Why Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Weren’t Given Executive Director Roles In WWE

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WWE hired Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman was Executive Directors of SmackDown and RAW respectively. Many wondered why they got those positions and Vince McMahon’s family was passed up.

According to Fightful Select, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon weren’t given Executive Director roles for different reasons. They might not have wanted them.

It was reported that many backstage in WWE were “shocked” that Paul Heyman was put under Vince McMahon in the Executive Director role. He was said to have been “the loudest voice in the RAW writer’s room” even prior to getting the Executive Director position.

It was said that Stephanie McMahon “didn’t want that spot.” She is happy with her current role in WWE. Even more were surprised that Triple H didn’t get the spot. Most believed that “if Triple H wanted the role, he’d have it.”

We’ll have to see if Triple H and Stephanie McMahon end up running the main roster down the line. When the time came to pick Executive Directors last time they apparently passed on the opportunity.

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