Daniel Bryan Wants To See Programs Introduced To Prevent Spread Of Misinformation


Every single WWE superstar has their own opinion when it comes to how both the company and the entire country are run, but most decide to keep it to themselves.

A few, though, often emerge from the darkness and voice their thoughts in a public manner – and they tend to be the ones that are heavily respected by the WWE Universe.

We’ve seen Sami Zayn being vocal on social media throughout the course of the current election, and now, there’s been an intriguing tweet sent out by everyone’s favorite yes man – Daniel Bryan.

*OPINION* We should invest in programs that teach people how to identify misinformation and how to properly research whether something is true. Many people, myself included, would benefit. Without such programs, young people may struggle to determine truth their entire lives.

The point Bryan makes about misinformation has been echoed across both politics and the general public in recent times, and that’ll continue to be the case for many weeks and months to come.

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