Zelina Vega was released from WWE for a few reasons, and you can find more information on exactly what happened here. This was an easy decision for her to make considering when Vega signed her WWE deal.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that there are two kinds of WWE contracts. Some talent are making a lot of money because they inked deals to keep them in WWE after AEW opened their doors. Others, like Zelina Vega, didn’t have that lucky timing when their contracts were offered to them.

“There are two types of people under contract right now, and she was category A. Category A was the pre-whatever, not the giant money contract to keep you away from AEW deal, it’s just the contract that you sign where you’re expecting to make way more when you’re doing house shows, and now you’re not doing house shows anymore so you’re not making much money.”

It was noted that Zelina Vega was not making $1 million a year, because if she was then she would have given up Twitch instead.


She was making more on her social media platforms than she was with WWE. That made the decision a lot easier for her, and she decided to pick Twitch over WWE. This didn’t give WWE much of a choice, but to release her.

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