The Internet Wrestling Community is full of many different people, and some of them have their own way of going about things. Let us introduce Alexander Fox, the man behind the 2021 WCW and ECW reboots that have taken up so much space on fans’ timelines in the past week.

We previously reported that RVD shot down the rumor that he signed with this new 2021 ECW reboot. Now both Twitter accounts for the WCW 2021 and ECW 2021 have been deleted. Alexander Fox came forward, and he had a lot to say. The big question is whether or not he is to be believed.

Fox said that the WCW 2021 and ECW 2021 accounts were started because he was playing WWE 2K20 with WCW stars. “I even started a Twitch account just for this,” he said in his big revelation tweet. He then put blame on the “dirt sheets” and fans on Reddit for “making me do all of this.”

The confession then took an unexpected turn when he admitted to hacking into WWE’s Facebook page. He also admitted to leaking information about AEW and WWE on Reddit, and he’s happy about it. Then he said that his girlfriend left him for an independent wrestler which caused him to “try my best” to destroy indie wrestling.


I hacked WWE’s Facebook account a lot of time and I was leaking some of WWE and AEW plans on Reddit and I’m proud of it. I will not forgive any of you cuz because of you my accounts are no more. I just tried to have some fun and you seen [SIC] to like it. Plus I’m in depression because my girlfriend left me for an indy wrestler and so because of this I’ll try my best to destroy the indy wrestling to never be seen ever again”

This confessional consisted of two pages worth of text which you can read below. The mystery behind WCW 2021 and ECW 2021 has been solved, and there is definitely a lot to unpack in this situation.

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