Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW as the build to Survivor Series continues.

After weeks of blasting each other with guitars, Jeff Hardy and Elias will continue their feud with a Guitar on a Pole Match, which is sure to be hard-hitting.

There will also be two tag team matches. Nia Jax and Shaynza Baszler will tangle with survivor series teammates Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke for the women’s tag titles, while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will face off against Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander of The Hurt Business.

Additionally, more superstars will secure their spots on Team RAW for Survivor Series. All this and more on an action-paced edition of RAW!


Cold open with a recap of last week’s show and primer for tonight.

WWE Champion Randy Orton opens the show. Tom Phillips notes that “the apex predator has been hunted.”

Orton reminds the viewers that eight days ago he became a 14-time world champion, proving that he is not just the best of the best, but THE best, period. “I am better than Edge, I am better than The Undertaker. I am better than Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, John Cena and most certainly I am better than Drew McIntyre. Eight days ago I proved that I am better than every superstar in the back.”

Orton reminds everyone that he’s in this position because he’s the best, and not because of favouritism or his lineage. “Eight days ago, I showed the entire world that I am not longer the legend killer. I am now simply a legend.”

Orton says that having the championship comes with responsibility and a bulls eye. He dares anyone in the back to come take his championship. He doesn’t care who it is.

Alexa Bliss’ music hits and she walks to the ring with a twisted smile on her face. Alexa stands in the middle of the ring, looking right at Orton with a smile while Orton paces around her. Bliss holds up her gloves, which say ‘play’ and ‘pain.’

Alexa laughs and says “he could be here.” The Fiend’s music hits and the lights turn red. The lights come back on and Bliss is gone. McIntyre then comes out of nowhere with a claymore to Orton. “I dare you to give me my rematch. If you don’t I’ll make your life a living hell,” says Drew.

Hold the phone! The Miz is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Before he can do so, Drew attacks both Miz and Morrison. No cash in. Drew wants to make sure he takes the gold from Orton. End of segment, commercial break.

Back live, Miz and Morrison are in the back being interviewed. Miz is livid with Drew. “Drew is nothing more than a petty, selfish child. Just because your 19-year dream is over, doesn’t mean you have to go about ruining everyone else’s dreams.”

Morrison adds that Drew has no idea what he did. He and Miz are challenge Drew to a handicap match tonight.

To the ring for Elias versus Jeff Hardy in a guitar on a pole match. Elias is already in the ring. He says he’s going to make beautiful art in a different way tonight when he grabs one of his fender guitars and smashes it over Hardy, calling it one of his “greatest hits ever.” He’s still insistent that Hardy ran him over, and he states that his career has eclipsed Hardy’s. Elias then plays a song, but is interrupted by Hardy.

Jeff Hardy vs Elias (Guitar on a Pole Match)

Elias uses his strength to slam Hardy, taking early momentum. He goes for the guitar but Hardy intercepts. Both men to the outside. Hardy with poetry in motion off the steps. Hardy back into the ring. He’s inches away from the guitar, but Elias throws a stool at him. Commercial break.

Back live, Elias has momentum. Elbow to the head of Hardy and a shot to the back. Hardy goes low on Elias’ knee right after. Both men are down. Elias with a running knee to Hardy to re-take control. Big knife edge chops. A few reversals, but Elias gets back in control with a running knee. Elias tries to get to the guitar, but Hardy pulls him down.

Vintage Hardy with the double leg drop. He has a clear path to the guitar but Elias gets up at the last second. He goes for an electric chair power bomb but is reversed into a head scissors. Hardy follows up with a twist of fate. He’s inches away from the guitar. Elias tries to get to him but no luck. Hardy jumps from the top rope and smashes the guitar on Elias’ back and pins him for the win. He then smashes the fender into the pole, causing it to break.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Commercial break.

Back live for Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. The challengers are out first, followed by Jax and Baszler.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke versus Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax for the Women’s Tag Team Championships

Before the match can start, fellow Team RAW member Lana enters and watches from ringside,

Match is on. Jax and Brooke start. Brooke with a headlock as she jumps on Jax’s back. Jax compacts her into the turnbuckle as Brooke tags in Rose. Test of strength is won by Jax, but Rose gains momentum with an octopus stretch.

Brooke is tagged back in. Jax doesn’t realize it as she’s got Rose hoisted up. Knee strike from Brooke and a splash for a near fall. Baszler interrupts the count and tags in. Rose also tags in.

Double team suplex from Rose and Brooke for a near fall. Baszler takes momentum with a gut wrench but gets distracted by Lana. Rose with a right hand, she tags in Brooke. Brooke with a flurry of rights and a back elbow. Jax interrupts the count and takes out Rose.

Brooke is distracted, as Baszler goes for a submission. Brooke reverses and throws Baszler to the outside. Baszler is once again distracted by Lana as Brooke hits a baseball slide.

Brooke goes for another back elbow, but Baszler gets her in the kirifuda clutch. Lana goes to the apron to break up the submission. In the process, Brooke gets a roll up for three, but the ref can’t count it because he’s dealing with Lana. Baszler then puts in the clutch and Brooke taps out.

Winners and still champs: Baszler and Jax

To the back with Orton. He’s asked if it’s going to be difficult to hold onto his championship given the target on his back. Orton says people forget how easy it is for the hunters to be the hunted. He says Drew will get that reminder in the form of the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment: RKO. Commercial.

Back live with 24/7 champ R-Truth, who’s entering the ring. He’s asked why he accepted a match with US Champ Bobby Lashley. Truth says he’s out here to get Bobby Boucher to sign his water bottle. He looks very confused about the match against the Lasher. Lashley enters.

Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth

Truth says there’s no beed for anyone to get hurt tonight, and lays down for Lashley. Lashley goes to grab him, and Truth hits him with a kick. He goes off the ropes and gets blasted with a spear, followed by the hurt lock for the submission win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Post-match Lashley puts the hurt lock in once more, sending a message to Survivor Series opponent Sami Zayn from SmackDown. Drew Gulak then enters to try and pin Truth, but Lashley takes him out and applies the hurt lock. He then throws Gulak onto Truth, who gets the three.

Winner and new 24/7 champ: Drew Gulak

Backstage with the Lucha House Party. They’re looking to get the 24/7 title from Gulak, but Jordan Omogbehin steps in the way, with AJ Styles. Styles has a message for his Survivor Series teammates after the break.

Back live with Jax, who’s being interviewed about Lana. Jax is pissed that she interfered during the tag title match. She’s giving Lana an opportunity to “pick herself up.” By the end of the night, Jax says Lana won’t be on Team RAW anymore. She’s going to attempt to end her career.

AJ Styles promo

Styles enters the ring with Omogbehin. He puts over SmackDown’s Survivor Series team, but says RAW already has the advantage. He says SmackDown lacks someone with the intangibles to be a leader, and who has the “it” factor. He says they don’t have anyone like him. “Captain Styles, reporting for duty. Is there really any other option. I have intangibles for days. Even my intangibles have intangibles.”

Styles is making it clear that he’s RAW’s team captain, despite not being designated by management. He then introduces the rest of Team RAW, starting with Sheamus and then Keith Lee.

Styles says Sheamus and Lee are “the best of the best,” and that their success is his success. Lee interrupts and says that neither Sheamus or him agreed to call Styles the captain. “If you think your sizeable friend is enough to intimidate me into it, you should think twice.”

Styles says that’s just “inexperience talking,” and asks for Sheamus’ support.

Sheamus disagrees with Styles, and says he will never take orders from Styles, seeing as he’s been with the company longer. Styles says Team RAW’s win is critical for his legacy, but is interrupted by Braun Strowman.

He says the only thing Team RAW needs is “these hands.” Lee says Braun needs to qualify, like the rest of the team. Braun lists his Survivor Series resume, and reminds Lee that he pinned Lee two weeks ago. “You clearly see that my qualifications should have me be the team captain.”

Adam Pearce comes out, and says he would love to have Braun on Team RAW, but can’t find anyone to face him in a qualifier. Lee interrupts. He’s not having any of this BS with Braun and wants another match.

Sheamus chimes in, and says there’s an order here. He’s made a career of chopping monsters down and wants to face Braun instead of Lee. Styles has an idea now. He says if Braun can beat Sheamus and Lee in a triple threat then he’ll be on Team RAW. Pearce agrees, and the match is on after the break!

Keith Lee vs Sheamus vs Braun Strowman

Back live, and the match is on. Sheamus is sent over the top as Lee and Braun brawl. Lee with a pounce to Braun, taking him to the outside.

Sheamus and Lee trade shots now. Braun grabs Sheamus’ leg as he tries to hit the ropes, and then Lee flips over the top rope, taking out both men!

Sheamus and Lee are fighting on the outside now. Sheamus grinds Lee’s face into the apron and tries to choke him out. Lee fights back with punches, but Braun runs over both men with a shoulder tackle. He grabs both men by the throat and goes for a choke slam through the announce table, but no dice as Lee and Sheamus throw Braun into the steel steps.

Lee and Sheamus hit Braun with the steel steps, sending Braun flying over the announce desk. Sheamus then throws Lee into the ring post and hits ten beats followed by an eye rake, Lee grabs Sheamus’ wrist however, and throws him from the inside of the ring into the barricade. Lee then goes for a power slam onto the steel steps, but Braun once again interrupts, this time with a cross-body, breaking the outside barricade and sending all three men to the floor. Commercial break.

Back live, Sheamus has a tight submission on Lee’s left arm, slowing the pace. Lee breaks the hold and lands a bit palm strike. Braun is back in the mix and tosses both of his opponents across the ring. He goes for a shoulder tackle on Sheamus in the corner, but he avoids and lands white noise for a near fall.

Sheamus heads to the top rope, but Lee grabs a hold of him. The pair battle, with Sheamus getting the upper hand with a right hand. Braun goes to the top, and Lee gets back in the mix. All three men are taken out, as Lee lands an electric chair slam, while Braun hits a superplex. Crazy spot!

Back in the ring, Lee hits a cross body on Braun for a near fall. Lee goes for a power slam but Braun gets out. He goes to the ropes, but Sheamus forces him to stumble. Lee lands a belly to belly suplex for a two, and goes for another, but Sheamus reverses, hitting a running knee for a near fall.

Sheamus goes for a brogue kick, but Braun interferes. Lee capitalizes with a clothesline and goes for a spirit bomb, but Sheamus hits a brogue kick on Lee. Braun then picks up Sheamus and hits a power slam for the win.

Winner and a member of Team RAW: Braun

Post-match, AJ tries to get his team on the same page, but they attack each other instead. Styles ends up as the only man standing after a drop kick to the back of Lee’s head. He’s frustrated with the group’s lack of cohesion.

To the back with Angel Garza, who cuts a promo on a special someone, likely the fans watching. “While we cannot share each other’s company, we can share the same intimate feelings. I know you are out there with those brilliant eyes and that irresistible smile. This rose goes to you.” Commercial break.

Back live. Commentary hypes up 30 Days of the Deadman, as The Undertaker made his debut three decades ago at Survivor Series. Transition now to a recap from the opening segment with Orton, Alexa Bliss, Drew and The Miz/Morrison.

Backstage with Drew, who’s interviewed about other superstars trying to get in his way of reclaiming the WWE Championship. “The only person who will defeat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship will be me, Drew McIntyre.” Drew makes it clear that he will get his rematch with Orton, no matter how much he has to beat him up. He transitions to his handicap match later, saying it will be a “two for one special. Claymores for all.”

Firefly Funhouse Segment

To the funhouse with Bliss and Bray Wyatt. They dedicate this episode to the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment: RKO. Abby the Witch says Orton can go f**k himself, and is told he has to put money in the swear jar.

Wyatt says Abby does bring up a good point, and reminds the everyone that once upon a time, Orton was a very bad man (we then see clips of Orton burning down the Wyatt family compound). Wyatt says that “he” never forgets.

Bliss says before they go, she needs to show everyone a nifty trick. Bray puts his hand on Bliss, the camera turns red and Bliss’ tongue rolls out of her mouth like bloody fruit roll up. Wyatt then remarks “oh s**t!” End of segment, which was very dark. Commercial break.

Back live, Jax is entering the ring to face Lana. Before the match starts, Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce mock that there’s no way the announce table will make it out in once piece. Lana enters. Pre-match she has a message for Jax. She says she refuses to let Jax treat her poorly and will turn the tables on her.

Lana vs Nia Jax

Jax dominates at the get go. She’s throwing Lana all over the ring and trash talking her. Big shoulder block into the corner, followed by a throw into the opposite corner. Jax goes for another should block but misses. Lana throws hands, but no luck. She follows up with a head kick and goes for a charge, but Jax lands a tomahawk chop. The ref goes to make the count, but Jax picks her up for more.

Head butt from Jax. She goes for the cover, but then picks Lana up again for more. Jax tells Lana to give up and hits a samoan drop for the win. Big-time squash match. Looks like Lana is removed from the Survivor Series team.

Winner: Nia Jax

Post-match, Jax beats Lana up even more and puts her through the announce table for a seventh week in a row.

Backstage, R-Truth is nursing a sore neck. He’s cut off by The Hurt Business, who mock him. They host a special edition of The VIP Lounge next. Commercial break.

VIP Lounge segment

Back live. MVP says only the best of the best get to be in the VIP lounge, which is the same case for Survivor Series. MVP puts over Lashley’s dominant win from earlier, and Cedric also puts him over. Lashley takes the mic, and says there won’t be any games or talking at Survivor Series. “I’m going to put your ass to sleep.”

MVP says that The Hurt Business did away with RETRIBUTION, and they want their payment, which is a shot at the RAW Tag Team Championships.

The New Day interrupt. Xavier Woods jokes about how old Lashley is. Kofi puts over each member of The Hurt Business except for Cedric, joking that his resume is small. Kofi reminds The Hurt Business that The New Day are the most decorated tag team champs of all time, and that he’s won more championships than all members of The Hurt Business combined. Kofi also makes it clear that no one in THB has won the WWE Championship, but he has.

MVP counters, noting that Kofi lost the WWE title to Brock in eight seconds. Kofi rebuts, saying that Lashley can only last eight seconds in bed, poking fun at his relationship with Lana.

MVP turns things up a notch, noting that The Hurt Business don’t play around and joke. “When we talk about footwork, it’s because we’re stomping teeth out for combat. Let me assure you gentlemen, you do not want to dance with us.” MVP finishes by saying that Cedric and Shelton will take the tag titles away from The New Day tonight.

Woods makes note of the fact that The New Day are a global conglomerate, and that The Hurt Business are a “failing 2020 internet startup.” The only profits that they’re worried about are The Street Profits, their Survivor Series opponent. New Day finishes with a new day rocks chant. The two teams face off after the break.

The Hurt Business vs The New Day

Back live. The match is on, with Woods and Cedric starting things off. Woods wit head scissors and stalling suplex. Kofi is then tagged in for a double team for two. Cedric rolls over to his corner and tags in Shelton.

Big shoulder tackle from Shelton to Kofi followed by a fierce Irish whip into the opposite corner. Kofi goes off the ropes and is hit with a big boot. Shelton tags in Cedric, who goes for a monkey flip, but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi then hits a monkey flip on Cedric, but he battles back with strikes in the corner.

Knife edge chop to Kofi who then gets momentum back with a roll up. Both teams tag out. Woods lands a high kick on Shelton and tosses him to the outside. Cedric interferes but Woods pushes him in to the middle rope and uses him as a slide to hit Shelton on the outside.

Cedric slows up Woods, allowing Shelton to hit a high knee, sending Woods to the outside. Shelton with an aggressive Irish whip to Woods, vaulting him into the barricade on the outside. He then brings him in the ring for a near fall and tags in Cedric.

Woods with a baseball slide under Cedric as he tries to make a tag to Kofi, but Cedric lands a super kick and brings him back to the opposite corner. Commercial break.

Back live, Woods tags in Kofi, who runs wild. He hits the boom drop on Cedric. Kofi goes for trouble in paradise, but Cedric avoids and lands another kick. Cedric goes to attack Kofi in the corner but is reversed into a cave in in the middle of the ring.

Kofi goes for SOS, but Cedric reverses into a Michinoku driver for a near fall. Shelton is tagged in.

Kofi tags in Woods, who hits a flying DDT. Shelton fights back, hitting a spine buster. Woods to the top rope, hitting another flying DDT. Woods goes for a pin, but Cedric interrupts the count.

Kofi goes for a high spot, but Shelton gets in the way. Lots of back and forth reversals. Blind tag to Cedric, who hits a neuralizer followed by pay dirt from Shelton. Cedric then pins Woods for the three.

Winners: The Hurt Business

Backstage, Nikki Cross walks over to Alexa, whose back is to her. She says she’s been trying to call and text her, but no responses. Cross blames it on the The Fiend, and says she’s stronger than The Fiend. Cross grabs Bliss, but her eyes are glossed over and she’s got a twisted smile on her face. Cross runs in fear. Commercial.

Back live, Ricochet and Tucker are set to face off. Mustafa Ali has also made his way to ringside. Tucker has new gear. Long pants instead of his singlet.

Ricochet vs Tucker

Tucker gets a few power moves in, but Ricochet fights back and wins with the recoil in a super quick match. No mention of Otis whatsoever.

Winner: Ricochet

Post-match, Ali summons RETRIBUTION, who beat up Tucker. If he had any momentum from his turn on Otis, it’s gone now.

RETRIBUTION then turn their attention to Ricochet, who fights them off but eventually gets taken out as well.

To the back with Drew and Sheamus. Sheamus — who appears to be a face now — is trying to convince Drew to join RAW’s Survivor Series team, and to re-unite “The Celtic Connection.” Drew says his focus is on Orton, but he appreciates the offer. Sheamus says the offer stands, and wishes him luck in beating down The Miz and Morrison.

To the ring for Miz and Morrison versus Drew in a handicap match. Miz and Morrison enter first. Drew will enter after the commercial break.

Back live as Drew enters the ring.

Drew McIntyre vs Miz and Morrison

Morrison takes advantage of a distraction from Miz to get momentum, but Drew quickly responds with a right hand. Miz is tagged in. He lands some shots, but Drew is unfazed and plasters Miz with a chop.

Drew lands a suplex as Morrison makes a blind tag. Chop block from Miz is followed by knee strike from Morrison. Miz is tagged back in. Double team to Drew for a near fall.

Miz goes for a baseball slide to Drew on the outside, but no luck. Drew then catches Morrison as he attempts to land a penalty kick, and throws him onto Miz on the outside with an inverted Alabama slam. Commercial break.

Belly to back suplex to Morrison, but he gets momentum back with a jaw breaker. Miz is tagged in. The pair send Drew into the post and then the barricade on the outside. Miz with a clothesline to Drew in the corner. He tags in Morrison who lands a twisted senton from the outside to the inside. Drew kicks out at one.

Headlock from Morrison. Drew battles out but is then hit with a big boot in the corner. Morrison goes for starship pain, but Drew counters, and slams him with ten beats from off the top rope.

Both men are up top. Morrison crotches Drew, who’s caught up in the ropes. He uses his core strength to get back up though, and launches Morrison with a suplex.

Miz tags in and gets a suplex for his troubles. Leaping neck breaker and a kip up. Drew goes for a futureshock DDT. Miz counters but gets planted with a spine buster. Morrison gets in the ring to break up the count.

Morrison is legal now and hits a super kick and spinning neck breaker for a near fall. Miz tags back in. Morrison with a distraction, leading to a skull crushing finale from Miz, but Drew kicks out at two!

Miz goes for the It kicks but Drew battles back and hits a future shock DTT. Morrison pulls Miz out of the ring, but Drew goes over the top, landing on both men, He then hits a claymore on Miz for the three.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Post-match, Orton hits Drew with an RKO and poses with the WWE Championship. The Fiend’s music then hits as the show goes off the air.

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