Bret Hart Pitched Wild WCW Angle With His Cat To Eric Bischoff

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Bret Hart famously left WWE for WCW, and that run didn’t last as long as he would have liked. The kick from Goldberg that caused a career-ending concussion for Hart is still something The Hitman says Goldberg owes him $15 million for. There were other ideas for Hart that never happened including one involving his cat.

While recently speaking with Fightful, The Hitman revealed a pitch he made after Eric Bischoff loved a mention to Hart’s cat in his promo. Hart said that his cat was his only fan and he wanted to bring that idea to television. He wanted to carry a little cage to the ring as a prop.

Apparently, the pitch was to keep this cage at ringside with a stuffed cat toy and a brick inside. During the match, Hart wanted to take that cage and hit his opponent over the head with it.

It would be nice to have images of Bret Hart smashing opponents over the head with a cat cage. They might make for some nice memes today, but that never became a reality.

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