Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for WWE SmackDown Live on October 2nd.

This is our first episode of SmackDown Live since the Clash of Champions PPV and tonight we’ll get a coronation ceremony, officially declaring him the tribal chief. Roman destroyed Jey Uso at Clash of Champions in an awesome match and tonight we may find out who is next in line.

Another winner from Clash of Champions was WWE’s resident communist Sami Zayn. After outsmarting his opponents in a three-way ladder match Zayn won the Intercontinental Championship he never lost, but tonight he must defend it against Jeff Hardy. Can Zayn eek out another win?

Elsewhere tonight, Sasha Banks will presumably challenge Bayley to a match at Hell In A Cell, Alexa Bliss will appear on The Kevin Owens Show, and perhaps Big E will make his return. And that’s the lowdown on tonight’s SmackDown Live. The show kicks-off at 8 PM EST and we’ll have all the coverage right here. Enjoy the show!



Tonight’s show opens with a look back at Roman Reigns’ win over Jey Uso at Clash of Champions this past Sunday. Roman Reigns makes his entrance inside the ThunderDome.

Paul Heyman flanks Roman as he steps into the red-carpeted ring for his coronation. Heyman says he is a little nervous because he has known Roman and his family since he was born, and they all knew it was Roman’s Destiny to become the tribal chief. Not just the tribal chief of his family, not just SmackDown, but the tribal chief of the entire WWE Universe. And that’s why it’s crucial that Roman be the WWE Universal Championship. Heyman continues but Roman holds out a hand and asks for the microphone.

Roman says he doesn’t want Paul Heyman to acknowledge him as the chief because Jey never acknowledged him as it. Jimmy did but Jey didn’t, so he demands Jey come out right now. Jey Uso comes to the ring by himself and he says Roman showed his true colours at Clash of Champions. But so did he; Roman beat his ass but he never broke his spirit. If Jimmy hadn’t thrown the title in he would be Universal Champion right now.

Roman stares at Jey before asking if he thinks he’s proud of what he did? Clash of Champions was the worst night of his career, professionally and personally. He didn’t want to do it but he was trying to do Jey a favour, put him in the main event for once and get him a big pay day. He says all he wanted was for Jey to acknowledge him as tribal chief, the thing he was born to be. And it’s not as if he hasn’t worked his ass off for this, and Jey knows that.

He wanted to put their family back in their rightful position but Jey prevented that and embarrassed the entire family. Roman berates Jey for not looking him in the eyes, staring at the title, and says he can have another shot at Hell In A Cell if he’s so obsessed. But that match will have higher stakes than any other in WWE history. Roman hugs Jey and whispers something, then leaves. Halfway up the ramp Jey takes the mic and tells him he doesn’t care what the stakes are, he’s in.

AJ Styles comes out after Roman leaves and asks if the lu’au is over. He says none of that crap matters, but Jey matters to him. And that’s because he doesn’t want to see Jey take another beating like he did at Clash, so he should give the opportunity to someone more qualified. AJ makes fun of Jey so Uso attacks him and AJ rolls outside. Uso runs across the announce tables and hits a flying clothesline as we head to the first break of the night.

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AJ Styles Vs. Jey Uso

The match begins and AJ tries to whip Jey to the corner but it’s reversed. Jey hits a body slam and a running splash but misses a body attack in the corner. AJ hits a snapmare, kick to the back, and a kick to the chest before a running knee for a two-count. Styles chokes him using the bottom rope and unleashes a flurry of strikes but Jey fires back and knocks AJ from the ring.

Uso looks for a suicide dive but AJ throws a boot in his face, then drags him out of the ring and drops him on the announce table with a suplex. AJ is in control as we head to commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Jey roll-up AJ for a two-count, then Styles drops him for a two-count. Styles takes a rear-chinlock to hold Jey down but Uso fights up and kicks AJ in the gut, then delivers an uppercut and a Samoan drop. Jey hits a toss neckbreaker for a two-count. Styles hits a Pele kick followed by Ushigoroshi for a near-fall.

AJ wants to hit the Styles Clash but Jey flips him over the ropes onto the apron, then hits an enziguiri. Jey hits a suicide dive then gets AJ back inside. Styles knocks Jey back and goes to the apron for the Phenomenal Forearm…but Jey kicks his feet out from under him. Jey lands a superkick and goes up top for an Uso Splash and the win!

Winner: Jey Uso

Later tonight, Alexa Bliss will appear on The K.O. Show, and Sami Zayn will defend his new Intercontinental Championship against Jeff Hardy.

Sami Zayn is backstage and he’s holding two Intercontinental Titles. He says he knows people expect him to gloat but he’s feeling a lot more resentful because of what he had to go through to defend what was his all along. He blames the fans for going along for the ride and not defending him while he was gone. Sami takes the title that belonged to Styles and Hardy, and he dumps it in the trash.

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Otis Vs. John Morrison

The match gets underway and Morrison takes the back and Otis backs him not the corner. Morrison sits on the top rope and taunts Otis, then kicks him away. Morrison rolls outside but Otis clubs him with a forearm as he tries to enter the ring, then hits some bit clotheslines and a flapjack.

Otis catches Morrison with an overhead belly-to-belly, then slams him and hits the Caterpillar. Otis goes to the middle rope and hits the top rope splash for the quick win!

Winner: Otis

Otis revealed that next week he will defend himself in court over the head of his Money In The Bank contract, because he is the only person he can trust to represent himself.

*Commercial Break*

Sheamus makes his way to the ring for a match and we see a promo from Big E posted to social media earlier today. Big E challenges Sheamus to a Street Fight next week.

Sheamus Vs. Shorty G

The bell rings and Sheamus looks for the Brogue Kick but Shorty rolls him up for two. Sheamus runs at him in the corner but Gable dodges and hits a German suplex for a two-count. Shorty goes up top and looks for a moonsault but Sheamus avoids it and hits a Brogue Kick. Sheamus is angry, so he takes to the corner, readies himself, and hits a second Brogue for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

After the commercial break we will get a new episode of The K.O. Show, featuring Alexa Bliss. Owens gets his cue cards backstage and behind him a monitor flashes screens of the Firefly Fun House.

*Commercial Break*

Kevin Owens is in the ring and he says he jumped at the chance to be on SmackDown tonight, and that’s because he has a lot of questions for Alexa Bliss. Owens introduces Bliss and she comes to the ring. KO says he sees a real change in Alexa, similar to his foe on RAW, Aleister Black.

Alexa says she doesn’t know what he means and Owens says she’s obviously not the same, bubbly person he met in NXT five years ago. She says people change and he should try it. Be better. Owens says she’s right, he’s said before he would like to be better, but tonight isn’t about him. He wants to know why she’s the way she is.

Alexa says when you’re around “him” it’s terrifying and spine-tingling at the same time. When he touches you it’s like pins and needles all over, and you can’t look away from him. She says her brain has been washed, cleansed, and she is better. Owens asks if he’s here and Alexa says he’s everywhere. She says she can hear him and tells Owens to let him in.

The lights flicker and the music plays. When the lights come up The Fiend has Owens in the Mandible Claw and he puts him down. The Fiend turns to look at Alexa and she is unconcerned. He reaches out a hand and she gets up and takes it, then smiles and the lights go out.

*Commercial Break*

Matt Riddle, Lince Doroado, and Gran Metalik get interviewed backstage. They’re teaming to face Corbin, Nakamura, and Cesaro, and Riddle says his new Lucha bro’s have taught him that WWE isn’t a sprint but a marathon. The Lucha’s say Kalisto isn’t with them because he can’t get his mask on, seeing as his head is so big.

King Corbin, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Matt Riddle & Lucha House Party

The match starts with Nakamura and Dorado, and Shinsuke clobbers him with knees but Lince fires back with a hurricanrana. Kalisto comes walking down the ramp in a suit, shouting at his partners that they left him behind.

*Commercial Break*

We return live to see Gran Metalik being pounded in the heel corner by Corbin. Cesaro tags in and hits a stalling vertical suplex for a two-count, then tags Nakamura. Metalik fights up from a headlock and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Both men are down and crawl to make tags to Matt Riddle and Baron Corbin. Riddle kicks Corbin, sending him to the corner, then hits some running forearms to the face.

Riddle hits a splash, then misses a moonsault but lands a senton followed by a soccer kick for a two-count. Nakamura rushes in but Dorado catches him with a float-over Stunner, then Cesaro slams Riddle but Metalik drops him and jumps over the ropes onto Corbin. Kalisto inadvertently hits Dorado with a kick, but the slight distraction allows Matt to hit Cesaro with the Broton for the win!

Winners: Matt Riddle & Lucha House Party

After the match Metalik and Dorado argue with Kalisto but Matt Riddle jumps between them.

We see a replay of Bayley’s explanation of her attack on Sasha Banks a few weeks ago, then Sasha’s violent return at Clash of Champions. The Boss makes her way to the ring wearing a neck brace, and she’ll have a lot to say after the break.

*Commercial Break*

We see the blonde in the dress again and she says she got lost along the way. We see pictures of Carmella with James Ellsworth, as well as R-Truth. She says she danced for us and did what she thought would make us happy but she’s not the princess anymore. It doesn’t matter if she’s on RAW or SmackDown, she’s untouchable…unless she wants to be.

Sasha Banks says Bayley should have learned how to have a backbone over the years, but she’s not but a coward. A coward that used her over and over to keep her title and building her legacy. She’s annoyed that she helped Bayley become the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history. Banks says she knows Bayley is scared and wouldn’t show up tonight, but next week she has no choice because they’ll be one-on-one for that title. Sasha says Bayley knows that when it comes down to just them – and she takes off the neck brace – that she doesn’t stand a chance.

The Intercontinental Champion, Sami Zayn, comes to the ring holding his title high with his ribs taped-up. This big match is up next!

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WWE Intercontinental Championship

(C) Sami Zayn Vs. Jeff Hardy

The main event gets underway and Zayn rushes Hardy, forcing him to the corner with a lock-up, then unloading punches. Zayn stomps Jeff and stands on him in the corner until the referee forces the break. Hardy pulls himself up and throws hands, then drops Sami with a shoulder tackle.

Hardy hits the ropes and Sami attempts a leap-frog but Jeff dropkicks him in mid-air. Hardy starts to target the injured ribs – from the huge Swanton Bomb at Clash of Champions – and knocks Zayn from the ring. Sami comes back in and cheap shots Jeff, then looks to slam Jeff into an exposed turnbuckle pad – Sami seemingly removed it during the commercial break.

Jeff knocks Sami out of the ring and points the turnbuckle out to the referee. Jeff hits a baseball slide to Sami on the floor and he crashes into the announce desk. Jeff goes out, takes a run-up, and jumps off the steel steps with a leg lariat but nobody’s home and he hits the barricade hard. Both guys are down on the floor!

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Sami slam Jeff for a two-count, and he attempts the pin multiple times. We see a replay that confirms Sami did indeed remove the turnbuckle pad during Hardy’s entrance. Sami takes a rear-chinlock, which Hardy tries to fight out of but gets slammed down. Zayn tosses Jeff out of the ring and rolls out himself.

Sami slams Jeff back-first into the barricade, then gets him back inside for a two-count. Zayn favours his ribs before climbing to the middle rope and hitting a diving elbow to the back of Jeff’s neck. Zayn body slams Jeff, then goes to the top rope but Hardy meets him there. Hardy hits Sami with a superplex and both men are down, with Sami clutching the ribs.

They both get up around the referee’s seven count, and they trade punches in the middle of the ring. Hardy gets the better of the exchange and hits a running forearm, inverted-atomic drop, leg-drop to the gut, basement dropkick, and a splash for a near-fall! Zayn counters a Twist of Fate with a backslide, then Sami looks for a Blue Thunder Bomb but Jeff hits a sunset flip pin for a near-fall.

Zayn hits an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles and falls down himself. Zayn stares at the exposed turnbuckle, then looks to whip Jeff into it but Hardy holds onto the ropes. Jeff punches Sami, then hits a reverse mule kick. Zayn dodges a splash in the corner and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall! Sami puts Jeff up top but gets punched down himself, and Hardy looks for a Swanton Bomb but Zayn got the knees up!

Jeff goes to the corner with the exposed buckle and Sami looks for the Helluva Kick but Hardy dodges. Hardy then attempts a Whisper In The Wind but Zayn pulls his feet out and Hardy hits the exposed buckle face-first! Sami covers Hardy and scores the win!

Winner: Sami Zayn

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown Live, thanks for joining us folks. Let us know what you thought of the show and if you’re excited for next week’s stacked show. And come back tomorrow for all your exclusive wrestling scoops. Until then, stay safe!

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