Kevin Owens Explains Why He Unfollowed & Followed AEW Star


Kevin Owens has a lot of people looking at his Twitter account. He unfollowed everyone a while ago, but he just decided to start adding some back on his timeline. Chuck Taylor made the cut, but he wasn’t sure what happened.

The Best Friends member tweeted out asking why Kevin Owens unfollowed him only to follow him back. Owens responded to inform everyone what he’s been up to on his Twitter account.

Well, I unfollowed everyone a while ago. Last night felt like a good time to follow some people again, I guess!

I have nothing witty to say.

My apologies.

Taylor replied saying that “Sh*tty Nick” wants a follow too. We’re not 100% sure which Nick he was referring to, but Owens wasn’t about to hit the follow button for him. “It’s true. His tweets don’t really make me laugh. He has my number and he can text me whenever he feels like it though so tell him to stop complaining,” Owens replied.

We’ll keep a close eye on Kevin Owens’ Twitter account for any more abnormal activity.

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