Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE Hell In A Cell 2020.

Tonight’s PPV is the first in history to feature three Hell In A Cell’s in one night. That’s an awful lot of cage but both RAW and SamckDown have been pretty good as of late, so maybe we’ll get three awesome cell’s in a row. And those matches include Roman Reigns Vs. Jey Uso for the Universal Championship, Sasha Banks Vs. Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, and Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.

Beyond the cell matches tonight, WWE only has three announced bouts, and one of them is on the Kick-Off Show. Those matches include Elias Vs. Jeff Hardy, Otis Vs. The Miz with the Money In The Bank contract on the line, and R-Truth Vs. Drew Gulak for the 24/7 Championship on the Kick-Off Show. It’s a little disconcerting that we have a PPV with no Tag Titles, Intercontintenal, United States, or RAW Women’s Championship on the line, but that’s where we are.

And so that’s our preview for tonight’s PPV. Hell In A Cell matches are usually fun and the three top feuds are all terrific right now, so we expect this to be a great show. Follow along here for live updates and enjoy the show!


Kick-Off Show

WWE 24/7 Championship

(C)R-Truth Vs. Drew Gulak

The bell rings and Truth plays around with Little Jimmy, then Gulak waves at Jimmy and tells him to come over. Gulak then attacks the invisible Jimmy and so Truth attacks Gulak and tackles him to the ground. Truth unloads and covers for a quick pin attempt. Truth beats Gulak from corner to corner, then mounts him for a series of punches. Gulak knocks him back and drops him with a big clothesline.

Gulak keeps Truth down and focuses on the knee. Truth kicks Gulak in the face a few times but Gulak locks in a headlock. Gulak takes Truth down face-first and goes back to working on the knee. Truth finally makes a comeback, more specifically he hits John Cena’s comeback moves, including the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Truth goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Gulak slides out.

They get back in and Truth flies at Gulak with an elbow and takes him down for a two-count. Gulak blocks the scissors kick, then connects with a running clothesline in the corner. Gulak stomps away in the corner but Truth pulls himself to the top turnbuckle. Gulak leaps to the top for a superplex but Truth fights him off and slides down. Gulak is on Truth’s shoulders but he slides down and goes for a pin but Truth jackknifes him for the pinfall.

Winner: R-Truth

After the match, Truth raises the WWE 24/7 Title and Gulak can’t believe it. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik come down, along with Akira Tozawa. Truth runs away and stops at the Kick-Off panel to say hello. He keeps running away as the others chase him. Gulak comes behind and he too stops at the Kick-Off panel and to yell that Truth’s childhood hero, John Cena, sucks.

Hell In A Cell

We are live with WWE Hell In A Cell and we have a blockbuster match opening the show! We see a video package for Roman Reigns Vs. Jey Uso as the cage starts to lower around the ring. Jey Uso is out for his first ever one-on-one Hell In A Cell match and he’s all clad in white, and wearing a floral wreath. As Roman is enterting the ring he stops and asks God for forgiveness for what he’s about to do.

WWE Universal Championship

Hell In A Cell

I Quit Match

(C) Roman Reigns W/Paul heyman Vs. Jey Uso

The match gets underway and Roman shakes his head at Jey. Uso shouts at him that he’s changed and Roman says he had to, for their family. They lock-up and Jey takes a headlock but Roman shoves him off and drops him with a shoulder. Roman hits a bit uppercut, then a snap suplex. Jey gets to his feet and Roman slams him into the turnbuckles, then drills him with a few lariats.

Reigns stares at Jey with disdain but Jey hits an enziguiri, then a couple of punches that knock Roman to the outside. Jey hits a suicide dive that crushes Roman against the cage. Reigns goes inside but Jey clotheslines him right back out for another suicide dive. Jey throws Roman into the cell wall, then again. Back inside the ring Jey runs…right into a Spear!

Roman talks some trash before going out and grabbing a chair. Jey runs and hits a dropkick to Roman through the ropes, then looks for a suicide dive but Roman punches him as he comes through the ropes. Roman gets back inside, ducks a clotheline, and hits a huge Spear. Jey is down, screaming in pain, and Roman yells at him to quit. Roman says he doesn’t want to go further but Jey is making him a bad guy.

Jey slowly climbs to his feet and Roman looks annoyed, so he runs for another Spear but gets kicked in the face! Jey climbs up top and hits an Uso splash and hurts himself as much as Roman. Jey goes right back up top and hits a second Uso splash but Roman tells the referee the head of the table never quits. Jey grabs a leather strap from under the ring.

Heyman shouts at Jey to stop but he whips Roman with the strap in the back, then twice more but Roman hits a third Spear out of nowhere. Roman takes the leather strap and screams at Jey, “I do the whipping around here!” Roman hits Jey over and over with the strap, then puts the strap around Jey’s hand and the other around his own. Roman yanks the strap but Jey runs with a forearm into his face. They trade shots until Jey hits a superkick, then Roman looks for a Superman but Jey dodges and yanks the strap so he collapses. Jey wraps the strap around roman’s head and neck and pulls on it until Roman passes out!

Roman didn’t quit though, so the match continues. Jey grabs the steel chair and looks to hit Roman but the Champion hits a Superman punch. Roman grabs Jey with a guillotine and shouts at him to quit. Jey passes out and Roman let’s go but he too didn’t quit. Roman tells him to quit or he won’t be held responsible for what he does. Jey ignores him and turns his back on him.

Roman drags Jey under the bottom rope and hits a Drive-By. Jey still won’t quit so Roman punches him, then takes the top half of the stairs and puts Jey’s head between them and the ring post. Roman hits another Drive-By, slamming the steps into Jey’s head. The referee asks him to quit but he doesn’t say anything. The referee tells Roman he has to call it but Roman grabs him by the shirt and throws him over the ropes to the floor.

Another referee comes in but Roman runs him off. Reigns drags Jey into the middle of the ring but out comes Adam Pearce, Jamie Noble, and more officials, telling Roman to back off. Reigns looks like he’s making to leave but instead closes the Cell door and throws the steps into the ring. Roman sets the steps on top of Jey, upright, and tells him he needs to stop testing him. Roman blames Jey for all this, then lifts the steps and looks to crush Jey’s head but Jimmy runs in and stops him.

Jimmy asks Roman what’s wrong with him, says they can help him and whatever he’s going through. Roman sits down and starts crying, holding his head. Jimmy tells Roman this isn’t right. Roman says he doesn’t know who he is and says he’s sorry. Jimmy tells him he knows, they can get pas it, and he offers his hand to Roman. Reigns takes the hand but then pulls Jimmy into a guillotine and makes him pass out. Jey stirs and tries to get Roman to let go, but it takes him saying the two magic words: “I quit”.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match Roman holds the title up and stares at Jimmy and Jey. He leaves the ring and out comes Afa and Sika, Roman’s uncle and father. They hug him and give him the chief’s beads, then Roman poses with the title while The Uso’s look like crying.

Elias comes to the ring, telling the people to shut up and listen to his song; insulting the fans, calling Jeff a drunk, etc. Jeff interrupts Elias and the match can get underway.

Elias Vs. Jeff Hardy

The bell rings and they lock-up with Jeff forcing Elias to the corner but the musician turns the tables and drops Jeff with a right hand. Elias whips Jeff to the ropes but Hardy ducks a clothesline and hits a snapmare followed by a neck snap for a two-count. Jeff wrings the arm of Elias and twists it behind his back.

Elias knocks Jeff out of the ring and goes after him but Jeff slams him into the barricade. Jeff leans Elias against the barricade and jumps off the steps but nobody’s home and he crashes. Hardy gets back into the ring before the ten count but Elias attacks and beats him down in the corner. Elias catches Jeff with a clothesline for a two-count. Jeff fights up from a headlock and hits a mule kick to create some separation. Jeff rallies and drops Elias with a flying forearm, followed by an inverted atomic drop, leg-drop, and a splash for a two-count.

Jeff looks for the Twist of Fate but gets shoved into the buckles. Elias lifts Jeff up and hits a spinning powerbomb for a near-fall! Jeff counters an Irish whip with Whisper In The Wind, then hits a Twist of Fate. Jeff goes up top and Elias rolls to the floor, so Jeff jumps off and goes out after him. Elias grabs his guitar but Jeff takes it from him and breaks it over his back!

Winner Via Disqualification: Elias

We get a replay of Law & Otis from SmackDown this past, in which JBL presided over The Miz’s lawsuit against Otis. Otis and Tucker are interviewed backstage. Kayla asks Otis how he feels about having to defend this match, to which he says his momma always told him to flaunt it if he has it and he has it. But The Miz made him sit in a sweaty courtroom in an itchy suit to defend what is rightfully his, and now he’s angry. And he’s going to take that anger out on The Miz.

Money In The Bank Contract

Otis W/Tucker Knight Vs. The Miz W/John Morrison

The bell rings and Otis storms Miz, forcing him into the corner and beating him. Otis drops Miz and scores an early two-count. Miz looks for a Skull Crushing Finale but Otis shrugs him off and throws him over the ropes. Miz tries to sunset flip Otis but the big man stands on Miz’s chest! Miz begs for mercy, then drags Otis out of the ring. Miz looks for a dropkick through the ropes but Otis avoids it and slams him into the announce table.

Otis gets Miz back inside but Morrison gets on the apron to cause a distraction and allows Miz to hit a snap DDT for a two-count. Miz chokes Otis on the middle rope and Morrison hits him with a forearm. The Miz runs and clotheslines Otis in the corner, then goes up top and hits an axe handle for a two-count. The Miz takes a sleeper hold and Otis starts to fade while Michael Cole makes fun of his weight. Otis rallies and slings Miz off but gets dropped with a big boot. The Miz hits the It Kicks but it just fires Otis up.

The big man hits a few shoulder tackles and a big clothesline, followed by a flapjack. Otis hits a clothesline in the corner, then attempts the caterpillar but Morrison pulls Miz out of the ring. Otis goes after and runs Morrison off, then gets Miz back inside but the A-lister hits him. Morrison gets on the apron with the briefcase and looks to hit Otis but the referee catches him and ejects him from ringside! Otis clobbers Miz with a discus clothesline and a near-fall. Otis looks to drag Miz but gets kicked off and Tucker hits Otis with the briefcase in the head!! Miz capitalizes and pins Otis!

Winner and New Mr. Money In The Bank: The Miz

Tucker turned on Otis! The Miz wasn’t in on it because he looks as shocked as anyone.

The Miz and Morrison are interviewed backstage and asked if it was worth destroying Otis’ life for the briefcase. Miz says of course it was, that briefcase is now with someone who deserves it and can carry the company. Miz says Otis ruined his own life and now the WWE Champion can rest assured he will be waiting in the wings, waiting to cash-in again. Tucker appears and Miz thanks him, but he says it has nothing to do with Miz. Tucker says for years he has been the workhorse, the one who helped Otis get to where he is, but then he was shoved aside. He was told to let Otis shine, but without him Otis would be nothing. Otis comes running and tackles Miz and Morrison, then brawls with Tucker until Knight runs off and Otis is left screaming after him.

SmackDown Women’s Championship

Hell In A Cell

(C) Bayley Vs. Sasha Banks

As the cell is lowering, Sasha runs and kicks the chair out of Bayley’s hand and it flies under the cage. Sasha throws her across the ring and the bell rings. Bayley tries to slide out but Sasha intercepts her and unloads with punches. Banks beats Bayley in the corner, then hits the Bank Statement but Bayley bites her hands to get free and rolls out. Banks looks to hit a baseball slide but Bayley avoids it and slams her into the cage wall.

Bayley grabs a Kendo stick and swings for Sasha but three times Banks ducks it, then grabs the stick and throws it out of the Cell through the wire. Bayley hits Sasha in the throat, then grabs another Kendo stick. She swings but Sasha grabs it and knee’s Bayley in the face. Sasha goes under the apron and drags a table out. Bayley attacks Sasha and grabs the end of the table.

Sasha grabs the opposite end of the table and rams Bayley into the cage wall over and over. Banks then runs up the table and hits Bayley with a Meteora against the cage! Banks gets Bayley back inside and hits another Meteora off the top for a two-count. Bayley tosses Sasha over the ropes and she lands on the floor beside the wooden table. Sasha climbs onto the table, which is only half-erected. Bayley swings a chair but Sasha moves and slides under, then kicks the table into Bayley’s face.

Banks jumps off the apron with another Meteora slamming Bayley into the cage, but Sasha lands hard on her ass. Both women get on the apron and dodge each other until Sasha catches Bayley with a hurricanrana from the apron into the cage. Banks runs and hits Bayley with double knees, sending her flying into the steel steps! Sasha grabs two Kendo sticks and sets them between the steel steps and the cage wall. She wants to suplex Bayley onto the sticks but Bayley shrugs her off and hits a drop-toe-hold through the Kendo’s!

Bayley gets two more Kendo’s and puts them back between the steps and the cage, above Sasha, and catapults her into them! Bayley puts Sasha back into the ring and starts targeting her neck. Bayley mocks Sasha and shoves her as the fight moves to the apron. Banks hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the apron, sending Bayley into the cage. Banks gets her inside for a near-fall, then grabs a chair and puts Bayley’s head between it. Bayley slips out and trips Sasha face-first into the chair.

Bayley wedges a chair between the turnbuckles and tries to whip Sasha into it but Banks avoids it and slams Bayley into the chair. Sasha attempts double knees in the corner but Bayley avoids it, then hits a sunset flip powerbomb into the wedged chair! Bayley goes up top and hits the Macho elbow for a near-fall. Bayley looks for her finish but Sasha counters with the Bank Statement! Bayley grabs the ropes but there’s no rope break, so she drags herself underneath to break it.

Bayley traps Sasha in the apron and batters her, then beats her with a Kendo stick. Bayley gets some rope and duct tape from under the ring, and she ties to Kendo sticks together, end-to-end, and puts it between the cell wall and the ring beam. Bayley goes to grab Sasha but Banks sprays her with a fire extinguisher! Bayley goes for the Cell door and tries to get out but manages to grab her steel chair. Sasha unleashes on her and throws her into the cage a few times. Banks hits another Meteora against the cage, then puts her back in the ring. Sasha grabs another Kendo stick and hits Bayley with it in the back, over and over.

Sasha takes a minute and looks annoyed that she’s beating her friend, but Bayley crawls to her chair so Sasha kicks her. Sasha goes up top and looks for a frog splash but Bayley uses the chair to block it. Bayley crawls under the bottom rope and Sasha chases after, but Bayley hits her with the Rose Plant on the floor, then back inside for a near-fall. Bayley is furious and she throws Banks out, then goes and grabs a ladder and puts it in the ring. Bayley sets up two chairs in the ring, then places the ladders on top of the chairs.

Bayley hits Sasha with a flapjack onto the ladder, then sets her on top of it. Bayley grabs a can of spray paint and sprays an X on Sasha’s sternum, then she climbs to the top rope with her chair. Bayley looks to hit an elbow drop but Banks moves and Bayley crashes, landing in the corner. Banks hits a Meteora off the ladder into the corner, then quickly lifts Bayley and hits a Bayley-To-Belly onto the ladder…but Bayley kicks out!

Sasha grabs Bayley and looks to hit the Bank Statement but Bayley shrugs her off and hits a Bayley-To-Belly for another near-fall! Bayley is mad and she grabs her chair, which she hits Sasha with a few times. Bayley lifts Sasha and holds the chair to her back, looking for a Bayley-To-Belly but Sasha counters and Bayley lands face-first on the chair. Banks grabs the chair and wraps it around Bayley’s head before applying the Bank Statement and Bayley taps!

Winner and New SmackDown Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

After the match Sasha just stares at Bayley while holding her neck. The referee presents her with the title but Banks just stares at her former friend. Eventually she takes the belt and holds it high, with a foot on Bayley’s back.

Kayla Braxton interviews The Hurt Business backstage, and she asks if they’ve decided who will be facing Retribution tonight on their behalf. MVP says it’s Bobby Lashley but he’s not stepping up, he’s the CEO, the man who leads them into war. So he’s going to be facing Slapjack. MVP warns Mustafa Ali and says tonight needs to be one-on-one, and in return it will be a United States Championship match!

United States Championship

(C) Bobby Lashley Vs. Slapjack

The bell rings and Slapjack throws his shirt at Lashley to distract him but Lashley quick turns the tables and beats him into the corner. Lashley hits the ropes and shoulders Slapjack in the corner, then beats him down. Lashley whips him hard into the buckles and Slapjack bounces off them. Lashley lifts Slapjack for a stalling vertical suplex.  Lashley lifts him up but Slapjack rakes his eyes and follows-up with a dropkick.

Slapjack hits a cannonball into the corner but can’t register a pin because Bobby is under the bottom rope. Slapjack dodges a running Lashley and catches the Champion with a DDT for a two-count. Slapjack goes up top but Lashley grabs him and throws him across the ring. Lashley hits some clotheslines and an overhead belly-to-belly. Slapjack runs into a one-handed spinebuster and Lashley applies the Hurt Lock for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

As soon as the bell rings Mace, T-Bar, Reckoning, and Mustafa Ali run into the ring and crowd Lashley. Bobby starts fighting back and out comes MVP, Cedric and Shelton to run them off.

WWE Championship

Hell In A Cell

(C) Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton

As Drew is making his entrance, Randy sneak attacks him in black clothes. Drew quickly fights back and beats Randy around ringside. Orton slams Drew into the cage wall and clears the top off the announce desk. Randy wants to hit a back suplex onto the table but Drew punches him off, then slams his head into the lid of the table. Drew beats Randy back around the cage to the door and gets him inside, then closes the door behind him.

The match officially gets underway and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Orton attempts a quick RKO but Drew shoves him off and clotheslines him over and out. Drew goes after Randy and runs him into the cage. McIntyre pushes Randy’s face against the cage and berates him. Orton tries to get away but McIntyre continues the assault and slams him into the cage.

McIntyre lifts Orton in a fallaway slam position and runs him into the cage, then the ring post. Drew grabs a chair from under the ring and hits Orton with it in the gut, then over the back. McIntyre hits a Russian leg sweep into the cage and smiles. Drew grabs the top of the steel steps and hits Orton with it, then tries to throw them at him but Randy dodges.

McIntyre chases Orton into the ring and looks for a Claymore but Orton has the chair and hits Drew in the knee! Randy hits Drew in the gut, then the back, and drives the chair into McIntyre’s jaw on the mat. Randy catapults Drew into the bottom rope and the Champion rolls out, gasping for air. Randy stalks Drew and drags him onto the steel steps and stomps his head!

Orton throws Drew into the steel steps. The Champion looks to fight back but Randy jams a thumb in his eye, then whips him into the steps. Randy grabs a table and props it up against the cage, then gets back into the ring, where Drew starts firing back but Orton hits a backbreaker for a one-count. Randy takes his time but against McIntyre fires back and hits a few big lariats and an overhead belly-to-belly.

McIntyre hits another, then looks for the Future Shock DDT but Randy counters, only for Drew to hit it anyway. McIntyre lifts Orton on his shoulders but Randy elbows himself free and slides out of the ring. Randy slams him into the apron, then the cage, and runs at Drew but gets caught and thrown with an overhead belly-to-belly through the table!

McIntyre talks trash to Randy before putting him back into the ring. Orton kicks the ropes into Drew’s groin as he’s getting into the ring. Randy kicks Drew in the chest then hits the draping DDT but again McIntyre kicks out at one! Orton goes out and grabs bolt cutters from under the ring, which he uses to open the cell door. Orton walks out and up the ramp but McIntyre chases after and clobbers him from behind!

Drew slams Randy into the barricade but Orton fires him face-first into the cage. Orton looks around him for a minute, then turns his attention to the top of the cell. Randy climbs up the cage as Drew watches on, then Orton tells McIntyre to join him. McIntyre climbs up to meet Orton and they stand opposite each other as the drone flies around the cell, filming them.

Orton suddenly pulls out a red steel pipe, which looks like a lightsabre, and swings it at Drew but the Champion ducks and tackles him down. McIntyre punches Randy over and over, then gets up and roars…but Randy hits him in the knee with the pipe. Orton starts to climb down and McIntyre climbs down alongside him. They start fighting on the side of the cell, about halfway up, and Randy slams his head into the steel beam in the middle. Drew fires back but Orton whacks his only hand holding the cell, and Drew flies off and through the announce table below!

Orton slowly climbs down, smiling at his handiwork. Drew rolls over and he’s bleeding from the mouth. Orton stalks Drew, who is convulsing and coughing up more blood. Drew tries to crawl around the cage and Orton is happy to walk behind him. Randy gets McIntyre back inside the ring and he slithers in like a snake, readying himself. Orton thumps the ground and looks for an RKO but Drew counters with a backslide like at SummerSlam but Orton kicks out!

Orton swings for Drew but he ducks and the Champion hits a Claymore…but Randy rolled out! Drew slowly rolls out after Randy and uses all his strength to get him back in the ring. McIntyre stumbles to the corner and waits for Randy to get up. Drew runs but Orton ducks and hits an RKO for the win!

Winner and New WWE Champion: Randy Orton

Randy Orton is your new WWE Champion, and this marks his fourteenth world title – tying Triple H in second place. Orton gets his hand raised and he holds the title high before leaving as the cage is raised. Orton smiles as he walks up the ramp and kisses the title. McIntyre gets back to his feet and stares at Orton, implying this isn’t over yet.

And that’s it for WWE Hell In A Cell. Let us know what you thought of the matches and that title change. We’ll see you back here for more news and all the fallout on Monday Night RAW. Until then, stay safe.

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