AEW Planning To Parody US Presidential Town Hall Meeting On Dynamite Next Week


AEW will often insert topical jokes into their programming and next week will be no different when the Inner Circle holds a Town Hall Meeting.

Click here for our complete coverage of AEW Dynamite from this week.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, next week’s Town Hall Meeting is meant to be a parody of the current Presidential election. They are spoofing the Town Hall Meeting that Donald Trump and Joe Biden recently took part in.

An Inner Circle Town Hall meeting to discuss letting MJF in the group which is said to be a spoof on the Biden and Trump Town Hall meetings last week. There is only one more taped Dynamite show between now and the end of November

We will have to see how things go in that Town Hall Meeting. The subject of discussion will be whether or not to elect MJF as a new member of the Inner Circle. Odds are there will be plenty of objections from the rest of the Inner Circle members. Stay tuned.

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