Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for AEW Dynamite, just three week out from the Full Gear PPV.

AEW has promised an action-heavy episode of Dynamite tonight, which will see the start of the AEW World Title Tournament. The four matches from round one consist of Jungle Boy Vs. Wardlow, Kenny Omega Vs. Joey Janela, Penta El Zero Vs. Rey Fenix, and Colt Cabana Vs. Hangman Page.

Elsewhere tonight the tag team division will find out who is the new number one contenders to FTR, when the Young Bucks, Private Party, Silver & Reynolds, and The Butcher & The Blade face-off in a four-way! And as if that wasn’t enough, Britt Baker will be in action and MJF will have a steak dinner with Le Champion, Chris Jericho.

So it’s a packed episode of Dynamite for you tonight. We’ll have live coverage right here from 8 PM EST, so stay tuned and enjoy the show!



Wardlow Vs. Jungle Boy

The match starts with a lock-up and Wardlow slams the kid down. Jungle Boy uses his speed to kick and chop Wardlow, trying to take him down. Boy goes to the apron and pulls the rope down the send an incoming Wardlow over and to the floor. Jungle Boy jumps at Wardlow but gets caught and thrown into the ring post! Wardlow gets JB back inside for a two-count.

Wardlow hits two release suplexes to Jungle Boy in a row, then stomps his back and taunts him. Wardlow beats JB in the corner before landing a gutwrench suplex for another two-count. Jungle Boy starts fighting back and attempts a sunset flip but gets grabbed and thrown up. Jungle Boy lands on his feet from a powerbomb attempt but gets clobbered with a lariat.

JB lands a knee in the corner, dodges an incoming Wardlow, then kicks him a few times and hits a dropkick that knocks him out of the ring. Jungle Boy hits a suicide dive to the back of Wardlow but the big man still hasn’t fell. Jungle Boy hits an incredible springboard tornado DDT but only gets a one-count. Jungle Boy superkicks Wardlow and goes up top but Wardlow kips-up and chases after him.

Wardlow lifts Jungle Boy for a military press on the top rope but Jungle Boy counters with a massive hurricanrana. Jungle Boy hits a backbreaker, then goes up top for a double knee drop for a near-fall. Wardlow rolls out to the ramp and JB jumps at him for the tornado DDT again but Wardlow catches him and hits an F10 into the ring. Wardlow takes his time getting back into the rin and he lifts Jungle Boy for another F10 and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Wardlow

Wardlow has progressed to round two of the AEW World Title tournament, where he will face the winner of Hangman Page and Colt Cabana, which takes place later tonight.

We see a replay of what happened after AEW Dynamite went off the air last week, when Eddie Kingston continued his promo on Jon Moxley. Kingston said Moxley left him behind and joined the land of sports entertainers. There he met a beautiful woman and made millions of dollars while he had nothing but wrestling. He makes Moxley look at the title and he says he’s going to make him quit because he never would. The two of them will have an I Quit match at Full Gear.

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Jon Moxley cuts a promo about Eddie Kingston and says that he has always considered Kingston a friend. Or at least he did. He was happy to stand across the ring from him. But he won’t apologise for going to the big leagues and becoming rich. And he knows Kingston didn’t quit but he passed out. At Full Gear however, he will quit.

It’s time for another World Title tournament match. Kenny Omega gets a grand introduction from Excalibur, then two Japanese girls come out and dance with brooms before Omega comes out with new music.

Kenny Omega Vs. Sonny Kiss

Kenny hits a V-Trigger instantly and follows-up with the One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

After the match Kenny sits in the pin position with a cocky face. He then talks into the camera before lifting Sonny up and condescendingly clapping for him. Kenny progresses to round two, where he will face the winner of Penta El Zero Vs. Rey Fenix.

Orange Cassidy is interviewed by Tony Schiavone backstage. Tony asks OC about losing last week because of Champion’s advantage and he says you win some and lose some. Cassidy says he’ll try again next week in North Carolina but Tony corrects him about the location and OC says “whatever.”

We see a limousine pull-up outside and out steps Arn Anderson and Cody. Dasha interviews and asks about a rematch next week between Cody and Orange Cassidy. Cody says he’s surprised AEW wants a rematch so quick, but he hears there will be a stipulation this time around. Cassidy couldn’t beat him in 20 minutes last week, so he won’t do it next week either. Dasha asks about Cody gaining 14lb’s of muscle during his time off and Cody says it was time for him to move into heavyweight territory. AEW is a lightweight company but he’s beaten the likes of Lance Archer, Wardlow, Jake Hager, and Brodi Lee, so he’s AEW giant killer. Tonight he has no match, so he’s going to be an executive.

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Eddie Kingston cuts a promo and says unlike Moxley he doesn’t forget his family. He says when he’s done with Jon, he’s going to call his old sports entertainment bosses and beg for his job back. And speaking of reality, Moxley’s right when he says he’s changed. Kingston says he doesn’t like who he has become, doesn’t like looking in the mirror. But clearly the ends justify the means. He tried to do things the right way and it got him nowhere. And now he finds himself in the main event of Full Gear in an I Quit match. Well he never quit at anything in life, and Moxley will have to go to a deep, dark place to beat him. But he lives in that dark place.

Penta El Zero Vs. Rey Fenix

This match between brothers starts and they stare at each other. Fenix offers a handshake and Penta accepts. They lock-up and Penta takes the back but Rey spins around with a wristlock. Rey hits the ropes and catches Penta with an arm-drag, but Zero does the same, then catches his brother with a rolling ankle lock. Fenix rolls out and looks for a back body drop but Penta attempts the package piledriver. We get a lengthy series of reversals until Zero hits two big headkicks.

Fenix rolls him up for a two, then Penta does the same and they both pop-up to stare at each other. They slap each other in turns to fire each other up. Fenix runs at Penta and winds-up on the apron, then springboards in and gets caught with a superkick in mid-air. Penta takes Fenix to the apron and attempts the package piledriver again but Fenix kicks him off and to the floor. Fenix jumps off the top rope with a spinning crossbody. Fenix puts Penta back into the ring and looks for a springboard but Zero hits the ropes to make his brother collapse.

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Back live and we just missed Rey do a handstand on the apron and get hit with a superkick. Both men get back into the ring and trade shots until Penta hits a springboard slingblade for a near-fall. Fenix this a headscissors and both men go down – Fenix looks like he might have concussed himself. Penta hits a move like CrossRhodes but Fenix kicks out.

Penta lifts Rey up for a powerbomb but he jumps off and hits a superkick to the jaw for a near-fall. Fenix slams Penta into the buckles, then jumps up top but gets his legs kicked out from Zero. Penta goes up top and they fight up there for a moment, then Fenix hits a Spanish fly for a near-fall.

Penta gets on his knees and tells Fenix to hit him but he won’t. Rey hits the ropes but Fenix throws him up for a spinning powerbomb and a near-fall. Penta grabs Rey’s arm and snaps it back. Fenix howls in pain and Penta looks like he doesn’t want to continue. Penta says he’s sorry before hitting the ropes. Fenix  catches him with a tilt-a-whirl into a Canadian Destroyer for the win.

Winner: Rey Fenix

Fenix has progressed to the semi-final of the World Title tournament, where he will face Kenny Omega. That match takes place next week.

We see a video of Best Friends saying them breaking Miro’s arcade machine was a mistake. Kip and Miro say they tried to be friends with everyone but Best Friends have ruined that.

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Silver, Reynolds, and Colt Cabana get interviewed backstage. Reynolds says Mr. Brodi taught them to seize opportunities and Colt says so himself. Cabana says he’s determined to win the AEW World Title but he feels no pressure. Silver screams at him that they are under all the pressure to bring all the gold to the Dark Order.

Colt Cabana Vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

The match begins with a lock-up and they battle for control but Colt does a few forward rolls to get free. Cabana frustrates Hangman by slipping free from all his holds, so Page punches him. Hangman chops Colt in the corner, then hits a big boot and a standing shooting star press for a two-count. Colt fires back with a stiff forearm but Hangman flips him to the apron and hits a springboard clothesline, followed by a dive over the ropes.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and both men are trading punches in the middle of the ring. Colt attempts a body slam but Hangman counters into a fallaway slam. Hangman runs into an elbow, and Cabana hits a headscissors. They trade shots again and this time Colt lands a bionic elbow. Colt looks to crawl through Hangman’s legs but the cowboy stands firm and rolls him up for a two.

Page catches a leaping Cabana with a German suplex for another two-count. Colt rolls to the apron but Hangman forearms him off. Colt then climbs to the top rope but Colt shoves him and he sentons the apron. Cabana then jumps off the apron with a splash to Page on the floor. Cabana gets Page inside and attempts another splash but Page moves. Hangman hits a powerbomb for a near-fall, then goes to the apron.

Page sells the ribs before attempting a Buckshot Lariat but Colt ducks out of the way and slams Page on the apron. Colt takes Page up top, looks for the Chicago skyline but Page escapes. Colt dodges the Buckshot and catches him with the Superman pin for a two. Page goes to the apron and feigns the Buckshot, making Colt wince, then he lands it for the win!

Winner: Hangman Page

The Dark Order come out and help Colt out of the ring after his loss. That was the last match of round one, which means next week Hangman Page faces Wardlow, and Kenny Omega battles Rey Fenix.

We see a vignette for the Matt Hardy/Sammy Guevara feud thus far.

*Commercial Break*

Taz is on the stage with Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. Taz says they have two problems; two weeks ago he offered Will Hobbs a spot in his crew but they haven’t heard back yet. Problem number two is Darby Allin getting a TNT Championship at Full Gear and that burns his ass. Taz says he walked past Tony Khan’s office today, and Khan told him that Ricky Starks would have gotten that opportunity if he’d beat Darby Allin. Taz gets angry and says Starks has won 9 of his last 10 matches but gets nothing, while Darby constantly gets opportunities. Starks takes the mic and says he has always shown up and shown out and he is tired getting stepped on. He tells the cameraman to zoom in on him as he swears he will put Darby in the grave.

It’s time for Dinner Debonaire with MJF and Chris Jericho. The two of them are sitting at a little table, drinking wine and bubbly. The waitress appears and they argue about her name. MJF orders a 20oz Porterhouse steak, with a baked potato, and he wants it well done. Jericho laughs and orders the same thing, but he wants it medium well done. They go back and forth changing how cooked the steak is until Jericho asks for it blue.

The waitress leaves and Jericho asks what they’re doing. Jericho says next week The Inner Circle is having a town hall to judge the pulse about whether or not MJF should join but he’s not sure. MJF says he wants to cut through the bull, they’re the two biggest stars in AEW, the demo God and the ratings ruler. Jericho says that has as much chance of getting over as…and they both shout Orange Cassidy. They start to get along and it devolves into a musical. They sit back down and get their rare steaks, which they don’t want.

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Dr. Britt Baker W/Reba Vs. Kilynn King

The match begins and they trade some holds. Baker takes King down with a wristlock and attempts a pinfall to no avail. Kilynn returns the favour while Tony calls Britt a “domineering bitch”. Baker rolls through a hold from King and hits a quick curb stomp. Baker knees King in the face over and over. King drills Baker with forearms but Britt comes back with a trip and another pin attempt.

Baker slams King into the middle turnbuckles with a flatliner, then drags her under the bottom rope and shoulder-first into the ring post. Baker stomps on King’s hand on the apron, then kicks her in the face. Reba pust King into the ring and Baker hits a slingblade. Baker hits a DDT, Front Chancery, and a Seth Rollins Curb Stomp. Baker gets the surgical glove and applies Lockjaw for the win.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

The announcers run down the card for next week, which includes the World Title semi-finals, Tay Conti Vs. Abadon, The Inner Circle town hall meeting, and Cody Vs. Orange Cassidy in a Lumberjack Match.

We see a video of Darby Allin in a skate park with Steve-O. The Jackass star says Darby is getting ready to challenge for the TNT Championship, so he puts him in a body bag and Darby throws himself down a half pipe.

*Commercial Break*

Young Bucks Vs. Private Party Vs. Silver & Reynolds Vs. The Butcher & The Blade W/The Bunny

The match starts with Nick Jackson and Alex Reynolds. Jackson hits a dropkick and Silver tags in. Nick hits an arm-drag and tags Matt for a stomp to the arm of Silver. Matt hits an arm-drag and Silver tags The Blade, who runs into a drop-toe-hold. The Bucks team to beat down Silver, then The Butcher. Nick is legal against Isiah Kassidy, and they trade some athletic reversals before Matt tags in along with Marq Quen.

Private Party catch superkicks from the Bucks and set their feet down, then they superkick Matt and Nick. The Butcher, Blade, Silver, and Reynolds then all run in and beat on Private Party and the Bucks. Blade and Matt are legal and Blade lands some nice punches but Matt tags Quen, who takes out Blade, Silver, Reynolds, and Butcher. Quen then hits a suicide dive to Reynolds, then dives over the ropes onto Silver, and hits a top rope tope to Blade on the floor.

Quen looks to dive to Butcher but The Bunny stops him. Quen gets attacked by Blade from behind but drops him and hits a shooting star press. Butcher breaks the pin attempt and Blade takes control as we head to the break. And as the picture-in-picture starts, the action in the ring stops to allow Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara fight out and through the crowd.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Quen tosses Silver over the ropes to the apron. Silver prevents a dive with a kick to the chest. Silver then runs around ringside taking out everyone before going up top and attempting a double stomp to Quen but missing. Reynolds tags in and they hit a fast double-team sequence. The Young Bucks break the pin attempt but get tossed out by Silver and Reynolds. Kassidy gets back on the apron and Quen counters a double suplex to make the tag.

Private Party hit Silly String, then both go up top for a Hardy Party. Again the Bucks break the pin attempt but this time Butcher and Blade throw them out. They hit Full Death to Kassidy and again the Bucks break the pin. The Bucks knock Butcher out, then guillotine Blade on the ropes. Nick tags himself in and rallies against Reynolds and Silver with a running knee and double bulldog. Jackson goes to the apron, kicks both Kassidy and Quen, then hits a moonsault to Butcher and Blade. Bucks get inside and hit a piledriver/senton combo to Butcher and Quen but Silver and Reynolds make the save.

Matt misses a splash to Kassidy but Nick pulls Quen from the apron to prevent a tag. Kassidy tries to tag Silver and Reynolds but Nick pulls them off the apron as well. The Bucks look to hit the Meltzer Driver but Quen pulls Nick from the apron. Kassidy rolls up Matt but Jackson reverses the roll-up and just about scores the three-count.

Winners: Young Bucks

FTR come down to the ring after the match. The Bucks are now the number one contenders for a match at Full Gear. Dax and Cash offer beers to Matt and Nick, who slap the beers away. The “timekeeper” comes in and hits Matt with a chair from behind. FTR then beat on Nick and the timekeeper – Tully – helps them hit the spike piledriver. They beat on Matt and put a chair around his ankle for Cash to jump on! FTR pose with their belts to close out the show.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to check out our results for NXT. Until next week, stay safe.

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