WWE programming is set up in a very specific way with the stationary camera, often called the hard camera, set up in the same place every time. WWE likes for their talent to look toward the hard camera on a regular basis. CM Punk wasn’t the biggest fan of finding the hard camera during his day.

Lance Storm replied to a classic segment where the Four Horsemen tried to get Sting to quit the pro wrestling business. Storm said: “This was so great and so real, and no one gave a shit about the hard camera.”

CM Punk enjoyed this clip, and he commented with: “Terry Funk. Dangly earring. Tux. Cowboy boots.” Then another fan replied to the Second City Savior by calling attention to the fact that CM Punk never liked finding the hard camera in WWE.

“As a smart man once said ‘I’m the star, the camera can find me,'” Lance Storm replied.


Punk interjected his reason for always having trouble with the stationary camera during WWE’s broadcasts: “I cared about the people in the building.”

CM Punk has given no indication that he’ll get back in a WWE ring, or any pro wrestling ring, any time soon. Odds are he won’t have to worry about finding another hard camera in that setting unless he wants that to change.

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H Jenkins

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