Mustafa Ali’s Name Causing Fan To Lash Out At WWE RAW Announcer Tom Phillips

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Mustafa Ali recently cleared up how his name is supposed to be pronounced. He was quite clear that he wants respect put on his name. Tom Phillips was simply doing as he was asked this week on RAW, but some fans didn’t like it.

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Phillips revealed a direct message he received from someone after RAW this week. This particular someone didn’t appreciate how Tom Phillips said Mustafa Ali’s name. He was chastised for it, but we won’t know everything that was said, because Phillips redacted some words to censor the message and protect this person’s privacy.

This person said that Phillips was saying Mustafa Ali’s name incorrectly. Phillips simply told this person that he was following the request of Mustafa Ali himself regarding how to pronounce his name.

This fan was obviously triggered by hearing Mustafa Ali’s name pronounced in the correct way. Ali also saw this tweet and he smashed the “retweet” button so all of his followers could see the correspondence as well.


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