Randy Orton Legit Almost Set Himself On Fire During Undertaker Casket Burning Spot

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No Mercy 2005 included a spot that almost went very wrong. Thankfully, Randy Orton wasn’t engulfed with flames, but it almost happened.

During WWE Untold: The Phenom and The Legend Killer, Randy Orton shared his side of the story about setting that casket holding The Undertaker ablaze in 2005. The Viper said he covered the entire casket with kerosene, and he was soaked from his knees down with the flammable liquid.

There were people off to the side with fire extinguishers prepared to hit Randy with everything they had. They saw trouble coming. Orton was able to set the casket on fire, and he stepped back just in time. While looking back at the experience, Orton said that the fire came about an inch from hitting his toes, something that would have ignited both of his legs.

Bruce Prichard was backstage, prepared to give Orton a new lighter if the Zippo he was trying to use didn’t work. Randy Orton was able to get the casket burning, and it certainly did. Prichard also said that staff at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas wasn’t too thrilled about how well it burned.

You can check out the clip below along with a portion of the new documentary which WWE has already released on the WWE Network.

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