Lars Sullivan’s story in WWE has been filled with one controversy after another. He has also disappeared a few times. Right now fans are wondering where he went once again.

Ringside News has learned that Lars Sullivan hasn’t been around SmackDown in recent weeks. Obviously, he hasn’t been used, but there are no apparent plans to do so in the immediate future. He hasn’t even been showing up.

We’ve been told that those backstage at SmackDown “have not seen Lars.” His last SmackDown appearance was on November 6th’s episode of SmackDown. He had sit-down interview for the second week in a row. Corey Graves interviewed him one week, and then Michael Cole got a turn before The Freak vanished.

It was also told to us that “there is no information from the top,” regarding Lars Sullivan’s status. The lack of leadership backstage has really come to light in recent months through various outlets which backs up what Ringside News has been reporting for months.


Lars Sullivan has a history of injuries, but this recent hiatus isn’t due to injury. He also wasn’t part of the big men who were sent back down for more training, which is a definite sign.

It’s unknown who pulled the plug on Lars Sullivan this time, or if he had another personal episode. That would be kept as private as possible. We will continue hoping for the best, because he is a very interesting character with a ton of athletic ability. They’re just not making any plans for him right now.

You can check out his last SmackDown appearance below. There is no way to tell when he’ll be back.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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