Tonight’s Impact Wrestling Final Resolution event opens up with a recap video of the past few weeks of Impact Wrestling leading up to the event.

Josh Mathews welcomes up to the show.

Old School Rules: Tommy Dreamer vs. Larry D

Out comes Tommy Dreamer, followed by Larry D. The two start out inside the ring but eventually make their way to the outside. The two are using weapons. Larry goes for the punch but Dreamer holds up a trash can lid. They make their way back into the inside of the ring.

Larry D has been in control of the match so far. He gets a chain and wraps it around Dreamer’s neck at one point.


Larry D gets a Weightlifter’s belt and whips Dreamer with it. Dreamer finally gets the upper hand and connects with the belt on Larry D. Goes for a pinfall but only gets a two count. After some back-n-forth, Dreamer gets another two count pinfall.

Larry D tries to go up to the top rope but Dream knocks him down. Larry is hung upside down as Dreamer pins a chair up to his head and kicks it into his face. Dreamer gets a table and puts it in the ring but is attacked by Romaro. Romaro now in the ring and they setup the table in the corner turnbuckle. Johnny Bravo tires to come to assist Dreamer. Bravo goes for a double clothesline but fails. Romaro ends up going thru the table that was positioned in the turnbuckle.

Tommy Dreamer hits the DDT after nailing Larry D in the nuts with the kendo stick. Larry picks up the pinfall for the win.

Kenny Omega’s bus is shown outside of the arena.

Havok & Nevaeh vs. The Sea Stars

The match starts off with Nevaeh in the ring locking up with Delmi. Ashley is eventually tagged in and connects with a few blows before Havok is tagged in. Havok remains in control of most of this. Havok hits a back break followed by a two-count on Delmi.

Nevaeh is tagged back in. Lots of holds here. Nevaeh goes for the pin but only picks up a two count. Havok tagged back in. Goes for a two-count on Delmi.

Lots of tagging in and out but Havok remains in control of most of the match. Delmi ends up hitting a codebreaker on Havok but only got a two count.

Nevaeh hits a sliding cutter for the win.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb (With A K) vs. Alisha & Eddie Edwards

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb out first, followed by Alisha & Eddie. The match starts off with Eddie and Kaleb. Kaleb has a hard time taking off his own t-shirt. Eddie is in control of things to start off the match. Eddie looks like he has a black eye.

Tenille and Alisha are finally tagged in. Alisha is in control to start things off. She hits a splash and a bulldog. Alisha goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Tenille is now in control and tags in Kaleb. Kaleb takes a selfie while on the second rope. This backfires. Alisha tags in Eddie. Eddie connects with chops in the corner. Kaleb and Tenille are on the outside and Eddie dives on them. Alisha on the top rope now but is distracted by Sami’s entrance music. Tenille takes advantage and gets the win.

Sami Calahan attacks Eddie Edwards of the match. He then goes for Alisha but the refs plead with him to let her go and he does.

Interviewer knocks on the door of Kenny Omega’s bus. Don opens and says that Kenny Omega is in the bus but he’s not getting involved in Final Resolution he claims. He says Omega is here “visiting family.”

Hernandez vs. Fallah Bahh (with Kiera Hogan as the guest referee and Tasha Steelz as the guest announcer)

Tasha Steelz out first for the introductions. Kiera Hogan out as the guest referee. Tasha Steelz has an interesting way of ringing the bell for the match. Definitely a first.

Hernandez is in control of the opening of this match. The women are a big distraction in this bout as they keep yelling the whole time. Hernandez dives on Fallah on the outside of the ring. The two are back in the ring now and Hernandez gets a two-count.

Fallah gets Hernandez in the corner and splashes him. Fallah goes for the pin but the Keira is playing games with him. Fallah yells, “STOP BEING RATCHET” at her. Hernandez hits the splash and picks up the win.

Eric Young vs. Rhino

Eric Young out first, followed by Rhino. Eric Young came out wearing a mask that resembled Mankind’s. Sorta. Rhino started off in control of this match but switched over to Young.

Young remains in control and has had help by Joe Doren a few times with cheap shots. Young hits a crossface and goes for a pin. Only gets a two count. Rhino tries to fire back with some blows and tosses him in the corner but Young reverses. Young goes for a top rope moonsault but misses.

Rhino hits a belly-t0-belly after he side steps Young. Rhino appears to be in control now. Rhino drops Young with a TKO. Goes for the pin but only gets a two-count. The ref ends up getting knocked down. Eric Young connects with the superkick and Rhino is down. EY goes to get his mask but The Deaners come out to make the save. Cody Deaner ends up taking out his own cousin with EY’s mask! Cody walks away and Eric Young ends up picking up the win over Rhino.

Backstage Scott D’Amore is telling security that if they aren’t on the list, they aren’t getting in.

X-Division Championship “Defeat Rohit” Challenge

Rohit makes his way out to the ring. Rohit cuts an in-ring promo about how he’s one of the greatest wrestlers Impact has ever seen. The lights dim and Manik appears and the match starts.

Manik is in control of the match with several holds. Manik rolls up Rohit but only gets a two count. Manik makes his way out of the ring but no one can see him. The ref starts the count but Manik gets back into the ring from behind as the ref counts 9.

Rohit is now getting some hit in. Rohit hits a front-face suplex and goes for the pin but only gets a two-count. Rohit is now in control of the match. Several near falls.

After some back-n-forth, Manik connects with a springboard DDT. Rohit sidesteps Manik and connects with several blows. Rohit climbs the ropes and hits a double stomp but only gets a two count pinfall. Rohit then hits a flatliner but only gets another two count. Rohit locks in a crossface. Manik gets to his feet and locks in a submission hold on Rohit. Rohit gets the ropes and the hold is broke.

Both men now are trading shots back-n-forth. Manik ends up besting Rohit and rolls him up for the pin. Manik is the new X-Division Champion!

Moose cuts a promo backstage and talks about how his TNA World Title is important. Moose puts the winner of Rich Swann and Chris Bey on notice.

Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rosemary

Rosemary makes her way out first, followed by Deonna. Rosemary is in control of the match to start things off. She’s tossing Deonna around the ring like a rag doll. Rosemary gets Deonna in the corner and smashes her head into the turnbuckle several times. Rosemary goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Deonna gets up and tosses Rosemary to the outside of the ring. On the outside, Deonna runs Rosemary into the ring post. Back in the ring, Deonna has Rosemary in an arm bar and several other holds. Deonna goes for the pinfall but only gets a two count.

Deonna gets Rosemary in the corner and puts the boots to her. Down on the ground, Deonna locks in another arm bar. Deonna gets tossed to the outside. Back in the inside of the ring, Rosemary is now in control. Rosemary hits a DDT but only gets the two-count. Deonna hits an elbow on Rosemary and Rosemary falls to the outside on the floor.

Rosemary gets back into the ring and gets knocked down. Deonna hits several cross faces to Rosemary’s chest while on the ground. Deonna now locks in a submission as Rosemary tries to escape. Rosemary ends up sending Deonna off the ropes and hits a sidewalk slam on Deonna. Both women are down as the ref starts the count. Both women are back up, trading shots.

Rosemary hits the Red Wedding. Kimber Lee pulls the ref out as he’s about to make the three count. Deonna hits a pump kick followed by a piledriver for the win.

Kenny Omega is shown in his bus with Don and Karl Anderson. They joke that Anderson is going to beat Ethan Page in two minutes.

Karl Anderson vs. Ethan Page (with Josh Alexander)

Ethan Page comes out first with Josh Alexander, followed by Karl Anderson. The match starts off with several lock ups. Karl appears to be in control in the open moments of the match. Anderson connects with several punches.

Anderson gets Ethan in the corner and connects with several stomps. Ethan is tossed to the outside of the ring. Anderson hits a chop on Ethan and sends him back in the ring. Ethan hits a modified backbreaker and Anderson tries to get back into the ring. Anderson falls to the outside and Ethan goes after him and lays in some blows.

Ethan sends Anderson back into the ring, where he remains in control. Page locks in several holds. Page hits a back breaker on Anderson and goes for the pin. Two-count only. Ethan is yelling at the ref, who is clearly a stupid idiot.

Anderson finally manages to connects with a few blows to Ethan. Anderson drops Page with a back suplex. Both men are down. Both men up and Anderson has appeared to gain some control of the match. Anderson gets a two-count pinfall on Page. Anderson goes for the Gun Stun but Page blocks it. Ethan connects with a kick to the face, goes for the cover but only gets a two count.

Page is now back in control of the match. In the corner now, Anderson fights off Ethan Page. Anderson hits the Gun Stun for the win.

After the match, Josh is clearly upset and Ethan Page tells him he has a plan and everything is going to be okay.

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Chris Bey

Chris is out first, followed by Swann. The match starts off with a lockups in each corner. The two are applying holds on each other. Couple minutes into the match, more holds and flips.

This match feels like a cruiserweight match. Very little selling of moves and very fast paced. At one point, Chris Bey hits a 169. They two end up on the outside of the ring where Bey sends Swann into the railing. The two make their way back into the ring and Bey gets a two-count pinfall on Swann. Bey locks in a hold.

Both men are back on their feet. They connect with several blows. This match is very back-n-forth. Bey hit an elbow drop on the back of Swann’s head as he was draped over the ropes.

The two are now kicking each other in the face. They are both down as the ref starts the count. Both men finally make it up. They connect with several blows. Bey goes for the pin but only gets a two-count. He’s upset. Swann ends up hitting a stiff kicked followed the the Phoenix Splash for the victory.

After the match, Moose comes out and hands Rich Swann his title and walks away. This concludes the show.

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