Dolph Ziggler is touted as one of the hardest workers in WWE, who goes at great lengths to sell wrestling maneuvers. Ziggler is a two-time World Champion and was one of the most over Superstars in the company from 2013 to 2014.

Many fans consider him to be underrated as they believe WWE simply does not know how to book him.

On a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, former AEW World Champion and WWE Superstar Chris Jericho spoke with pro-wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. The two discussed WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson’s career. During the episode, Jericho revealed that Patterson was very high on Dolph Ziggler and urged Vince McMahon to give Ziggler a push.

“Pat would always stand up for Dolph Ziggler in the booking meetings. [He would say], ‘we gotta push Dolph, we gotta push Dolph, we gotta push Dolph.’”

Jericho also said that Patterson advocating for Ziggler’s push turned out badly for The Showoff. This is because Vince McMahon ‘buried’ him as a rib on Patterson.


I think that almost led to Dolph getting heat for it to where they would start doing the opposite just to pi*s Pat off just to have him lose a lot. You know how Vince thinks. Let’s rib Pat and bury Dolph Ziggler because it’s funny to me even though it’s a detriment to your company to do that.

Ziggler is currently part of the mid-card scene on Friday Night Smackdown and competes regularly. Perhaps fans might get to see him in the main event scene again one day.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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