Bray Wyatt made headlines when he introduced a new friend to the Firefly Fun House. Wobbly Walrus was an apparent parody of Paul Heyman, and it said “to be continued” on the bottom of the screen during the last episode, but no new segment followed the following week. What is going on?

Wyatt was missing from SmackDown last week. He hasn’t been promoted for this week’s show either. This is not a sign of him losing momentum at all.

Ringside News asked about this situation and we have learned that Bray Wyatt is still in a top spot on the roster as a babyface. His absence was simply due to the fact that WWE needed additional time to build toward Roman Reigns and Jey Uso’s match at Clash of Champions.

Wyatt is “still getting love,” lots of it. In fact, there is a big storyline brewing with Alexa Bliss. Since Alexa Bliss is on television it can carry on the angle without him even needing to appear. People are still talking about him, and that’s a good thing.


Bray Wyatt’s absence from television last week wasn’t a sign of any problems after the Wobbly Walrus character was met with controversy. As Ringside News reported Bruce Prichard was behind the Wobbly Walrus concept as a dig at Heyman.

This time it was simply a case of Bray Wyatt not being needed for a week. Bray Wyatt isn’t booked for Clash of Champions so his storyline could wait to pick back up.

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