal the WWE Championship courtesy of his Money in the Bank. Styles gets annoyed, saying that’s not part of the story he gave him. The trio start bickering, and then Sheamus comes out.

He has a match with Styles tonight, and says that while the three men in the ring like to play with their swords, he likes to fight with his fists. AJ adds that Sheamus is not part of the solution to the problem, Sheamus gets ticked, as AJ throws a Christmas tree at him, but it backfires and Styles goes down.

Sheamus wants a fight immediately, and it looks like he’ll face Styles after the break.

AJ Styles vs Sheamus

Sheamus gets off to a hot start with his fists and a body slam for a near fall. He then proceeds to beat downs Styles in the corner, stomping a mud hole into him.

Styles secures momentum after catching Sheamus coming back into the ring. He lands shoulder blocks, but Sheamus uses his power to regain momentum. Snapmare and a kick to the back by Sheamus. He then slows the pace with a knee to the face.

European uppercut by Sheamus, but Styles fights back with low kicks. He goes off the ropes but gets flipped by the bigger man with a back body drop.

Sheamus slows the pace again to his favour with a neck crank. The ref gets between the two men, which allows Styles the time to kick Sheamus to the outside.

Styles with a knee strike as Sheamus is stuck in the middle rope. Another high knee sends the Celtic Warrior to the outside. Styles tries to bring Sheamus back in the ring, but he gets reversed as Sheamus lands two suplexes. He goes for a third, but Styles reverses with a drop kick, sending Sheamus to the outside again.

Styles looks for a PK, but it’s reversed. Sheamus attempts a power bomb onto the tavble, but Omos intervenes. The two power houses lock eyes as we head to break.

Back live, Styles has a shin lock applied. After a minute or so, Sheamus battles back with fierce elbows. He then slides to the corner, but Styles gets back on him, targeting the left leg with kicks in the ropes. Styles is looking to attack the base of the big man, taking away his power.

Styles from out of the corner looks for an Irish whip, but Sheamus reverses into the Irish curse back breaker. Double axe handle takes out Styles, who rolls to the outside. Sheamus is still favouring his knee though.

Knee strike to Styles, but he kicks out at two. Ten beats followed by a top rope clothesline, but Styles kicks out at two. Sheamus goes for white noise, but Styles reverses into the calf crusher. Sheamus battles to the ropes for a break.

AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Sheamus reverses into white noise for a near fall. Sheamus goes to the top for white noise again, but Styles slides out and rolls him up for the three. to remain undefeated since being drafted to RAW.

Winner: AJ Styles

Post-match, Styles is running his mouth. Sheamus takes exception and tries to attack him, but Omos intervenes, wrapping him up in the ropes by his feet. He gives Styles a chair, and he proceeds to attack Sheamus’ injured left leg and midsection. Commercial break.

Back live, Bobby Lashley pours a whole bunch of milk on a staff member backstage for wearing a Riddle hat and eating a “bronutt.”

MVP is then asked about Riddle. He says that he’s no MVP and will teach him a lesson when they face off tonight. MVP then hypes up Lashley, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin’s six man tag against The New Day and Jeff Hardy. Lashley says he will “send them to our own world of hurt.”

Transition to the faces, who are prepping for their entrance. Riddle proposes that he team up with them, and they agree. He’s calling himself Bro-E.

Hardy comes out first, accompanied by Riddle. The New Day follow. Heels out after the break. The heels have entered and we’re on.

The Hurt Business vs The New Day and Jeff Hardy (with Matt Riddle)

Lashley and Woods start. Lashley uses his power to take control early. Woods fights out and lands a super kick to the body, then tags in Kofi.

Frightening power from Lashley on a military press as he dumps Kofi. Cedric tags in, which ticks off his teammate. Shortly after, Kofi regains momentum and tags in Hardy.

Cedric works Hardy over and tags in Shelton. He lands a few shots, but gets launched over the top by Hardy not long after as he went for a running dive in the corner.

Hardy then takes a shot at Lashley, and Kofi kicks Cedric out of the ring. Woods plays his trombone as the faces dance in the ring, with Tom Phillips calling Hardy and Riddle The Hardy Boys.

Back live, Kofi and Shelton are blasting each other with kicks and punches. Shelton pushes Kofi into the corner, but he bounces back with a flying clothesline and boom drop.

A cheap shot from Lashley gives the heels back momentum, as the US champ tags back in. Snap suplex from the power house. He tags in Cedric, who hits a gut wrench and then lays in elbows.

Neck crank from Cedric slows down the pace. Kingston tries to fight back, but Cedric drags him into the opposite corner. Shelton tags in, and hits a body slam followed by a pin attempt.

Shelton continues to punish Kofi, and then tags in Lashley. Big elbows to the head in the corner. Kofi tries to fight out, but Lashley rakes his eyes.

Cedric and Shelton tagged in in sequence as they continue to split the ring in half.

Xavier gets dumped off the apron as Shelton goes for more offence on Kofi. He fights back with a cave in, and then tags in Hardy.

Vintage Hardy with the double leg drop and reverse atomic drop. He misses a blind tag to Cedric though,. and gets nailed by a flying knee.

Hardy kicks out of a pin and takes control with a side Russian leg sweep. The match breaks down after that, with Kofi and Woods both flying over the top. Kofi is successful, but Lashley catches Woods and throws him into the ring post on the outside.

Back in the ring, Cedric and Hardy are the legal men. Cedric with a back slide for a near fall. Hardy hits a twist of the fate but doesn’t see that Lashley has tagged in.

Hardy counters the hurt lock and hits a few elbows. He goes to the top. but Cedric crotches him from the outside. Lashley takes advantage and submits Hardy.

Winners: The Hurt Business

To the back, Lana is “confident and “strong” in the lead-up to her tag match with Asuka for the titles. Asuka then hypes up Lana’s match against Nia Jax, telling her she is “brave and strong.”

Lana enters. Jax will follow after the break.

Back live, Jax enters.

Nia Jax vs Lana

Jax uses her power to take control early. She hits a running tackle in the corner and proceeds to bully her opponent.

Jax goes for a military press, but Lana reverses into a hurricanrana. Lana to the top, but Jax meets her and puts her in position for a samoan drop. Lana gets away and tries to power bomb Jax, but it doesn’t work.

She kicks her leg instead, tying Jax up in the tree of woe. She then uses the position to land a jack knife cover for the upset!

Winner: Lana

Post-match, Shayna Baszler takes out Asuka, and her and Jax then proceed to demolish Lana. Shayna cranks hard on Lana’s left ankle, removing her shoe to get more torque, Jax then lands two leg drops top Lana’s ankle.

Asuka rushes to the ring, but it’s too late. The damage has been done. Commercial break.

Back live, Elias introduces Jaxson Ryker, who was previously with The Forgotten Sons. Elias shares how he saw a “blinding light” after getting hit into an amp during the symphony of destruction match a few weeks back. Elias says that he “lost nothing and gained everything back,” and ultimately found Ryker.

Ryker takes the mic, and says that Elias’ music changed him. He notes how Elias has been treated poorly in the past, and that he’s here to stop that. Elias then says his performance tonight is dedicated to Lana,

R-Truth interrupts, and apologizes for interrupting Elias last week on Main Event, saying that he’s not an interruptor. Elias notes how he’s currently interrupting him and asks what he has to say. R-Truth says he doesn’t want to interrupt.

All the 24/7 title contenders come out, and Ryker disposes all of them. Elias then gets back on the guitar.

To the back with The Miz and Morrison. Miz notes how he doesn’t appreciate how Styles said he’d be the easier opponent compared to McIntyre. The pair go back and forth, and then Keith Lee appears. He flips a coin, and Miz and Morrison cheer after getting the call of heads right. Lee says that’s the only thing they’re going to be winning tonight. Commercial.

Back live for Lee versus The Miz and John Morrison. Lee is out first, followed by the heels.

Keith Lee versus The Miz and John Morrison

Both men go after Lee right from the bell. Lee dumps Miz over the top. He then no-sells a punch from John Morrison. Jumping spin kick from Lee takes out Morrison, but Miz gets the momentum after a top rope maneuver.

Miz goes for a shot in the corner but misses. Lee hits a back body drop on Miz, who tags in Morrison. Lee launches Morrison with a pop up body drop and then blasts him to the outside with a pounce. Commercial break.

Back live, Lee launches Morrison into the opposite corner. He then throws Miz into Morrison.

Body shots from Morrison followed by a low drop kick in the corner from Miz. Morrison with kicks and a cover, but Lee kicks out a one, and then two right after.

Draping DDT from Miz and a back flip from Morrison followed by a cover. Lee kicks out. Morrison to the apron, but Lee follows and crushes his chest with a two handed chop.

Miz takes the legs out from under Lee, which results in Morrison getting a cover, but Lee kicks out at two. Miz and Morrison double team Lee with a half Boston crab and head lock combo.

Lee battles out, reversing a double suplex into one of his own. Short arm clotheslines to Miz and Morrison, followed by avalanche shots to both men in opposite corners.

Morrison dives off the ropes. Lee catches him, but Miz takes out his leg and the pair both drop on top of him for the win.

Winners: Miz and Morrison

Transition to a replay of Orton and Bray’s interaction and match from last week. Commercial break.

Back live for Bray Wyatt’s field trip. He makes his way to the ring in a Christmas sweater. All of his puppets are at ringside.

Wyatt welcomes everyone, and then says he has an apology for Randy Orton. He says he’s sorry for what happened last week with The Fiend, saying he has a “strange, sick and twisted mind of his own.”

Wyatt knows he has stuff to fix about himself, and says he wishes that him and Orton were able to finish what they started last week. He notes that there won’t be any fun and games at TLC, only sadness and pain.

Since TLC will be n0 laughing matter, Wyatt says that tonight will be. He has some jokes prepared for Orton, saying they’ll be “hyssssssterical.”

He cracks a few different jokes about snakes, including “what do snakes use to clean their cars? Windshield vipers.”

Orton then appears on screen. He says that he was out-maneuvered last week by The Fiend, but that won’t happened at TLC or tonight, Orton invites Wyatt to play hide and seek with him.

Wyatt says he can’t resist a game, and accepts. Orton then tells Wyatt to come find him. “Let the games begin.”

Ricochet versus Mace is up next. There’s a video package first, which breaks down the feud between Ricochet and Dana Brooke, and RETRIBUTION.

Mace comes out first, accompanied by the rest of RETRIBUTION. Ricochet enters after the break.

Back live for a quick social media promo from Mace, who says that for years he was stepped over, but tonight Ricochet is getting stepped on.

Ricochet enters.

Ricochet vs Mace

Ricochet evades Mace, but his kick is caught and he’s launched into the corner. Huge high kick from Mace leads to a near fall.

Neck crank from Mace. He throws Ricochet into the corner, but misses right after. Ricochet to the top rope with a missile drop kick. Pump kick, cross body and standing shooting star for a near fall.

T-Bar and Slapjack attempt to distract Ricochet, but he fends both off and kicks out of a pop up slam. Ali then heads over to Mace and tells him to “finish it.” Mace lands a time bomb for the victory.

Winner: Mace

After the match, Ali says his battle with Ricochet isn’t over until he joins RETRIBUTION.

Backstage, Wyatt asks Riddle if he’s seen Orton. Riddle says no, but then proposes the idea of bro-nouns for the funhouse. Wyatt says it’s a good idea but he’s really busy and needs to leave.

Ramblin rabbit then appears. Riddle says he looks like baby Yoda and will be calling him baby bro-da.

To the ring, where Shayna Baszler takes on Dana Brooke after the break.

Back live, Brooke enters.

Shayna Baszler vs Dana Brooke

Brooke tries to tee off on Baszler, but gets reversed into a boss man slam right onto Baszler’s knee,

Shayna tries to smash the elbow of Brooke with joint manipulation, but Brooke evades. Shayna goes for a kirifuda clutch, but Brooke once again breaks out, landing an enziguri. Before she can capitalize too much, Jax gets involved, causing a DQ.

Winner by DQ: Dana Brooke

Jax and Shayna try to attack Brooke post-match, but a returning Mandy Rose intervenes, hitting both women with a kendo stick. Asuka then comes out as well, taking out the champs. Brooke, Asuka and Rose then celebrate in the ring. It’s also announced that Lana is injured and won’t be able to compete at TLC.

Backstage, R-Truth is talking about his cousin, who got “5-10 for excessive loitering.” He then asks Huskus the pig for advice, because he’s “been in the pen.” Commercial break,

Back live, Wyatt is looking for Orton. He sees his old rocking chair in the middle of a vacant black room and goes to inspect the situation. He then sits down in the chair. Behind him, Orton lurks, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

He takes down Wyatt, throwing him all over the backstage area. Orton then locks Wyatt in a large crate and reaches for a bottle of gasoline. He pours it all over the top of the crate and pulls out a lighter, setting fire to the crate.

Orton looks on as the fire continues to burn. All of a sudden, The Fiend breaks open the crate, securing the mandible claw on Orton and knocking him out, Commercial break.

Back live for Riddle versus MVP. The heel enters first followed by Riddle.

Riddle vs MVP

Riddle goes for knee strike but it’s blocked. MVP with heavy shots to the gut of Riddle followed by some fierce forearm shivers. MVP goes for a bit boot in the corner but misses. Riddle lands a running knee and floating bro for the win.

Winner: Riddle

Post-match, Lashley tries to attack Riddle, but he gets the better of both members of The Hurt Business.

Next up is the WWE Championship ascension ceremony, which will close the show. Commercial break.

Back live for the ascension ceremony. Styles is introduced first, followed by the champion McIntyre.

Styles gets on the mic, asking how it’s possible that it took McIntyre 19 years to get his first WWE title. He adds that he showed that how was possible a month ago when he lost to Orton at Hell in a Cell. Styles feels that McIntyre can’t handle the pressure, and that even though he beat Orton to get his title back, the feud changed him.

Styles adds the McIntyre hasn’t even been in a TLC match, whereas Styles defended the belt in the same match and won, because he knows what it takes to be a champion. Styles says he’ll do anything to win the WWE title back, and tells McIntyre to kiss it goodbye.

McIntyre says that Styles’ comments were compelling, but it’s his time to chime in.

McIntyre says that his goal is to remain champion. “It’s one thing to get to the top, it’s a whole other thing to stay on top.” McIntyre then tells Styles that he’s the champion who led WWE through unchartered waters in 2020 and that he thrives under pressure. “I’m the champion that’s going to tear you apart this Sunday.”

McIntyre closes by saying that he’ll do whatever it takes to remain champ, as his belt is raised.

Styles gets back on the mic, as dramatic music plays. He tells McIntyre it’s not just him he has to worry about at TLC. Miz and Morrison then appear, knocking a ladder onto McIntyre and beating him down, along with Styles.

McIntyre hits a claymore on Miz and then a claymore onto a ladder on Morrison. He then hits Styles with a right hand and stands tall in the ring. Omos chucks the steel steps in the ring, distracting McIntyre. Styles then hits a phenomenal forearm on the champ. Right after, Omos chucks a ladder in the ring, and Styles beats down McIntyre. Omos then hands a chair to Drew, and Styles blasts him with that also. Omos then completes the trifecta by passing Styles a table.

Styles climbs up a tall ladder and hits McIntyre with an elbow drop. He then pulls down the WWE Championship and mocks Drew. End of show.

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