Entire Department Declined WWE’s Work From Home Offer So Far

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WWE had a Town Hall style meeting this week where they made an offer to their staff. If anyone would like to work from home then they may do so. One entire department has decided not to take WWE up on that deal so far.

Ringside News has learned that as of this writing, no writers have requested to work from home. They will still make their way to the Stamford office for their regular assignments.

There are two exceptions to this rule. Edge and Daniel Bryan will not be required to make their way to the office, but they were never obligated to do so. They have attended meetings via webcam since starting with the creative team.

Click here for more exclusive details on Daniel Bryan and Edge’s writing roles in the company.

WWE does not want to risk the safety of their employees with possible COVID-19 exposure. The idea of working from home might fit some positions in the company, but the writing team is not changing their schedule.

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