Eric Bischoff appeared on AEW Dynamite for the second time last week to take part in the Town Hall segment with Chris Jericho. It seems that Bischoff and Jericho’s story isn’t over, even when it could be.

Bischoff explained ruing 83 Weeks how this latest AEW appearance came about. All it took was them reaching out and asking if he was interested and available. He didn’t even ask any questions about what he would be doing.

He did find out about five days prior to showing up what AEW had in mind, but it sounds like he was game for whatever they wanted to do.

“They reached out, asked me if I’d be willing to do an appearance. I didn’t know what the appearance was going to be. I didn’t ask any questions from a creative perspective. They just wanted to know if I was available, and if I’d be interested. And I said, ‘Sure.’ I’d figure it out when it was time to figure it out. And then I found out oh, maybe five days before. Just kind of a really brief outline of what that segment or scene, or whatever you wanna call it was going to be. And it was pretty straightforward. Like I said, it’s not like I had to get into character for it or anything. So it was easy, and it was fun. And I watched it last night live, I thought it was fairly effective.”

“You know, it was a town hall that had a political kind of vibe to it, and I wanted to try to come up with a way for my dialogue to be kind of consistent with what the scene was. Or maybe the theme, is a better way to say that. So then I took what had been prepared for me in the notes and I went, ‘Oh yeah. But if I changed it up this way, it won’t change the meaning of anything. It does the exact same thing, it just kind of makes it feel more tuned-in politically, based on the theme of that segment.'”

“So I went to Chris and I said, ‘Hey, Chris, I’ve got an idea.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, go ahead.’ I said, ‘No, here’s what I’m thinking of doing.’ He goes ‘Yeah, yeah yeah. Okay, great! That’s what you’re here for, make it your own.’ I went ‘Wow, that’s f*cking cool. That’s the way I like to work.’ Now, you start thinking. Now the creativity part of your brain starts firing. So I went back and polished it up a little bit in my own head. And I went out and I did it.”


Eric Bischoff and AEW seem to have a very good relationship, but that doesn’t mean fans should expect to see him every week. We’ll have to see what the future holds for the two, but it’s not out of the question that Easy E will show up on Dynamite once again.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote

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