Daniel Bryan’s Intentions For Becoming A Writer On WWE SmackDown


Daniel Bryan is positioned as one of the key babyfaces on SmackDown, and he is also on the writing team. He isn’t using that position backstage to advance his in-ring career. In fact, he seems to be doing the opposite.

We exclusively reported that WWE has plans for Daniel Bryan after that beatdown from Jey Uso. He will be back prior to Survivor Series for a big angle.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter included an interesting note on how Daniel Bryan is using his position on the writing team in a way which past generations of wrestlers with backstage pull seldom did.

“One person noted to us that Bryan as part of creative is like others of his generation and the opposite of the prior generation in that they don’t want to take advantage of their position and feel it’s their role to get over as many people as they can.”

Daniel Bryan’s promo about wanting to elevate other Superstars was a shoot. That is his real intention with this backstage role. We’ll have to see what happens when everything is said and done, because Vince McMahon is still the man backstage making all of the final decisions.

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