Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW. Tonight we get all the fall-out from Hell in a Hell yesterday, as well as begin the build to Survivor Series.

Drew McIntyre will kick off RAW tonight following his loss to Randy Orton for the WWE Championship last night. He’ll likely have a lot to say!

Speaking of Orton, he’ll be a guest on A Moment of Bliss this evening. It’s possible that this could lead to an Orton versus The Fiend showdown down the line, but we’ll have to wait and see.

There will also be three qualifying matches to determine who lands on Team RAW for Survivor Series. Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles will renew pleasantries, Keith Lee will duke it out with Elias in a power versus power showdown and the versatile Matt Riddle will take on the brawler Sheamus.


All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!

Cold open recapping the main event of Hell in a Cell

Drew McIntyre opens the show. He’s trying to find the words to express how he feels after losing the WWE Championship. He says he has no excuses, just one promise: ” I will be WWE Champion again.” He adds that there’s a quote from Rocky that he lives his life by: “It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

McIntyre notes that he always gets back up, twice as strong. He reminds the viewers that he fell 16 feet from the cell last night, and that if anyone could read his mind, they would be scared.

The Miz, the new Money in the Bank holder, interrupts with John Morrison. He sarcastically tells everyone to give McIntyre an encore. McIntyre isn’t happy. He says he’s going to drop Morrison and Miz where they stand.

The Miz says McIntyre’s 200-plus day run as WWE Champion was almost as impressive as Miz being a two-time Money in the Bank holder. Miz and Morrison say they’re out here to commend McIntyre for not letting his loss get him down. “Now you don’t have to worry about facing Randy Orton anymore, because I have [the Money in the Bank]. I want each and every one of you to understand that this entitles me to a world title shot any time I want,” says Miz.

Miz reminds McIntyre that he cashed in on Orton once before, in the same location. “You know what, history could repeat itself tonight.”

Miz says if McIntyre was still champ, he’d cash in anyway, leaving McIntyre “disappointed, frustrated and empty-handed.”

Morrison is poking fun at McIntyre now, but he’s not having it. He headbutts both Miz and Morrison, and lands two suplexes on Morrison. The Miz comes back to the ring, saving Morrison with a chop to McIntyre’s knee. McIntyre then stomps on Miz’s sunglasses. McIntyre ends the segment, saying he’s going to run something by management tonight. “It’s going to be a bad night for Miz and Morrison.” End of segment.

Styles is out next with Jordan Omogbehin) for the opening match. Jeff Hardy will enter after commercial.

Back live, where Styles is on the mic. He’s bragging about being 2-0 on RAW. “It’s the return of the Phenomenal era. Of course you missed me.” Styles addresses the issue of having to qualify for the RAW Survivor Series team. He says he doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone. “Not only should I be on team RAW, I should be the captain. I will lead you to the promised land. The face that runs the place.”

Styles brings up his “associate” Omogbehin. He says Omogbehin doesn’t like to be talked to or addressed, and that’s a warning,

Styles now brings up Hardy, noting he’s a cheater after using his knee brace to beat him for the IC Title back on SmackDown. Styles notes that Omogbehin will make sure Hardy “never took down the bottle” if he tries to pull the same trick.

Hardy is out now.

AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy (Survivor Series qualifying match)

Styles with a cheap shot to take momentum. Irish whip, but Hardy slides out of the ring. Hardy to the apron, but he’s caught on the outside by Omogbehin while going for a dive on Styles. Commercial break with Omogbehin holding Hardy.

Back live, Styles has momentum. Enziguri to the head and a brain buster for a two. Styles goes for a phenomenal forearm, but Hardy heads to the far corner. Dive into the corner by Styles misses. Vintage Hardy now with an inverted atomic drop and low drop kick for two.

Two kicks to the face by Hardy followed by a downstairs drop kick in the corner for two. Hardy is gassed however. Styles takes advantage with a neck breaker. Both men are staggered, Hardy hits a jaw breaker and a side Russian leg sweep, then stacks Styles up for a near fall.

Hardy puts Styles on the top, and goes for a superplex. Styles slips under, slamming Hardy face first into the top turnbuckle. Styles picks Hardy up and lands a torture rack bomb for a near fall!

Samoa Joe puts over Hardy’s legendary resilience as both men are down. Styles goes for a Pele kick, but it’s reversed into a pin attempt for two. Hardy to the top again, but Styles knocks him down. Hardy lands on his injured left knee,

Both men are on the apron. Hardy goes for a twist of fate, but Styles sends him into the post. Styles to the top. He lands the phenomenal forearm for the three.

Winner and now on team RAW: AJ Styles

Post-match, Elias comes from behind and hits Hardy with a guitar to continue their feud.

R-Truth is in the back. He gets interviewed about defending the 24/7 title last night. Truth notes that he’s going to scout his competition tonight, including The Lucha House Party, Grew Gulak and Akira Tozawa. He’s asked about the danger of being at ringside with his title, since it has to be defended at all times. “Being a 24/7, 48/4, 7-11, I-95 South, European Champion is dangerous. I eat dangerously, I sleep dangerously. In fact, my third middle name is R-Franklin Dangerously Copperpot Truth.” Commercial.

Back live for a spotlight on the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We then get a recap of Truth beating Gulak for the 24/7 title and Tozawa and LHP entering after.

Tozawa & Gulak v Lucha House Party

Tozawa with a punch to the jaw of Lince Durado. He then tags in Gulak. Double team and a cover for Gulak. He stretches Dorado afterwards. Big chops and a kick. He goes for a power bomb, but Dorado reverses into a DDT.

Truth comes out to watch the match with his belt on.

Tozawa leaves the apron and rolls up Truth for a two. Truth sends Tozawa into the barricade as Gran Metalik hits Truth with a dropkick on the outside. Everyone tries to pin Truth. Dorado then goes off the top and pins Gulak to end the match

Winners: Lucha House Party

Everyone is still trying to pin Truth as he leaves. It’s pandemonium. Commercial break.

Firefly Funhouse Segment

Back live in the funhouse with Bray. It’s a mad tea party, fitting the Halloween theme. Bray’s guest is about to arrive: It’s Alexa Bliss, who’s brought tea. She says she made it extra special for rambling rabbit, with a secret ingredient: arsenic. The rabbit has died once again, Bray laughs and says Alexa is fitting in. “We’re all mad around here.”

Bray says the funhouse is a magical place, and you don’t have to hide. The Fiend protects and heals, and there’s only one thing you have to do. Bliss gets touched by Wyatt’s glove hand, and her eyes turn red as she says: “Let her in,” Alexa then promotes her chat with Randy Orton later. The camera shifts to Bray, who is remembering Orton burning his house down from a few years back. He’s looking pissed.

Rambling Rabbit wakes up, but Wyatt has lost it, and kills him with his mallet. He closes by saying that he can’t wait to see Orton on A Moment of Bliss later. “It’s going to be fire.” End of segment.

Back to commentary for a recap of Keith Lee versus Braun Strowman from last week. Low blows everywhere in that bout.

Backstage with Keith Lee, who’s being interviewed. He’s asked how he bounces back after a questionable loss last week. “Braun couldn’t beat me last week, and so instead of losing like a man, he went below the belt and took a cheap way out. He likes to call himself a monster, but the next time I face Braun, I’ll show him a real monster. “

Lee transitions to his match with Elias tonight, a Survivor Series qualifier, which is next. “Prepare yourself. I’m about to walk with Elias.” Commercial break.

Back live. Adam Pearce is backstage. Nia Jax comes up to him, saying, as RAW team captain for the women’s side at Survivor Series, she’s compiled a list of who she feels should be on the team. Pearce says she’s not team captain. Shayna Baszler chimes in, saying she made her own list as well. Jax is not on it. We’ll get a further update on the women’s team for Survivor Series later.

Elias is in the ring now. He wants to put his feud with Jeff Hardy behind him. Tonight is about celebrating his new album Universal Truth. He starts singing, but Keith Lee interrupts him.

Keith Lee vs Elias (Survivor Series qualifier)

Lee looks focused. He over powers Elias early with a shoulder tackle. Wrist control for Lee followed by a shot to the shoulder of Elias. Elias gets out of wrist control with an elbow. Elias off the ropes, but Lee evades and lands a cross-body, showing his agility.

Both men to the outside. Lee slams Elias into the barricade and throws him back in the ring. Lee gets caught up in the ropes though. Heading to the outside, Elias tries to capitalize, but he gets hit with a pounce and flies over the announce desk. Commercial.

Back live with Lee in full control. He goes for a spirit bomb, but Elias counters and hits a flying knee right after. Elias throws Lee into the post on the outside twice and then once into the barricade. He slides Lee into the ring and hits a flying axe handle from the top for a near fall.

Jumping knee to a downed Lee for a two. Deep headlock now to slow the pace. Elias with another knee. He goes for an Irish whip, but Lee reverses and hits a slam. Big beal from Lee. He goes for a shot in the corner but Elias reverses and hits Drift Away. He goes back to the top, but Jeff Hardy’s music hits.

Lee takes advantage of the distraction, throwing Elias off the top followed by a spirit bomb for the win.

Winner and part of team RAW: Keith Lee

Post-match Hardy hits Elias with a guitar.

To the back with The Hurt Business. Some dude tries to use THB’s bathroom and gets thrown around. The Hurt Business takes on RETRIBUTION after the break.

Back live for a video recap of McIntyre against Orton from Hell in a Cell.

Orton is interviewed backstage now. He’s asked about the possibility of The Fiend making an appearance during A Moment of Bliss. Orton says he doesn’t care. “At the end of the day there’s only one Randy Orton. The only people that need to be concerned are those that cross Randy Orton.”

To the announce desk where Tom Phillips tees up the eight-man elimination tag between RETRIBUTION and The Hurt Business. There’s a quick video recap of their feud.

The Hurt Business is out first. Commercial break.

Back live. Phillips announces that US Champ Bobby Lashley will face IC Champ Sami Zayn at Survivor Series.

MVP takes the mic. He says The Hurt Business doesn’t run from anyone, including RETRIBUTION. Lashley takes the mic and says that RETRIBUTION is a liability. MVP adds that RETRIBUTION is bad for business. He struck a deal with the company to take out RETRIBUTION. Benjamin says once they take out their opposition, they want their payment in gold.


RETRIBUTION VS The Hurt Business (eight man elimination tag)

T-Bar and Lashley start. Lashley takes T-Bar to the corner and lands dirty boxing. He mauls T-Bar with strikes, but T-Bar hits a big boot. Elbows and punches now. Lashley off the ropes with a shoulder tackle to T-Bar.

The pair jockey for position. Lashley hits a flatliner and takes T-Bar to THB’s corner. MVP is tagged in. Strikes back and forth. T-Bar gets the upper hand and tags in Mace.

Mace with a headlock and elbows to MVP. He tags in Slapjack, who hits a dropkick to the back of MVP’s head for a near fall. Punches in the corner and an upper cut, but then Slapjack misses and lands head first on the second rope.

Modified suplex from MVP for a two. Reckoning (Mia Yim) goes to ringside and convulses, distracting MVP. Slapjack rolls him up for the three. MVP has been eliminated. Reckoning continues to convulse as we head to commercial.

Back live, Lashley has Slapjack in a waist lock. Slapjack goes for a DDT but it doesn’t work. Lashley off the ropes with a spear for the three. Slapjack has been eliminated.

T-Bar is back in. He brawls with Lashley to the outside. T-Bar is clotheslined over the barricade. Lashley follows him. Both men are brawling and get counted out. It’s Ali and Mace against Shelton and Cedric.

Mac and Cedric are in. Mace with a roundhouse kick and a couple of stiff shots, downing Cedric. Cedric takes out the knee of Mace and pushes Ali to the outside. Mace gets the upper hand again, but doesn’t realize that Shelton made a blind tag. He hits pay dirt for the three. Mace is eliminated.

Ali is in. Off the ropes, but he’s caught by Shelton, who hits a fall away slam. Cedric is tagged in. He beats Ali down in the corner. Ali is thrown into the opposite corner, but he lands a drop kick to Benjamin, who’s taken off the apron. Cedric gets back in control with a back body drop. He brawls with Ali to the outside. Ali grabs a chair and hits Cedric for the DQ.

Winners: The Hurt Business

The Hurt Business goes after Ali post-match, but he dips.

To the back where Angel Garza has a rose for Mandy Rose. She rejects due to her relationship with Otis. He turns to Dana Brooke now, but Jax — who takes the rose — and Shayna tell him to leave as they discuss the RAW women’s Survivor Series team. Rose and Brooke feel they should be the captains due to being undefeated on RAW. Cliffhanger as we head to the ring.

Drew McIntyre is out for his match with The Miz, which was announced earlier on in the night. That’s after the break.

Back live as The Miz enters. We get a recap of him beating Otis for the MITB contract last night.

The Miz vs Drew McIntyre

Miz tries to shoot in on the injured knee of Drew. It doesn’t work. Drew kicks Miz in the corner, but he favours his knee and Miz takes advantage.

Both men to the outside. Drew goes to throw Miz into the post, but Miz reverses and McIntyre is down. Back in the ring now, Drew tries to fight back with chops, but Miz hits a DDT for a one.

Drew gets thrown throat-first into the middle rope, and Morrison lands a cheap shot. Miz with a kick to Drew, but he’s unphased. He grabs Miz, but Miz targets the knee again. Miz goes corner to corner but is stopped by Drew. He lands a suplex and launches Miz halfway across the ring.

Future shock DDT is reversed. Drew to the outside. Morrison goes for a cheap shot but is kicked in the face for his troubles. Miz tries to catch Drew with a school boy as he gets back in the ring, but it doesn’t work. Drew off the ropes with a claymore for the three.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Backstage with The New Day, who are dressed as The Street Profits and are impersonating them. The pair of tag champs will face off at Survivor Series. RAW Women’s Champion Asuka appears and says she wants the smoke. She faces SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks at the PPV. Randy Orton also takes on Roman Reigns.

The Hurt Business interrupt. MVP reminds The New Day and Asuka that Lashley is taking on Sami at Survivor Series, and that THB have their eyes set on The New Day’s tag titles. The champs aren’t bothered, and start chanting with Asuka. Commercial break.

Back live where Drew is being interviewed. He says Randy Orton is going to have a moment tonight, but “it’s not going to be one of bliss.”

Back in the ring with Pearce. He announces the women’s team from RAW for Survivor Series. Jax and Baszler are first, followed by Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose, who are announced by Pat Buck, who’s also in the ring. Before Pearce can announce the fifth member, Jax interrupts. She wants to announce the final member because she’s captain. Pearce says that final member will be decided in a fatal four way between Lana, Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross.

Lana vs Lacey Evans vs Peyton Royce vs Nikki Cross (Survivor Series qualifier)

That match starts now! Everyone brawls with Lana the lone member standing in the ring. Commercial break.

Back live, where Royce has Cross tangled in a submission in the ropes. She knocks Lana and Lacey to the outside with kicks. Royce with a roll-up for two to Cross and a flying clothesline.

Royce with a headlock on Cross to slow the pace. Cross gets out of it and throws Royce into the top turnbuckle while also knocking out Lana, and then Lacey with a DDT on the outside. Cross to the top rope with a cross-body on Peyton.

Lana interferes, but before she can do anything Lacey hits a women’s right. Royce takes out Lacey with a roundhouse kick. She then hits Cross with a Gory bomb onto Lacey. Cross to the top with Royce. Cross pushes her off, but Lacey gets to the top. She goes for a superplex, but Royce hits a supex, taking all three women down. Lana comes from the outside and pins Cross, after not doing anything the whole time.

Winner and on team RAW: Lana

Post-match, Lana is taken through the announce table again by Jax.

To Orton’s locker room now, where Orton is being interviewed about “walking into a lion’s den” during A Moment of Bliss, with The Fiend and Drew lurking. Orton answers with “I am not afraid of The Fiend. If The Fiend wants to show his ugly-ass face during A Moment of Bliss, then that’s fine. I have no problem introducing him to the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment: RKO.”

Back to the ring, where Matt Riddle is entering for his survivor series qualifying match against Sheamus. Commercial break.

Backstage with Ali, who is saying that RETRIBUTION is a mission, not a team, and are willing to sacrifice anything. “We win when you suffer, and we will win, because we will decide when you get shut down.”

Back to the ring, Sheamus is entering.

Sheamus v Matt Riddle (Survivor Series qualifier)

Big brawl to start. Riddle shoots the double leg and takes down Sheamus, who goes to the outside. Headlock takedown now from Sheamus, who has returned to the ring. He refuses to let Riddle get up.

Riddle transitions into an arm bar and now a triangle choke. Sheamus powers out and uses his strength to slam Riddle with a spine buster. He gets technical now with an arm submission to Riddle.

Riddle reverses into a gut wrench. He goes for another submission, but Sheamus reverses into an Irish curse back breaker. Ten beats to Riddle in the ropes, but Riddle reverses into an arm bar, which takes Sheamus to the outside. Penalty kick and a middle rope moonsault from Riddle, who’s in control as we head to commercial.

Back live, Sheamus has Riddle grounded after a boss man slam. Riddle gets back up, but Sheamus plants him again with a back breaker. Wrist control for Sheamus, but Riddle breaks away with palm strikes and an overhead kick followed by a senton for a near fall.

Running forearm in the corner by Riddle, but Sheamus reverses into a vicious high knee for a two. Sheamus to the top. Riddles tries to knock him down. He misses once, but gets back up for an exploder. Sheamus kicks out at two!

Riddle goes for a floating bro, but Sheamus gets the knees up and immediately targets the back of his opponent. Sheamus goes for another back breaker, but Riddles slides behind and locks in a head lock.

Sheamus powers out. Riddle goes for another head lock but Sheamus evades. He misses a brogue kick and Riddle lands a German suplex. Riddle goes to pick up Sheamus, but his back gives out. Sheamus lands a brogue kick for the three. Sheamus has put on excellent matches over the last two weeks on RAW.

Winner and part of team RAW: Sheamus

Commercial break.

Back live for A Moment of Bliss, who’s decked out in Yowie Wowie overalls. Orton is introduced by Bliss.

Orton chooses to stand instead of sitting beside Bliss. She asks him if he was surprised by his performance last night. He says no, and asks if Bliss has a surprise for him. She says no, and asks what kind of talk show host wouldn’t want to have the WWE Champion on her show after he and Drew “burned the house down”

Orton catches onto the burn reference. He says he knows The Fiend is close and asks where he is. Before Bliss can answer, Drew comes out and brawls with Orton. Bliss is sitting on the top rope and laughing.

Drew takes down Orton and goes for a claymore, but the lights go down, signifying The Fiend is in the building. The lights go red, and only Drew is in the ring. Orton is on the entrance ramp with his title, and Bliss is nowhere to be found.

The Fiend is right behind Orton on the ramp. Unfazed, Orton continues to brawl with Drew despite the looming threat of The Fiend. Orton smashes Drew into the announce desk with a back drop, “thriving in the chaos” according to Phillips. We end the show with Drew back in control on top of Orton on the desk. The Fiend chooses to not interfere tonight.

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