WWE Instituting Mandatory Relationship Counseling For Superstars


WWE recently saw some of their Superstars called out in the #SpeakingOut movement. A spotlight was put on Matt Riddle and others in the company, and WWE wants to eliminate a “longstanding company and industry culture from the prior generation.”

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, as a result of Samantha Tavel’s lawsuit, WWE is instituting mandatory counseling for Superstars. These counseling sessions will focus on “keeping healthy relationships.”

There will be multiple presentations. One will be for all talent, but secondary Zoom calls will provide “individual breakout sessions.”

All WWE talent on 10/28 have a mandatory counseling session to attend via streaming on keeping healthy relationships. Total Life Counseling will present a mandatory session for all talent on that subject. The first conference will be the main presentation to all talent and the second zoom link will be for later individual breakout sessions. The second smaller group session is being done to give talent the opportunity to participate and ask questions in a small group

WWE offers many services for their Superstars that fans never hear about. This is an interesting opportunity for Superstars so they can gain a new perspective on their own personal relationships. Hopefully, this situation helps, but it is mandatory, so they must at least give it a try.

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