Terry Funk Joins Twitter & Has A Message For Fake Accounts

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Terry Funk is regarded by many as one of the greatest pro wrestlers to ever lace up his boots. He is now on Twitter, but it took him a very long time to get there. In the meantime, a few fake accounts popped up that he needed to address.

The WWE Hall Of Famer released a video message when he joined Twitter under the handle @TheDirtyFunker. It’s really him, and he had zero troubles proving it with a video. He also doesn’t want to see anyone else jacking his identity.

“Look, I am Terry Funk, and I am on Twitter and I am I and you are you. I don’t want any impersonators.”

Terry Funk might have a long day ahead of him flagging accounts. There are a couple of people trying to take the legend’s identity on the social media platform. This is definitely Terry Funk’s Twitter account. Hopefully, he’ll get a blue verification checkmark soon enough to remove all doubt.

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