WWE Superstars departed from Cameo and Twitch, and a lot of fans are furious. Those independent contractor Superstars are not happy either. Paige has been incredibly outspoken.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said that he has heard that WWE has plans to open up their own platform which would be similar to Twitch. He said that this hasn’t been confirmed by the company, but he did elaborate on the idea.

WWE told their Superstars that they must sign over their Twitch and Cameo accounts to them. It appears Superstars have elected to close their accounts, or they were told to do so. It is not 100% clear which is the case yet. As it stands WWE Superstars are off Twitch and Cameo.

That money Superstars were set to make off Twitch and Cameo was going to come out of their downside guarantee. Alvarez noted that it’s likely WWE’s new rumored Twitch competition would be the same.


The company also has their own Twitch channel. That could be the direction they go instead of opening up an entire new service. WWE Superstars could have a Twitch presence that way while remaining under the WWE umbrella.

WWE already has a virtual meet and greet business going, but that is not the same as Cameo at all. Those are scheduled in-person sessions instead of personalized video messages. It takes a lot of infrastructure to get something like that going.

The company very well could be working on a Twitch-like platform. The rumors are churning, and they seem to be strong. We certainly know that WWE Superstars are exiting Twitch for now.

It might also be worth noting that Adam Cole has not closed down his Twitch account. He is under an NXT contract. Only time will tell if they fall under the radar.

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