Liv Morgan’s Status After WWE SmackDown Absence

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The Riott Squad was moved to the blue brand as part of the 2020 WWE Draft, but only one of them was used on SmackDown this week. Ruby Riott wrestled in a triple threat match, and she earned a spot in the Women’s Survivor Series match, but where was Liv Morgan?

We’ve had a lot of fans ask about Liv Morgan’s status. We have confirmed that she is okay, and the reason she wasn’t used is typical of WWE.

Ringside News has learned that Liv Morgan was there, in fact, she’s there every week. She simply wasn’t used because Vince McMahon didn’t ask for her.

This is the same reason why so many Superstars don’t appear on television. Vince McMahon simply doesn’t ask for them. Regardless of ideas that writers might have for a Superstar, nobody wants to pitch something for someone that Vince McMahon doesn’t want to hear about.

Ruby Riott won her match without assistance and Liv Morgan wasn’t needed this week. Morgan was also absent from Ruby Riott’s backstage interview following her big win.

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