Chelsea Green Warns To Not Let Social Media Fool You With New Bikini Photo


Chelsea Green is still waiting for her big opportunity to make an impression on the WWE main roster. In the meantime, she doing her thing on social media, but that isn’t everything.

Click here to check out a pirate inspired bikini photo of Chelsea Green where she encouraged fans to “surrender the booty.”

Green recently dropped a new bikini photo complete with a warning. She said to not believe what you see on social media. In the end, she’s just a regular girl who’s too cheap to drop $9.99 so she can listen to Spotify without commercials.

Don’t let social media fool you. I’m just a girl who’s too cheap to pay for Spotify premium.

WWE called Chelsea Green up to the main roster in December, but they sent her back to NXT. Now she’s waiting for WWE to give her something to do. She’s staying busy while she waits and just sold out of her 2021 calendars as well. It just goes to show that just because you can afford $9.99 a month doesn’t mean you must spend it.

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