The Internet Wrestling Community is full of different characters. Every so often a promoter will pop up and claim to have a company that is all for show. They will “sign” wrestlers to deals, and then nothing comes from it. There is a new “company” around, and they claimed to have signed the whole F’n Show.

A new “company” popped up last week claiming to bring back WCW. That Twitter account was eventually shut down, but the same people running it have now switched their focus to ECW. They claim to have permission to use the ECW name, and they’re “signing stars.”

One fan alerted RVD that he has been signed to the new ECW, and he was not informed of this at all. “Hmm. Maybe I should take my phone off of do not disturb,” he replied.

It’s unfortunate that someone would feel the need to go through all this trouble to fool people. RVD wanted to make it clear that he has not heard anything from this new extreme reboot.

H Jenkins

I love pro wrestling and hate BS. These two things drive me. Years of experience in writing, journalism, and digging exclusive insider info for Ringside News. Worked in finance before realizing pro wrestling journalism made much less sense. Pro beachballs at pro wrestling shows, pro dives if someone catches, anti bullies, olives, and pineapples on pizza.

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