Jordynne Grace and Sabu got into a bit of a Twitter war, but it was totally unprovoked in Grace’s eyes. It also left her a bit shocked as to why it happened in the first place.

The ECW legend started going off on Jordynne Grace by calling her fat and short. This took Grace by surprise as she tweeted out asking: “Did… did Sabu just call me a fat ass midget?”

Some fans of Sabu also threw shade at Grace, and he seemed to encourage them. They were pretty filthy, and disrespectful. All in all, fans were pretty shocked to see a Twitter war between Sabu and the former Knockouts Champion, but 2020 has been a strange year.

Sabu said things like: “Lol don’t trust me look for your self she is no She’s not Tessa,” in reply to a fan saying that people should “trust the legend.”


Grace didn’t seem too phased by things, but she was very disappointed when tweeting out: “Disappointed this needs to be said, but being a wrestling “legend” does not give you license to say or do anything you want. “He said something racist/sexist/homophobic… but he’s a wrestling legend!” Irrelevant. Take off the rose colored glasses.”

It seems like this situation has not been resolved yet. We’ll keep an eye open for any future shots fired on Twitter.

Felix Upton

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