WWE SmackDown Script Stalls As Vince McMahon Won’t ‘Sign Off’ On Ideas


WWE is holding another episode of SmackDown tonight, but they don’t have much nailed down. This seems to be a trend on the blue brand in recent weeks, but it’s not isolated to just one show.

Vince McMahon is the ultimate decider when it comes to what makes it on television. This week’s SmackDown is set to start building toward Survivor Series on November 7th.

Ringside News has learned that, as of last night, planning for SmackDown this week was going “terribly.” They didn’t have much of anything approved by McMahon which is why hardly anything is announced.

It’s not an issued of plans changing. A tenured member of the team explained to us that they “just can’t get solid sign-off on the ideas proposed, even the ones Vince himself came up with and just won’t finalize.”

As of this writing, the company still has twelve hours to figure something out. They’ve written television in a crunch before, and this week isn’t anything unusual.

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