Elias Did A Lot Of Soul Searching During WWE Hiatus

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WWE didn’t have Elias around for a few months while he recovered from a pectoral injury. This also gave him time to work on his new record which will drop on Monday.

Elias recently spoke to Sports Illustrated, he spoke about his downtime from WWE and the inspiration for his new album. He called his record the Universal Truth because Elias was able to do some serious soul searching during his hiatus.

“I searched my soul during my down time, seeking truth, and that’s why I entitled the album Universal Truth. It is different from the album I put out in 2018. That was very character-driven, and I loved that album, but this is different. It’s spiritual, it’s energy, it’s rock and roll. The lyrics are deep and meaningful. You’re going to feel the energy when you listen.”

Elias was able to finish an entire song on RAW this week which is a rarity. That should give fans an idea that WWE is fully behind his new album and the promotional efforts are likely to continue spreading the word about The Drifter’s new music project.

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