Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW as we head closer to Hell in a Cell on Oct. 25.

Tonight’s main event will see WWE Champion Drew McIntyre team up with the Street Profits to battle Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton. McIntyre successfully defended his title in an open challenge last week against a returning Roode. He and Ziggler, his tag team partner, will look for revenge tonight alongside Orton.

Bray Wyatt will also be on RAW tonight as part of the brand-to-brand invitational. He’s been invited as a guest on the KO Show with Kevin Owens, after The Fiend attacked Owens last week on SmackDown. Look for Alexa Bliss to potentially factor in as well, as she summoned The Fiend during her appearance on Friday’s KO Show.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the WWE ThunderDome and lays out the key headlines.

Backstage with Randy Orton. He said he didn’t leave Clash of Champions with the WWE title, instead he left in an ambulance. He says he doesn’t remember much, but he does remember The Big Show, Christian, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair all getting involved. “In those moments, I saw nothing but complete darkness. I felt nothing but excruciating pain.” Orton recalls seeing McIntyre celebrating with the four legends last week and them playing poker after. This is essentially a recap of what’s happened over the last eight days from Orton’s perspective.

Orton adds that last week when he attacked the legends, he gave a “much needed re-introduction to the legend killer.” Each of the men saw the “same darkness” that Orton saw. Orton says he enjoyed seeing their agony. He notes that he smashed both of Big Show’s hands and put him through a poker table, then he dropped Christian, saying “say hi to Edge for me.” Orton then “kicked Michaels’ skull in” and let Flair “meet his fate.” He says he wishes he could’ve seen the look on McIntyre’s face when you cross the legend killer. He adds that the bill hasn’t been paid in full, not until he’s once again WWE Champion. “This isn’t over until I say it’s over. Drew McInytre still has hell to pay.” Orton says if McIntyre wants to cement his legacy, he needs to beat him one more time inside Hell in a Cell.

Oh snap, McIntyre just bashed the door in and is attacking Orton. He asks what Orton knows about hell as he lays fists in. Officials come in to break things up. Hot start to the show. Commercial break!

Back live, with Zelina Vega in the ring. We have a six-woman tag match coming up. Vega’s partners are Lana and Natalya. They’ll be taking on Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and RAW Women’s Champion Asuka.

Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and Asuka vs Zelina Vega, Natalya and Lana

Natalya and Brooke to start. Headlock takedown by Natalya. A couple reversals lead to a roll-up two for Natalya. Head scissors by Brooke now to Natalya for two. Brooke tags in Rose.

Delayed suplex by Rose and Brooke to Natalya for a two. Sloppy transition as Rose tries for a pin. She puts a headlock on Natalya. Vega interferes and takes out Asuka. Natalya takes advantage of the distraction and takes down Rose.

Natalya throws Rose into the corner and tags in Vega. Vega with an impressive modified octopus submission to Rose. Vega then attacks Asuka at ringside again and tags in Lana. Lana gets a two on Rose. She tags in Natalya quickly. Natalya with a slam to Rose and takes out Brooke.

Natalya goes for a sharpshooter but it’s reversed. Asuka and Lana tagged in for their teams. Asuka with two hip attacks on Lana and takes out the other two team members, She hits Lana with a GTS for two, but it’s broken up by Natalya. Asuka goes for a suplex but it’s reversed. Asuka to the ropes off an elbow from Lana, but Rose gets a blind tag. Rose lands a pump knee strike on Lana for the three.

Winners: Rose, Asuka and Dana Brooke

The Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are out now. They defend their titles later tonight against the Riott Squad. They’re pissed. Jax grabs Natalya, attempting to slam her through the announce table with a samoan drop. Lana interferes, and gets slammed through the table instead for her troubles. Commercial break.

Back live with R-Truth, who is doing a mock draft, including little Jimmy. There’s a custodian behind him, who tries to hit him with a mop. R-Truth screams Randy Orton, as the custodian misses. Truth then slips on a puddle and Gulak reveals himself as the fake custodian. He pins Truth to win the 24/7 title.

Winner and new champ: Drew Gulak

We get a recap of Apollo Crews, Mustafa Ali and Ricochet beating The Hurt Business last week. Backstage with all three. MVP appears, and discusses the upcoming draft which starts on Friday. MVP says that for one night only, the trio can be a part of the Hurt Business. He says if you get drafted to the Black and Gold, “business is booming.” Seeds have been planted.

To the ring, where Seth Rollins and Murphy are entering. They face Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo after the break.

Back from the break for a quick video recap of last week’s shenanigans between Murphy, Aalyah and Dominik Mysterio. Seth is asking Murphy for the mic, but he’s not giving it to him. Seth is once again bossing Murphy around.

Murphy says he has to get something off of his chest. He says he’s been Seth’s ideal disciple for the last few months. He says if Seth wants him to continue being his disciple, he needs to apologize to Aalyah. Seth gets angry and grabs the mic. He says he saved Murphy and reminds him of this. Seth says he went easy on Aalyah, and that he could’ve shown everyone more of Murphy and Aalyah’s messages, but didn’t. He reminds Murphy that he’s the messiah and Murphy is the disciple.

Carrillo and Dominik rush the ring and attack both heels. Carrillo with a suicide dive as Dominik goes off the top. Both Seth and Murphy are down as we head to commercial. This match starts after the break.

Murphy and Seth Rollins vs Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio

Back live with Dominik and Seth in the ring. Seth takes down Dominik for the pin. Dominik kicks out, Seth takes Dominik to the corner and lays down shots. Murphy with a slap on Seth’s back for the tag. Seth quickly tags himself back in. There’s tons of dissension here.

Gut buster from Seth to Dominik for two. Seth slows down the pace with an abdominal stretch and looks right at Murphy. Seth off the ropes and Murphy tags in as Seth hits a sling blade. Seth yells at Murphy as Humberto tags in. He lands a back elbow and takes out Seth.

Murphy reverses into a DDT, but Dominik interrupts the count. Seth throws Dominik into the barricade on the outside, but Murphy and Seth are jaw-jacking again. Humberto takes out both heels and throws Murphy back into the ring. He goes for a top rope maneuver but Murphy lands a a pump knee for the three. He leaves Seth by himself and walks off.

Winners: Seth and Murphy

Backstage with Braun Strowman. He’s yelling at Adam Pearce. He wants a match. Pearce says he can’t give him an official match because he’s not a RAW superstar, but he’ll give him an exhibition match. Braun complies and leaves. Keith Lee walks up to Pearce and says “sign me up.”

To the ring with Kevin Owens. He’ll have Bray Wyatt on the KO Show after the break.

Back live. Seth confronts Murphy backstage. He tells Murphy that he needs to apologize to him. He has until the end of the show to do so, or there will be “hell to pay.”

KO Show

Back to the ring. Owens says tonight’s KO Show is different. He says that when The Fiend touches you, you feel changed. Owens says he still feels “the anger, agony and dread.” Owens says tonight’s show won’t be a regular chat. Owens points to the screen for a recap from Friday’s KO Show where Owens was attacked by The Fiend.

Owens says it’s hard to find the words to explain the pain of The Fiend’s mandible claw. Owens says all these dark guys have problems with him, first Aleister Black and now The Fiend. Owens wants Bray to come to the ring. He’s fired up.

Bray is in the firefly funhouse. He thanks Owens for having him on his show. He says that’s what friends do, and that Owens is his friend. Bray says friends stick together, no matter what brand they’re on.

Bray sings a song about friendship. Owens is not impressed. He says they’re not friends after last week. Owens tells him to come to the ring. Bray says he doesn’t like bullies, and that Alexa Bliss and The Fiend’s relationship is between the two of them. Bray says Owens has no idea what he’s gotten himself into, but this Friday he’ll know. “Consider this a warning. That’s what friends are for.”

Owens says if Bray isn’t going to come to him, then he’ll go find him. As he leaves the ring, Black appears and lands black mass. Commercial break.

Back live. Backstage interview with Drew. He says every time he sees Orton in the building, he’s going to “kick the crap out of him.” He accepts Orton’s challenge for Hell in a Cell. He says the match changes people, and that he’ll send Orton “straight to hell.”

Video package of Braun now. Looks like there’s a decent chance he gets drafted to RAW based on this. Braun out now, followed by Lee for an exhibition match.

Braun Strowman vs Keith Lee

Collar and elbow tie up to start. Not an inch given. Lee off the ropes, Strowman absorbs the shot. Lee sends Strowman into the ropes, but Strowman lands a double drop kick. The two men brawl on the outside and both are counted out. Strowman gets pissed and levels Lee through the barricade with a shoulder tackle.

Result: Double count out

Lee gets back up and he’s angry. He stares down Strowman, jumps off the steps and attacks him. He then throws Strowman into the LED boards. Strowman is up, and Lee vaults at him. Both men fall off the stage and into a table. It’s pandemonium as we head to commercial.

Back live for a trivia game vignette with Bianca Belair. She shows her intelligence, answering every question.

Backstage now with Gulak. He’s hiding behind a trash bin. Truth takes him out as a second, smaller bin falls with Akira Tozawa in it. All three men are brawling in the bin. A three count is called. Truth wins.

Winner and new 24/7 champ: R-Truth

Back to the ring where Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley of the Hurt Business are entering. They face Ricochet and Apollo Crews after the break.

Back live, MVP is with Lashley and Shelton in the ring. He says the Hurt Business has an official announcement. He says Ricochet, Apollo and Ali haven’t won the fight. He reminds them they only won last week due to RETRIBUTION distracting them. MVP calls T-Bar a T-Bag and says that the Hurt Business is what nightmares are made of.

The faces come out now. Ali says his team won last week because he “pushed back.” Ricochet takes the mic and says none of the trio are joining the Hurt Business. “It’s a pass.” Ricochet says he’s been on the business end of a beatdown for months, but isn’t backing down.

Ricochet and Apollo vs Benjamin and Lashley

Benjamin takes down Ricochet to start. He bullies him around and locks in an arm bar. Lashley tags in. He lands shots in the corner and throws Ricochet into the opposite corner. Ricochet reverses and hits a drop kick. He tags in Apollo. The duo take Lashley to the outside. Commercial break.

Back live, Lashley is punishing Ricochet. He hits a stalling suplex for a two. MVP is taunting Ricochet, but Ricochet lands a strike. Lashley responds with a flatliner. Benjamin tags in, but Ricochet reverses into an enziguri. He tags in Crews.

Crews hits a filthy spine buster and a standing moonsault. Ricochet with two super kicks to Lashley, but Lashley hits a power move. Things are breaking down.

Lashley with a release German on the legal man Apollo. Apollo fights back with a kick and goes off the ropes, but Lashley reverses into a choke slam and then the hurt lock for the submission win.

Winners: Lashley and Shelton

Backstage with Murphy and Aalyah. Murphy has ten mins to apologize to Seth, but apologizes to her instead. Aalyah asks if Murphy is still considering apologizing to Seth as he walks off. Commercial break.

Back live with The Hurt Business. Ali wants all three members to be present when he takes on MVP later.

To the ring with Seth, who’s waiting for his apology. Murphy is out now.

Murphy is hesitant. He clearly doesn’t want to apologize. Seth is getting on his case. He tells Murphy he’s seen what happens to people who stand in the way of the greater good. Seth says he made Murphy. Seth gets in his face. Murphy has had enough! He takes down Seth. The two are brawling all over the outside.

Seth with a kendo stick but he’s dis-armed. Murphy lays down shots with the kendo stick now. He tells Seth to apologize to Aalyah. Seth apologizes as Murphy drops the kendo stick. Seth with a thumb to the eye of Murphy and he’s laying in shots with the kendo stick now.

Seth grabs a steel chair but Aalyah is in the ring protecting Murphy. Seth leaves as the Mysterio family enter. They exit together as Seth looks on. Dominik is still upset with Aalyah.

Backstage with Baszler and Jax. They defend the tag titles after the break.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs The Riott Squad for the women’s tag titles

Back live. The heels are out first followed by the faces.

Jax and Liv Morgan to start. Morgan and Riott with the early double team. Jax fights back as Riott is tagged in. She lands a rear view on Riott in the corner. Baszler asks for a tag.

Baszler with a pin attempt for two. Joint manipulation on the left arm of Riott followed by a stomp. Hammerlock on the arm of Riott now. Commentary putting over Riott’s history of shoulder injuries.

Baszler continues to target the left shoulder of Riott. She tags in Jax, who slams Riott into the apron on the outside. Commercial break.

Back live, Baszler continues to punish Riott. Riott gets a roll-up and manages to tag Morgan. Jax is tagged in, but Morgan runs wild on both women in opposite corners. Jax responds with a clothesline. Morgan goes for a sunset flip, but Jax lands a headbutt. Baszler tags in.

Baszler goes for a knee in the corner and misses. Riott is tagged in. She lands a DDT on Baszler and tags in Morgan, who hits a double stomp. Riott tagged back in. She goes for the Riott kick but misses. Jax bulldozes Morgan as Baszler lands a knee and synches in the kirifuda clutch on Riott for the win.

Winners and still champs: Baszler and Jax

Backstage with the Street Profits. They condemn Orton for his actions against the legends from last week. McIntyre enters and says he’s going to kick the crap out of Orton. Commercial break.

MVP vs Mustafa Ali

Back live. MVP is out first, followed by Ali.

MVP takes control early. Punches in the corner and an Irish whip followed by a clothesline. Two pin attempts by MVP. Ali off the ropes, landing a kick to the face of MVP. He summons the rest of The Hurt Business, but the lights go dark. RETRIBUTION is HERE! They surround the ring.

No winner between Ali and MVP

Ali stands united with The Hurt Business for some reason, but then joins RETRIBUTION. He tells RETRIBUTION to “get them” as the group picks apart The Hurt Business. It appears that Ali is the leader of RETRIBUTION. Commercial break.

Back live with a video package hyping up the draft.

Time for the main event! Heels out first followed by the faces.

Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode and Randy Orton vs The Street Profits and Drew McIntyre

McIntyre and Roode to start. Orton distracts Drew as Dolph and Roode take advantage. Drew battles back, tossing both men outside the ring. Montez Ford then hits a terminator dive over the top as we head to commercial.

Back live, Ziggler and Angelo Dawkins are in the ring. Dawkins tags in Ford, who hits a dropkick, belly-to-back suplex and standing moonsault. Ziggler gets some reprieve and tags in Roode, who lands a vintage spine buster.

Orton tags in and throws Ford off the announce table. He stares down McIntyre and continues to work over Ford. Ford with a DDT. McIntyre and Ziggler are tagged in. McIntyre tosses Ziggler across the ring and turns his attention to Orton. He rips him over the top rope into the ring and lands punches, but Roode and Ziggler interfere.

McIntyre is backed into his corner as Dawkins makes a blind tag. McIntyre with a Glasgow kiss to Roode. Dawkins goes for the anointment but Ziggler reverses into a DDT. Ziggler tags in Orton, who hits a draping DDT. Orton goes for an RKO but Dawkins reverses into the anointment. He tags in Montez who lands a frog splash. Pin is broken up by Roode and Ziggler.

Ford hits Roode with an enziguri, but Ziggler lands a fameasser. McIntyre made a blind tag though and hits Ziggler with a claymore to the outside. Roode eats a claymore as well, but Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere for the three on McIntyre.

Winners: Orton, Ziggler and Roode

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